September 2016 BurdaStyle Magazine

I’ve spent about a week getting caught up at work since getting home from Nationals, but it feels like I’ve fallen incredibly far behind on sewing news because EVERYONE has released their fall patterns!  I’ve got reviews for McCall’s, Butterick, New Look, and Simplicity coming up, not to mention that the Burda Easy Fall/Winter Magazine should be out soon as well.  First, however, I need to take a look at the September Burda Magazine.


I usually like the fall issues, and this September is really hitting the mark for me.  Although there are only a few patterns that I’m really obsessed with, for some reason I’m really excited by this issue as a whole.  It if full of what I think of as “sleeper patterns” – they don’t make me squee with delight when I see them, but when I’m looking for a great wardrobe piece later I’ll be glad I have them.  There is also a large dirndl section, as is wont to happen this time of year, but I actually really like all the styles this year because they look really classy and traditional.  Having made dirndls in the past has really changed my viewpoint on receiving more of these patterns every year.  So, why am I so excited?  Let’s take a look:

Ok, I have to start this review off with the Burda Plus patterns because I wants to make them ALL:

Normally I’m not a fan of dresses with lots of piecing around the bust, but I really love the way these designs look on the models.  The black version in particular is on my “need to make sooner rather than later” list.

Also love these more conservative styles.  I’m particularly taken with the dress with the skirt flounce.

I LOVE THIS COAT.  I love it to the point of almost not caring that I need over 7 yards of fabric just to make the shell.  Don’t even care.  How dramatic would it be to sweep out of a room wearing this coat?  Sigh.  Not to mention that the collar is beautiful.  I wonder how much fabric it would take to make one thigh length?

Probably the least impressive Plus pattern – a bit shapeless, but it does have a hood which is nice.

Love these pencil skirts – classic!

There are also some great dresses in the regular size range:

I know it is simple, but I’m obsessed with the color blocked version of this dress.  I have no idea if this would look good on me at all, but I really want to make one.

I’m not really in love with the overall shape of this dress, but I do like the color blocking at the top.  Perhaps a bit of modification could yield a stylish top?

Minus the wrist ruffles, I want one!

Simple, but effective.  Would be great for layering as fall gets colder.

Not quite sold on the longer version of this dress… I think it just feels a bit out of place with the rest of the designs in this issue.

I also really love some of the jackets in this issue too:

Cute!  Love the cropped sleeves.

I love both of these (even though they are sized for petites)!  The blue jacket doesn’t looks great in the model photo, but the garment photo and line drawing have me sold.

Sort of liking the sporty look of the yellow sleeved version of this coat.  Not sure how I feel about the pockets on the leather one.

Cozy looking sweater/jacket.  Not such a fan of the vest, but the cardigan looks cuddly.

This issue also has some great tops:

Want one of these – just the right amount of detail to be interesting, but also great for layering under a cool jacket or coat.

Also love this – the color blocking is minimal but just enough to be interesting.

Really like this tunic too!  Normally I’m not such a fan of the ruffles, but for some reason I’m digging them on this style.

Too much going on here.  The peplum, the ruffles, the collar… Not a fan.

This is the sort of top that doesn’t look like much in the line drawing, but the model photo is winning me over.  Is the odd gathering cool or just weird?  I can’t really decide.

Sporty top!  I think I like the neckline on the dress more, but this is giving me 80’s exercise wear flashbacks.

There aren’t a lot of bottoms in this issue, but there are a few options:

Pleated skirts always make me feel a bit school-girl, but I do like the proportions and length on these.

Is this a proper skirt or a skort?  It’s a bit short for my taste, but I think it could be good for people who like to bike in skirts.  I do like the wide hem band – very striking.

Nothing new here, but these are some rather nice trousers.

Here it comes!  The moment you’ve been waiting for!  Dirndl Fever!

I really love this year’s selection of dirndl patterns.  They all seem detailed and classic, and not as slapdash or costume-y as they’ve been in recent years.  In fact I like these so much I sort of want to make one!  It’s odd, I know.

And that’s it!  It’s sort of weird because there aren’t a lot of stand out patterns for me this month, but in general I like a lot of what Burda has released.  There is a nice variety of simple classics, modern graphic designs, and some softer, frilly looks.  Plus a lot of dirndls.  Despite this there is really one look that stands out and gets the Best of BS award for the month:

The Burda Plus coat!  I love this design.  It is classic, yet modern, and super dramatic.  I really like the collar detail, but I’m obsessed with the seaming on the back.  I think the design could work at a shorter length as well, so with a little modification it wouldn’t need the excessive yardage, but would give a similar, and possibly more wearable, effect.

The BWTF for September was similarly easy to select:


The crazy velvet peplum top!  There is a lot going on here, and the addition of the flower just pushes it over the top.  It skirts the line between being frumpy and crazy.  Perhaps in a different fabric it wouldn’t have been so off-putting, and in another issue it likely would have escaped notice, but it definitely stands out as a low point for me this month.

And there we have it!  What do you all think?  Am I too excited for a collection of fairly simple pattern?  Or are the wardrobe basics just what we need to sew for fall?  Is my obsession for pretty coats clouding my judgement of the real stand-out patterns for the month?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

8 thoughts on “September 2016 BurdaStyle Magazine

  1. I loved this issue. My favourites are the egg shaped coat and the wrap skirt (definitely a skirt not a skort). The skinny trousers are good too because they have pockets. And I agree about the plus collection. Is it just me or have the plus styles been consistently great lately?

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  2. I can’t quite get excited about fall clothes when it’s still baking hot, but in a few months I’m sure I will find lots to love (well, not the dirndls!). Agree that the plus section is (once again) fantastic.

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  3. I’ve really been loving Burda this year and this was another great issue, especially the plus section. I just traced off a blouse from the last issue and can’t wait to sew it.

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