February 2016 BurdaStyle Magazine

So the full preview for the February Burda is here.  And you can watch the German promotional video too.  After the awesome magazines we’ve been getting the past few months I’d hoped the trend would continue… But, sadly, no.  The February issue is full of a mostly dull assortment of boxy silhouettes.  I will say it seems to have a larger assortment of Burda Plus styles than normal, and the few mens jacket patterns we get are flippin’ sweet.  There are a handful of decent/interesting/possibly useful workout clothes as well, so maybe this issue won’t be a total waste of shelf space.

Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 8.52.49 AM

Let’s just state it straight out: the men get the best patterns in this issue.

I mean, who wouldn’t want that red leather jacket?  And the blazer is perfectly classic in style, with some interesting choices of fabric to pep it up a bit for spring.

As for the ladies, the jacket selection isn’t quite as exciting:

Ok, I initially really didn’t like the long anorak, but it grows on me the more I look at it.  I just don’t know how easy it would be to walk if it were zipped all the way up?  The safari jacket is meh, but I really like the sweatshirt.  Interesting seam lines, large pockets, and it would keep your neck super warm.  Yeah, that’s going on my possible future makes list.

There are, happily, some cute dresses this time around:

A few standouts are the yellow/black color blocked dress, the black sheath dress (not particularly innovative, but a nice silhouette), the purple pocket dress (there are several bloggers I can think of who would rock that dress), and the peplum v-neck dress (visually interesting, though I think I might look crazy if I wore it.  Perhaps leaving off the peplum would tone it down… Thoughts?)  The bright red dress seems over-designed, but looks good in the photos, so…  The rest of the dresses are fairly boring sack dresses, though I suppose a few of them have some interesting sleeve details.

As per usual for Burda, most of the dress designs were translated into tops as well:

Oddly I think the styles that bored me most as dresses actually translate fairly well into simple tops that would pair well with a variety of trouser and skirt options.  (Though that assessment may have something to do with the fact that I’ve been dressing very lazily the past few weeks.)  The peplum also seems to work better as a source of visual interest on the top as opposed to the dress.  I’m also rather liking the red lace top, though perhaps only because I have some amazing lace in the stash that I need to find a good way to showcase.  The button down blouses are somewhat less remarkable.  Very wearable, but nothing to get excited over.

A few skirt and pant options in this issue:

Have to say I’m really liking the olive and pink wrap skirts – the garment photo doesn’t do much for me, but they look great on the models.  The petal mini skirt is a pass for me, though I could see them being useful for bikers and tennis players.  Although, now that I look at it… I’ll probably actually end up using pieces of this pattern for a costume I’m working on.  The maxi skirt is cute, but, then, it’s just a basic maxi skirt.  I’m really digging the crazy colorful leggings – though why you’d need a side zip in stretch leggings I don’t know.  The zip makes sense in the black woven pants that are in a similar style though.  The shorts and harem pants actually don’t bother me too much, though I don’t really like the tucked in shirt styling on the pants.  The jumpsuits… eeesh.

The Burda Plus section doesn’t really have any wow pieces this month, but it does have a lot of patterns that could make some great wardrobe staples:

Lots of trench coat variations – and they all have the same great sleeve detail that looks like it would be fun to topstitch.  I rather like the maxi skirt, though it might look better with a different top.  The dress is also super cute.  The black trousers have interesting zipper placements, and layered tunic is a trend I’ve seen a lot of lately.  Not such a fan of the wrap culottes or the vest.  Everything else is fine, but fairly unremarkable.

And with that it is time to pick the best and worst patterns for the month.  The best pattern I’ll be co-awarding, because I’m really excited with the men’s patterns this month, even though I have limited (well, non-existant) need for them at the moment.  I’ve decided to award Best of BS for February 2016 to:

Color Blocked Dress and Man’s Red Leather Jacket!  The use of color blocking on this dress is really lovely and I think it would look very flattering on a lot of different body types (and the color choice reminds me of the warning sign for radioactivity, which only enhances its appeal, to be honest – yes, yes, science nerd over here).  I also think it is a great style that could be dressed up or down depending on fabrics, accessories, etc.  The man’s jacket doesn’t really need me to sing its praises – it just rocks.

As for the worst pattern of the month, there was a lot of boring floating around, but really only one true eyesore.  Therefore the BWTF pattern for February 2016 goes to:

nc_original (21)

Floral jumpsuit.  Ugh.  from the style to the fabric choice I just can’t get behind it.  Not a fan.

And that’s it!  On the whole February is leaving me a bit underwhelmed, but I expect this may be something of a sleeper issue for me; I seem to find more to like the longer I stare at these pictures, so who knows.  The men’s patterns will be great additions to the stash, and I’ve got some great fabrics that would pair nicely with a few of the tops and dresses.  Although I’m feeling a bit disappointed with the selection as a whole, it’s ok because the new Burda Catalog for the Spring/Summer Envelope patterns is out!  And are some pretty good patterns, especially for the Burda Plus fans.  I’ll be looking at those on the blog tomorrow, but in the meantime feel free to discuss your thoughts on the February issue.  Am I under-appreciating its brilliance?  Is it even more dull than I’ve realized?  Are we all totes jelly of the mens patterns?  Discuss!

4 thoughts on “February 2016 BurdaStyle Magazine

  1. Great summary as always. I think this year is a massive improvement on 2015 so far (which isn’t saying a lot I know). This time last year I was struggling to find one thing to even think about making. I think there are quite a few great pieces in this issue – of course a few duffers as well, but it wouldn’t be Burda without them would it!?

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  2. Trauma! I bought the Jan issue for the magic gold pants of joy and they turned out to be tall sized. I’m extremely disappointed and quite bitter so I literally see nothing good in burda now. Just kidding but yea maybe 65% in that kinda mood. The colour blocked dress is cool though.


    1. Haha I feel like that whenever I’m in love with the short designs (which is like 80% of the time). I was buying supplies for a project and accidentally picked up some fabric for that color blacked dress while I was there. Oops. If I didn’t have 6 commissions on my cutting table right now I’d be accidentally making it too.

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