December 2016 BurdaStyle Magazine

The final issue of this year’s Burda magazines is here!  Normally December is one of my favorite issues of the year, with some classic party dresses and awesome coats.  This year I’d have to say that there are fewer patterns than usual that I’m really excited about, but there also aren’t any truly terrible patterns either.  Granted, a fare number of patterns for the traditional December PJ section, and a fair number of knitting patterns are included this month as well.  Let’s take a look:


The highlights of this issue are definitely the jackets and coats:

Love this!  Love.  The raglan sleeves and collar are perfection.  Also, have to point out that Burda’s plaid matching is perfection.

A shorter variation on the above coat.  Like this too, but not quite as much as the longer version.

This wrap coat looks cozy and easy to sew.  The pockets might be a bit giant, but the collars and cuffs are nicely proportioned.

Really liking these cape/jacket too.  The shorter version with the pockets looks really wearable and super stylish.  Might be nice for the mild winters I get where I live.

The line drawings look a bit odd, but the model versions look super cozy.

There aren’t as many party dresses this year, but we’ve got some interesting options:

Ok, I LOVE the blue dress.  Yet I HATE the crushed velvet version.  This is a really fascinating example of how fabric choice can completely change a garment.  Maybe it’s just me, but I have a deep hatred of crushed velvet.  Regular velvet is fine.  But the crushed stuff just feels so…old and fussy.  Might be a skater thing.  Anyway, I do think this design is lovely, and it’s definitely going on my to-sew list.  Just not in crushed velvet.

The lace fabric Burda used is beautiful.  The peplum and sleeves are a bit ruffly for me, but I do think this dress has some good aspects to the design.

Really simple style, but it is perfect for the busy beaded fabric.  Not the sort of thing I’m normally drawn to, but I think the belt makes it into something I’d totally wear, and I’m digging the updated Downton Abbey 1920’s vibe.

Again, not a dress I’d find myself wearing, but I can appreciate the design and the proportions.

The design is pretty basic, and the fabric is pretty drab.  Nothing wrong with this dress, but nothing too exciting here either.

Slightly more practical in the shorter version I think – I could see a lot of people styling this with tights or leggings and boots for winter.

Not sure how I feel about the choker on this top.  In theory I like it, in practice it would probably drive me nuts.  I would be interested in shortening the simpler shorter dress version to blouse length though, so there is definitely potential here.

This ruffle dress/blouse is so not my style.  The bare shoulder look is definitely in right now, but I’m so not into all the ruffles here.

Not a lot of bottom separates in this issue – just a few skirt options:

Conversely to the top above, I like the ruffle on this skirt as an interesting detail that breaks up the plaid.

Even better, though, is this cool zipper detail.  Also, love the fabric Burda used for this skirt!

We’ve all seen a lot of PJ patterns, so rather than wasting time to go through them all individually, we’re gonna need a montage!

Ummm, yup. PJs.  Though, to be fair, these are pretty cute PJs and I’d probably actually wear a lot of them.  Well, some of them.  Also, that whale is oddly cute.  Also, do people even use rubber hot water warmers anymore?  Do people actually need to put fabric cozies around them?  This I ponder.

Now, I don’t knit and I have little time and motivation to pick up another hobby, so I’m a little sad that so much of this issue is dedicated to knit wear.  On the other hand, if I was a knitter I’d be super excited because some of these designs are pretty cute:

The vest is pretty nice, and the hoodie is pretty awesome.  I’d probably also wear some of the other sweaters too.  It’s not enough to make me want to learn to knit, but it makes me a little sad I don’t have that skill.

The Burda Plus section this month has a few good pieces:

Love this blazer/trouser combo.   Lots of great classic details and nice shaping on the blazer.

Love this dress!  I’d wear this in an instant.  The fabric chosen by Burda is really pretty too.

Not sure how I feel about this dress/mini-dress (top?) option.  Would the separate gathered piece actually stay put?  I love the look of it, especially on the gown, but I’m not sure how practical this design would be.

Not a fan of the wrist ruffles, but the V-neck tunic is a very flattering style.

And that’s what we’ve got.  On the whole, I’m not as excited as I usually get from the December issue, but there are at least a few patterns that I’m sort of obsessing over.

This month the Best of BS was pretty much between the raglan coat and the Burda Plus blue dress, but I decided to give it to:


The plaid coat!  Truly a classic style, the high collar makes it very practical, and the pockets are placed perfectly for shoving your hands inside on a cold winter day.  Plus, their plaid matching is gorgeous.

The BWTF for December was a bit more difficult to pick.  Nothing was truly terrible, and the PJs hardly count – some of them are even pretty cute!  Honestly, my least favorite look is that crushed velvet dress, but the blue version is one of my favorite styles, so I couldn’t really choose that pattern either.  It took some considering but I’ve decided to give the BWTF Award to:


The black ruffle top!  It’s the extra bow at the front that pushed it over the edge for me.  I don’t even really dislike this look.  I just don’t really care for the giant ruffle.  That skirt is still totally awesome though.

And that’s it! On the whole, this is not the most exciting issue.  On the other hand, I’m obsessing over that coat, and there are a few other pieces I’ve added to my wishlist.  The PJ patterns, while not exactly exciting, are pretty wearable and definitely something I could see myself wanting to sew in the future.  What do you all think?  Is this issue worth picking up for the outer wear?  Or do the smaller selection of styles make this issue of less interest than most?  Did Burda cap off it’s great year on a high or was this issue a disappointing end to a stellar year?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!


15 thoughts on “December 2016 BurdaStyle Magazine

  1. I actually found the ruffle top pretty cute. I like most of the dress and coat in this issue. Also I feel sad too that I can’t knit. I would like to knit that vest.

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  2. I adore the plaid coat, I have a coating fabric in my stash that I hope will work with the pattern, I’ll see when I get the magazine. I also love those strange looking cowl tops, especially the mustard one, but I may try them all. As a non knitter while I can appreciate the designs I hope this isn’t going to become a regular thing, put the knitting patterns in a knitting magazine!

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      1. Well… I did do an irresponsible thing lately by buying some herringbone wool fabric that I fell in love with. Thought I’d keep it for a few years. It would be perfect for this pattern…. Ok, I’ll try! Kind of you to reply DoctorT… 🙂

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  3. OMG I detested the zipper skirt! Hahaha!

    I really like the V-neck dress with sleeve flounces. I love the blue version of the flutter sleeve dress too but that kind of sleeve just does not work for me.

    The crazy cozy top is so Burda! I bet is awesome! I a.d.o.r.e. the plus blazer. Those lines! I also love the gown with wrap. I’m sure if you were wearing that you wouldn’t need to worry about it staying put because you wouldn’t be doing much moving of the arms. The gold version looks like a top in the line drawing doesn’t it!? I guess it’s hard to gauge proportion but it looks like a top. A bunch of awesome PJs…

    I like the yellow dress. It really grew on me after the preview came out. I would have to chop several inches off the middle section. I think I could only wear that as a mini. Could be lovely with tights and boots.

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  4. I am actually going to buy this months magazine so thanks for the review. Very inspiring. I love most of it and just to clarify, if you live somewhere very cold YES MOST DEFINITELY we do still use rubber hot water bottles though to be honest I usually buy them with a furry cover. Might actually get round to making one one day though. You never do know!

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  5. Miss 16 occasionally uses a hot water bottle. Roughly 12 times a year. So does Miss almost 12. They used to wrap a towel around the hottie to prevent burns, then we got one with a really cute “Where’s Wally?” stripey jumper. So much better. When it falls apart I’ll make another cover.

    The coats are terrific. That long blue dress with the wide V neck is amazing.

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  6. Another hot water bottle user here!

    I liked the cowl tops in this issue and the short cape. The plus section was great too! But the rest didn’t really grab me. Always interesting to see what Burda’s idea of ‘British’ style is though; it never looks like what I see on the street here. I think BBC costume dramas have much to answer for.

    I also liked the idea of the skirt with the curved zip but unlike you I didn’t really care for the fabric. I thought the strong texture gave a poor finish on the curved edges. It would look cool in leather or gabardine though.

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  7. When I looked at the magazine in the store, I was totally taken aback by the knitting patterns.
    Now, I *AM* a knitter, but half of these patterns are so basic that one wouldn’t need a pattern to do them, the other half belong in a knitting magazine, imho 😀

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