June 2016 Burdastyle Magazine

The June issue of the Burda magazine has been announced (and shipped! – mine just showed up today).  I’ve been a bit luke-warm towards Burda lately, but I have to admit I really like this issue.  I think there are some really nice designs here.  I’m also excited to see that Burda has used the trends they are favoring in their traditional sizes in the Burda Plus section as well.  There are even some great men’s shirt patterns included in this issue as well.  I’m pretty excited to delve into this issue, so let’s get to it!


First up the dresses:

I’m pretty enamored with the multi-colored maxi dress.  Might just be the pretty fabric, but it is really lovely.

Also love the top on this maxi.  Burda must love it to, because it makes a repeat appearance in the Burda Plus section.

Can’t really see myself wearing the cropped tops, but I do rather like the pink sheath dress.

I feel like the beautiful neckline detail is sort of lost in the model photo here.  I think it would be fabulous in a solid jewel tone or as a LBD though.  This is also the illustrated instruction pattern, which is great for all those keyhole cut-outs.

Normally I wouldn’t be drawn to the button-down dresses, but the solid blue version is sort of appealing.  The seams are a detail lost to the fabric, but I could see using some bright pipping to make them really pop if you wanted to emphasize the style lines.

Sack dresses.  Not my favorite styles in this collection.

I’m oddly excited by this simple knit dress/top pattern.  I love the idea of a tunic with these sleeves.

There are also a lot of awesome non-dresses this month:

I’m sort of enamored with this jacket.  It may or may not have something to do with Adam Rippon’s long program costume from this past skating season.

We’ve had lots of poncho patterns in the past, but they’ve photographed this in such a way that it looks very luxurious.

Not sure that I much care one way or the other for this shirt pattern, but I do think the fabric choice makes it rather intriguing.

This looks too low and too short.

I’m rather excited by the 70s inspired trousers, and I’m trying to convince myself that I could get away with those Bermuda shorts.

Basic skirt, but in a pretty, flattering style.  Also have to swoon over the fabric choice here – this is totally something I’d stash if I ever saw it in a store.

We also get some awesome men’s shirt patterns in this issue:

Love how a base pattern can run from super formal to really casual.  I could see this being a great pattern for those who need to sew for men.

I’m really liking the Burda Plus this month too:

Ah!  Swoon!  LOVE this dress, especially the sleeveless version.  I think the neckline is interesting and cool, but not overdone or too complicated.  Now I must figure out how to grade it down and maintain the cut-out proportions.

Nothing new about this twist top, but it is a generally flattering style.

Love the dress options here – the maxi dress is awesome and the twist neck is just as pretty as it was in the other sizes.

And that’s it!  I have to say that I’m pretty excited by a lot of the patterns in this issue, even though I think a lot of them could have been helped out with different fabric and pattern choices.  It made it difficult to pick out a top pattern for the month, but I think I have to give Best of BS for June 2016 to:

nc_original (33)

Green asymmetric Burda Plus dress!  Love the neckline, and the style of the whole dress.  It would be easy to change the style of the skirt to make something more formal as well.

As for the worst pattern of the month, I think it is pretty clear that BWTF goes to:

nc_original (25)

Twisted sack maxi dress.  Honestly, this dress isn’t that bad.  It’s just not that good.  The folds look sort of haphazard and accidental – like you cut too much fabric and decided to take it in with a safety pin.  I think its the proportions that are throwing me off – if the folds were a bit higher I don’t think I would find them as visually disturbing.

And that’s it!  So, what do you all think?  Are you as excited about this issue as I am?  Anyone else ready to trace out one of those cut-out neckline dresses when the magazine arrives?  Or am I just overly enthused by styles that are too similar to things we’ve seen before?  Are the 70s inspired looks a fun throwback, or hopelessly outdated?  Do you agree that many of these styles could have been much more effective in a different choice of fabrics, or are the floral prints calling to you?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

12 thoughts on “June 2016 Burdastyle Magazine

  1. I will never get the time to sew this, but I think I want this issue too… When I looked at their slideshow the first time I wasn’t completely convinced, but looking at them all together like this… I do adore those jackets… And I also love the green cutout dress, and could use the shirt patterns for my husband. My rule is three patterns I love… They should give you commission. 😉


  2. I just received my copy in the mail today, too. That sack dress photo doesn’t match the line drawing which has the pinned section just under the bust. Maybe they re-drafted the pattern after they saw how unflattering it was, but forgot to take a new photo. I’m really liking the sleeveless plus size dress with the cut-out and the pink sheath. Thanks, as always, for your reviews.


  3. I love this. All of it. The mens patterns especially will be useful to me. I have uyet to buy my copy but am intending to do that asap now I have read this. Thanks for posting

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Check eBay – I often find lots of older issues there. You could also contact GLP to see if they have any back issues, check the German Burda website, or Etsy. If there are specific patterns you want you can look on the BurdaStyle website for downloadable patterns.


  4. Thanks so much! So all the patterns above are in the magazine? Is that correct? Just trying to figure out if it’s worth it. I love a lot of the patterns but they are 6$ each online!


    1. Yes, these are all the styles from this issue of the magazine. If you like a lot of them I would try to find a copy of the magazine, if it is just 1 or 2 it would make sense to download.


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