A Year in Review: BurdaStyle Magazine 2016

I think everyone would be pretty confident in saying that it has been a pretty good year from BurdaStyle Magazine.  The Burda Plus sections in particular have been pretty fabulous.  Although I feel that I wasn’t as excited by the issues at the end of the year, I think that this has been a pretty consistent year of stylish designs, with a nice mix of modern and classic styles.  I’m always excited to do my annual Burda review – it’s such fun to look back on all the new patterns that this magazine adds to my stash, and to see how the fashion trends influence styles in the magazines.  In case you missed anything, here are all of the Burda reviews I’ve written this year:

Here were my picks for the Best of BS Patterns for 2016:

And the nominees for the 2016 BWTF Award:

Here are my picks for the Best Burda Patterns of 2016: 

Second Runner Up:


August!  This is a pretty basic dress.  However, it gets points for being classic, chic, and modern with the funky fabric belt.  Very easy to change up accessories, or wear it unadorned.  It may not be the most innovative piece, but it may be the most timeless and versatile.

First Runner Up:


October!  The infamous skorlottes.  I still think they are pretty cool.  In a complete reversal from my choice for second runner up, this pattern gets to be in the top 3 because of its innovation and uniqueness.  It might be a trendy once and done sort of pattern, but I think everyone needs at least a few of those to keep life interesting.

Best of BS 2016:


November!  While I’m personally still in love with my pattern pick from the December issue, I think the sweater top from the November issue really may be the best of the year.  It is the sort of pattern that could be dressed up or down depending on fabric choice, and could look great paired with a number of different silhouettes.  Granted, I am a bit obsessed with the styling here, but the pattern itself is very versatile, and very wearable.

And here are the craziest patterns Burda had to offer:

Second Runner Up:





June.  This maxi dress just looks so sloppy.  The placement of the single button is also a bit precarious.  Most of the bottom designs weren’t too terrible this year, but the odd proportions put this design near the top of the list.

First Runner Up:


January.  Silk pajamas are fine.  Silk pajamas as outerwear are not.  I feel like Burda tries to sell us on this idea every January, but I’ve yet to buy into it.  Sure, the fantasy is to wear PJs to work.  But if I couldn’t even bring myself to wear PJ pants to class as a college student, there is no way I’d wear something like this out and about for daily errands, let alone to work.

BWTF 2016 goes to:


September.  There is nothing cute, stylish, modern, or fun about this top.  Stuffy, old, dated, fussy, and over-designed are all words that come to mind when I look at this picture.  I know velvet was all the rage this year, but I can’t say that this top looks like it should have been included in the year’s style trend report.

Since it is the end of the year, it is also a good time to look back and see which issues will be great sources of patterns for years to come, as well as which issues left us a bit disappointed.

Worst Issues of 2016:

Second Runner Up: March

The March issue wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t very diverse in its offerings.  I mean, sure, it may have provided me with the shorts pattern that qualified me to the second round of the Pattern Review Sewing Bee, and many of the dress patterns in it were quite pretty.  I was also happy to see a mix of Burda and Burda Plus models in the same photos (wish they could have done that for the dirndl issue!), but the overwhelming number of patterns geared towards weddings makes this issue possibly one of the least useful in the long term.  Lots of pretty patterns, not a lot of practical patterns.

First Runner Up: April

April has the opposite problem from March – full of everyday clothes, but no real stand-out patterns.  There were certainly many designs I liked, but nothing that really stands out in my mind and makes me want to pull the April issue off the shelf anytime soon.

Worst Issue of 2016: May

This year May felt like such a mish-mash of leftover spring styles.  Lots of loose fitting jersey pants, tops, and jumpsuits, messy looking dresses, and childish looking florals don’t do much to inspire a need to sew together the designs.  Definitely my top pick for the least exciting issue of 2016.

Best Issues of 2016:

Second Runner Up: July


7 thoughts on “A Year in Review: BurdaStyle Magazine 2016

  1. I actually sewed the strappy top from May 2016 (the purple spaghetti strap top) because I really like those tops, but it didn’t work out at all almost certainly because of my lack of skills. Might try again, but there are too many other nice patterns to try (and sew few minutes… see what I did there) Great review! Hate the silk pajamas too.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I agree that this was an amazing Burda year! Especially compared to 2015.

    May was the worst issue to me as well when that title normally goes to June or July IMO. Historically my faves are April and August or September.

    I think April, August and October were Amazing. Hands down favorites and I can see sewing a ton from these issues. I liked January, February, July and November a lot too!

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  3. Just wanted to say thanks so much for all the work, time and effort you put into these burda reviews-your blogposts are my favs from my entire feed, I get really excited when I see your pattern season/magazine reviews up🤗
    I’ve bought a whole bunch of burdas this year following your reviews (including march, which I loved because of the cover dress which I still haven’t managed to make up-it only got warm a few weeks ago here…). So yea, thanks and I hope you’ve had a good break over the holidays!

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  4. I’m sure I have mentioned in almost every one of your monthly reviews from 2016 that it has been a great year for Burda. However my sewing pace has definitely not kept up with all the pattern goodness and I feel a bit guilty that I haven’t made up more of this year’s patterns. Oh well, I will get to them someday.
    Looking forward to another great year and to all your reviews.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Great summary! Thank you for doing this year end review, I love and appreciate your magazine reviews. Although I really liked a bunch of the 2016 patterns, I sadly did not sew any. Now that my mojo is back I think I will sew up a few of those patterns over the next few weeks/months. Choices, choices, I’ve already earmarked quite a few in the January 2017 issue.


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