Skating Accomplishments 2016

Not much to talk about on the skating front this year.  After last year’s very up and down season, this year of skating was very much not about actually skating.  I’m happy to report that my back injury has healed to the point of me being able to skate, though not perhaps to the volume at which I was training before.  I’m still trying to assess how much I can push it, but it has been a fairly steady incline of progress, so I’m pretty happy with that.


  • Judged my first out-of-region Regional Championships.
  • Judged at the National Championships.
  • Spent the first half of the year in physical therapy, and the second half of the year re-learning how to skate.

Hopefully my back will continue to heal, and my skating improve over the next few months.  Remains to be seen where this will lead, but I am much more cautiously optimistic than I was last year at this time.


2 thoughts on “Skating Accomplishments 2016

  1. Hey, good on you for this! Years ago I suffered a concussion that forced me to “relearn” how to walk (it did not take long) but more importantly to me, forced me to relearn how to ride, as I was a rider/trainer/care giver of horses at that time. Chapeau a toi! 🙂

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