BurdaStyle Magazine August 2016

It’s that time again – another new Burda is headed our way.  I’m always excited when the August issue rolls around – I’m typically a big fan of Burda’s fall and winter fashions.  And I’m happy to say that I think this year’s issue starts fall sewing off on a high note.  There are lots of great pieces that would be fantastic additions to a wardrobe in this issue, and the Burda Plus section is once again on point.



Since we are heading into the fall patterns, let’s start off with the coats and jackets:

It wouldn’t be August without a cape!  Actually, I really like this.  It feels sort of Hobbit-ish.

Also really liking these jackets – especially the version in the print!  I’d love to add something like this to a fall wardrobe.

These jackets have an interesting shape.  The cut of the sleeves and collar are quite interesting, though I’m not sure I’m completely in love with the overall silhouette.

I wasn’t really sold on the line drawing, but the styling of this vest is sort of winning me over.

There are also some nice tops in this issue:

I actually really like all of these tops.  I’ve been wanting a ruffled blouse for quite a while, and I’m sort of digging the blue blouse here.

I’m also rather liking these sweater-tops.  The black fur may be a bit much, but I love the use of the ribbon trim.  These all look like great cozy tops that would be fun to wear when it starts turing cold.

This is one of those knit tops that I usually pass over in the issue, but then end up sewing later and loving.

I’m sort of liking these silky blouses, but I’m not sure how much I’d wear them.

Interesting mix of dresses in this issue:

Love this!  The neckline is really delicate and lovely, and I love the interest provided by the belt.

I’m actually really liking this dress as well.  It looks great in the solid and in the print, and it has lots of nice seams for shaping.

This dress looks very 70s, but I like it.

Not as fond of these maxi-ish dresses.

Cute shape, and interesting use of the fabric here.

Not really loving the style, but it is an interesting use of the fabric.

There are some great bottoms this month:

Love this skirt!  The seam lines are fantastic, and they have some nice opportunities for color or print blocking.

Love this skirt too!  Looks like it would be great to mix with lots of different top patterns.

Not fond of pants with tons of pleats around the hips for myself, but I do like the way Burda has styled all of these.

Not really liking this crazy skirt – looks like a bit of leftovers from the summer issues.

The Burda Plus selection is also quite good this month:

Liking this skirt in theory, but I’m not sure how I’d feel about it in person.  The dress looks really flattering on the model too.

Love both of these!  The top and the dress both look incredibly flattering and like they’d be fun to wear in both prints and solids.

Not much new in this tie front blouse, but definitely something that could be worn quite a bit in the fall.

LOVE this jacket!  I want one.

Also liking the pants in this issue – I’d wear these.

This sweater looks really cozy.  It could look great in casual and fancier fabrics.

Normally I don’t show the kids section, but this month I think Burda knocked it out of the park.  Just look at that little moto jacket:

And that’s it!  I don’t feel like this month had a lot of real stand-out patterns, but I do think that there are tons of patterns that would be great workhorses in a fall wardrobe.  Which makes it a bit difficult to pick the top pattern for the month, but I think I’m going to have to award Best of BS for August 2016 to:


Sleek fabric belted dress!  I really like this design – its simple, but still has a bit of interest with the belt, and I love the neckline.

The BWTF design should be pretty obvious.  It goes to:


Crazy gathered summer skirt.  It doesn’t look very flattering, and by the line drawing, I’m not sure I’d be comfortable wearing a skirt that short (and open) in the front.  Maybe it is meant as a swimsuit cover up, but even then it is a bit much.  They could have left this one out of the magazine and it would have felt like a more cohesive issue.

So, what do you all think?  Is this another good issue for Burda, or is this issue lacking in innovative and new designs?  What are your top and bottom picks for the month?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

12 thoughts on “BurdaStyle Magazine August 2016

  1. Nothing for me this month, I just can’t with the high necklines. Apparently the “office-chic” patterns were inspired by House of Cards.
    As the mom of a boy I am a bit frustrated with their kids patterns. Even the Burda Kids issue is mainly for girls. Though I applaud adding a moto-jacket and moto-jeans for girls. Could work for a boy too.
    And I believe the BWTF-Skirt actually has a short underneath. The picture with the palm tree doesn’t fit in either…


  2. I scrolled through to have a quick look at all the patterns…As I went past the gathered skirt I thought “WHATTT???”

    Otherwise, Burda has never sung to me, but I do like that jacket. Enough to think about adding patch pockets to my much modified Grainline Morris Blazer.

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  3. Love the patterns this month! Mostly all “hits” for me, very fashion forward. And thanks so much for your reviews of patterns- you keep me up to date without having to go to multiple places to fins this information!


  4. I think this is another great issue, for me 2016 has been one of the best years for Burda in ages (not that I’ve got around to making many of them yet, but they will keep!). I think they’ve improved their photography too, less “fashiony” so it’s much easier to see the clothes these days.

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    1. Pretty cool issue but I felt like had similarish patterns already till I saw AllisonC’s make of the skirt.
      OMG hunted around for a bit to see if the envelope version was available (isn’t) and bought the mag on ebay. The tie top is cute (will probably make it) as are the pleated pants.


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