March 2016 BurdaStyle Magazine

The latest issue from Burda is here!  As is traditional, March is the wedding issue, which means lots of dresses and formal looks.  Interestingly, this year Burda has mixed the Burda Plus styles in with the traditional sizes in the wedding shoot, which is pretty awesome.  There isn’t a lot of variety in this issue, as most of the patterns are dedicated to the wedding looks, but there are a fair number of versatile dress styles that could be dressed up or down depending on fabric choice.


Since so much of this issue is dedicated to wedding attire, let’s start there:

Ok, so normally I’m not overly excited by the Burda wedding gown selections, but I have to say that this dress is beautiful. Simple, elegant, and flattering.  I also love how the hem showcases the lace so wonderfully.  The idea of having a removable lace top is also nice, especially for those who might want a more conservative dress for the ceremony, and a more modern style for the reception.

The variations on the first gown are also rather nice styles.  The one on the right in particular would make a great bridesmaid dress.  Not sure how I feel about the halter on the left – it seems a bit bulky – but I think a less twisted style could look very attractive.

Another dress that is fairly simple in its style, though I will say the seaming on the bodice is quite interesting.  Not sure how it would look in real life, but the garment and model photos are rather flattering.

I actually like the shorter variations on this dress bodice better than the gown; the vintage inspired silhouette and necklines on the pink version are lovely details.  And the simple shape of the blue is the perfect showcase for a pretty lace fabric.

I’m not really a fan of how this dress looks in the model photo, but the style of the dress is beautiful.  I love the drama of the train.

Really love this cocktail length dress – the white version would be great for all of the pre-wedding sorts of events, and I have to admit I’m actually rather smitten with the version with the draped fabric detail.  I wasn’t too impressed when I first saw the blue version in the model photo, but the peach fabric seems to have a much nicer drape and really makes the style look good.  Fabric choice would be key, but I’m adding this pattern to my ever-growing sewing wishlist.

A few more pretty dresses – the peach style would have been a great bodice to use on a full gown, and I could see some interesting color-blocking opportunities for a less “wedding” look.  Also really liking the mint dress.  It has the potential to look sloppy I think, but I think appropriate fabric choice could make a real winner of a dress.

Not as impressed with this dress – the back detail reminds me of the awesome dress/top from the December issue, but the fabric choice here makes it less appealing.  I like it slightly better in the lace as it looks less stiff and boxy.

Not sure how I feel about the shape of this coat, but I LOVE the lace fabric.  I’ve been toying with the idea of a lace coat for a while.  I don’t think this is the pattern, but I’m definitely wanting to move that project up higher on my to-sew list.

The styles for the Burda Plus wedding gowns are a bit… less inspired.  Very basic silhouettes, and I can’t say they do much to accentuate the shape of the models.  While I applaud Burda for mixing the Plus and traditional sizes in the same photo shoot, I have to say that I’m a bit disappointed in the actual patterns.  Especially since the Burda Plus patterns have been insanely good for the better part of the past year.  This just seems so boring in comparison to what we’ve seen them do in the past.

The rest of the bridal looks for the Burda Plus selection aren’t overly inspiring either.  I get the intent behind the bust bow, but, honestly even the model can’t make it look good.  I do think that the jacket pattern is rather classy – the collar is a nice detail, and the simple shaping would make it nice to use with a fussier fabric.

These styles are probably the best of the Burda Plus offerings – the shorter styles could be very cute spring/summer looks.  I wish they’d done the long blue dress as a wedding gown – I’m imagining the whole thing done up in two different types of lace and in my brain it could look really lovely.  I do think the blue dress photographs well, but I also think it was a bit of a missed opportunity on Burda’s end.  The yellow dress looks like it escaped from the 70s.

The majority of the March issue is filled with wedding looks, but there are a few other styles included:

More variations on the boxy-style jackets.  I actually rather like the way these look on the models, even though I’m not particularly drawn to the line drawings.  Really love the fabric on the green boucle version.

Not much variation in the way of tops – a few button down blouses, some crop tops, and an odd gathered t-shirt.  The yellow top looks sort of messy on the model, but oddly interesting in the garment photo.  I can’t decide if it is cool or just strange.  The crop tops look like what everyone’s been making on Project Runway lately, so I suppose they are part of a “current trend.”

The culotte length pant is still ruling in Burda land – I’m sort of drawn to the proportions of the brown version.  The navy capris also look nice.  The less said about those yellow trousers the better.  The pocket detail on the shorts is interesting, and the skirt is actually a fairly simple but cute style.

We also get a smattering of other casual spring dresses.  No real stand-outs here, though the shirt dress is a nice classic style.  The grey knit dress looks a bit overwhelming on the model, though the concept is interesting.

Deciding on the top and bottom patterns for the month was a bit tricky this time around.  I feel like the styles that have the best model photos are really simple and probably not worthy of the designation of being best pattern for the month.  Similarly, some of the most eyebrow-raising looks are mainly due to what I would consider to be poor fabric choice.  In the end I’ve decided to give the Best of BS March 2016 to:

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 6.31.11 PM

The gorgeous wedding gown!  Honestly it isn’t the most innovative pattern, but every time I look at this photo I just think “wow.”  This gown is definitely a stand-out when compared to other Burda wedding dresses in recent memory, and I think this is really the iconic image for this issue.

The BWTF for March goes to:

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 6.36.20 PM

The unfortunate yellow Burda Plus gown.  The pattern itself isn’t inherently bad, but the fabric choices here make this dress almost garish.  Nobody want to look like a giant yellow box.

So, maybe not the most versatile issue from Burda of late, but there are some nice dress patterns. What do you all think?  Anybody got any special occasions coming up to make use of these patterns?  Or is this issue largely useless because it is so focused on fancy gowns and party dresses?  Do any of the other patterns interest you, or do they just sort of feel like filler?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

8 thoughts on “March 2016 BurdaStyle Magazine

  1. I really like the dark blue plus dress, and might make that one. My vote for worst of the month would be the weird bow/bra front plus dresses, because drawing attention away from the bride and onto one’s own ample bust is just THE THING to do at weddings.

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  2. I love a few of the wedding guest dresses – the blue side pleat, ruffle one is a must make and I really like the mint one with the integrated tie although I don’t know about the fit of the top, maybe better in something non shiny with a bit of stretch. I agree with you and Liz above that the satin bow bust dress looks terrible!


  3. iI was trying to sew the dress in pattern 121[march 2016].I got confused when i got to the part where i have to stitch the sleeves to the armholes and lining.can you suggest a video where i can see it clearly.thanks


  4. i was trying to sew pattern 121 from the march 2016 issue.i got stuck when i was trying to attach the sleeves to the dress and lining.can you suggest a good video from utube where i can see it clearly.thanks


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