Tim Gunn Wardrobe Sewing

In 2012 I created a sewing challenge based around Tim Gunn’s 10 Essential Wardrobe Items. The 10 items on Tim Gunn’s list are:

  1. Basic Black Dress
  2. Trench Coat in a Classic Neutral Color
  3. Classic Trousers
  4. Classic White Shirt
  5. Jeans
  6. Any Occassion Top
  7. Skirt
  8. Day Dress
  9. Jacket
  10. Sweatsuit Alternative

I also added a few bonus items to my challenge:

  1. Raincoat
  2. Wool Coat
  3. RTW Knockoff
  4. Party Dress
  5. “Unexpected” Trendy Item
  6. Any long-term “Sewing Plans” Item

While I didn’t totally complete the challenge, you can read about the items I did make at the blog posts below: