A Year of Sewing: 2016

While most of my sewing output continues to be focused on creating projects for commission, I’m learning to take more joy in the projects I get to make for myself, even if they aren’t as often as I would like.

Looking at this year, I’ve made:

  • 1 Top
  • 1 Pants (well, shorts)
  • 0 Skirts
  • 2 Dress
  • 1 Coats/Jackets
  • 1 Sweaters/Cardigans
  • 0 Skating Costumes (for me)
  • 28 Skating Costumes (for others)
  • 1 Other Athletic Gear
  • 3 Costumes/Cosplay
  • 42 Home Dec/Crafts
  • 1 Refashion (ballgown commission)

Total Items Sewn = 81

Hey, I beat last year’s total by an item!  And, actually, I’m expecting to get 3-4 more items in the next few weeks, which will all have been started this year, so that’s not a bad record, even if a lot of this was home dec sewing.

I’ve also somewhat extended my crafting capabilities by adding a new machine to my lovely and ever-growing collection: a Janome 500E dedicated embroidery machine.  I’m sort of obsessed with it right now – I want to use it on everything.

Seriously, don’t be surprised when everything I make starts looking like a tapestry.

I know a lot of sewing bloggers also tend to go into the knitting camp, but that has never really been much of an appeal for me.  Getting more into machine embroidery though… I could see myself falling down the rabbit hole quite a bit there.  So far on my new machine I’ve done some test stitching, and I’ve made two holiday gifts using a free design from the Janome blog.  I’m certain I haven’t even begun to fully comprehend the capabilities at my finger tips, but I’m also certain I’m going to try to find the time to learn the ins and outs of my machine in the coming year.

Looking back at my other sewing projects, here are my highlights from the year:

(1) Frozen Jedi Cosplay!  I’ve been wanting to do a cosplay at a con for so long, it was great to finally get to do it, and to have my sister along for the adventure.


(2) My Wicked inspired party dress.  I needed something for my friend’s musical themed bridal shower, and this last minute pull of stash fabrics resulted in a great dress.


(3) My McCall’s 6752 top and dress.  I wear this top all the time.  Love it.

(4) My Sewing Bee shorts!  I haven’t had much occasion to wear them yet, but I’m very proud of making it to the second round of the bee.


(5) My bias cut coat.  Even though it did not qualify me to the third round of the bee (which, in hindsight, may have been for the best), I’m still really proud of being able to produce this coat in just a week.  It isn’t something I would normally have chosen to make, but I surprised myself by finishing this project on time.


So, not many cool new sewing projects for me this year, but I’m really happy with most of the things I did make.  I’ve also got one large coat project in progress, though it has stalled somewhat due to my overly busy schedule.  I’m looking forward to finishing it just about the time the weather warms up.  You know, as you do.  Hopefully I’ll also have some awesome PJ’s to show off on the blog soon!

2 thoughts on “A Year of Sewing: 2016

  1. You have made so many pretty clothes this year, you can be realy proud of yourself! I’d be very interested in seeing some of your makes for other ice skaters, may that be posiible for next year? Anyway, I wish you the best strat for 2017 and a good year to follow!


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