BurdaStyle Magazine November 2016

I don’t feel that I would have much argument with the statement that Burda has been knocking it out of the park this year.  There have been a lot of stylish, wearable looks that are very on trend and exciting enough to make me (and a lot of other people) want to sew.  Typically I love the fall/winter months – October, November, and December tend to be among my favorite issues each year.  Which is why I was so looking forward to this year’s November issue, and possibly why I feel so disappointed.  Now don’t get me wrong – there are still some good wardrobe pieces in this issue – but no real stand-outs.  I fell like all the pieces I’m really responding to are very similar in silhouette and style to pieces Burda has published in recent months we well, or at least to patterns I’ve got in older issues.  Which probably speaks to the wearability/versatility of the designs, but it also doesn’t make me stand up and start tracing. In any case, let’s take a look:



Since it’s starting towards winter, let’s start off with the coats:

I love the bright happy colors that Burda chose, but we’ve seen this silhouette before.  Kind of a lot, actually.  Definitely on trend, but not anything we haven’t seen from Burda before.

Another coat pattern that looks rather similar to previous Burda offerings.  The fabrics and styling are pretty cool, but the pattern itself is pretty similar to styles from the past.

This sweatshirt/jacket is actually pretty cool.  I’ve been feeling the need to dress more adult – this gives me the hoodie feel I’m used to, but offers slightly more sophistication.  It has some nice details, but looks like it would be simple to fit and sew, which makes me happy.  It doesn’t make me go wow, but it does make me think, yes, I’d wear that a lot.

Love the styling of the printed version of this jacket.  I’m not actually that fond of the giant ruffly peplum – I really need to have more waist definition to not look like a giant sack – but Burda has sold me on the idea that this could look good.  Just probably not on me.

It wouldn’t be fall without some giant vests.

With the dresses and tops it is sort of the same deal – lots of repetitive pattern designs:

Ok, I am going to come out and say I like this, but, I always tend to like these quasi-peasant blouse designs.  Love how Burda showed it in a dressier material as well as the more common chiffon/crepe/viscose.  Totally a useful wardrobe workhorse sort of pattern.

I like the idea of this ruffle dress, but I think it is more successful as a skirt.

Simple, but effective use of the fabric.

We’ve had a lot of the slip-style dresses before.  It’s actually been a pretty popular trend with Burda this year.  Can’t say I’ll find it particularly useful in November, but, then again, I seem to be a bad predictor of what I’m going to sew and when I’m going to sew it.  Can’t imagine making this dress though.

Another style that isn’t particularly innovative, but it is sort of pretty.

I sort of want to give Burda props for giving us some interesting sleeve details.  I’m just not sure if I actually like them.

I love the garment photo of this dress – it looks very striking.  I’m not loving it on the model quite as much, but it may just be the awkward pose?  It doesn’t really show off the dress to best effect.


This is the designer exclusive pattern for the month.  Looks suspiciously like a dirndl.  I sort of love the vintage inspiration and look of the dress on the model, yet I’m sort of feeling that it looks dated.  I’m torn, possibly because I know it would probably be a good look for me, but I’m not totally inspired by it.

The tie blouse is nothing new, but I sort of love both of these variations.  Even if the sleeveless version might require me to get creative about bra choices.

There aren’t many pants in this issue, but they are all pretty solid options:

Burda love the Marleen Dietrich pants, and so do I!  I’d totally wear both of these, even with the pleating.

Ok, these aren’t the sort of pants I normally go for, but for some reason I’m finding the trousers to be incredibly cool at the moment.  Possibly because I just finished watching the fifth season on Project Runway All-Stars and I’m having a Kini moment.  (Yes, I know it ended in May.  I’ve been busy!)

Skinny trouser/leggings.  Really cool, but might be hard to find an appropriate fabric?

This mini skirt seems like such an oddball piece.  I know skirts over leggings are really popular in colder climates, but this seems too small and tight to be practical.  It doesn’t even look like it fits the model.  I’m suspicious.

The Burda Plus section this month feels a bit disjointed:

Ok, so I LOVE this dress.  I mean, maybe not the fabric that Burda chose, but the style with the lattice work is SO COOL.  I’m not really sure why this is in the November issue, but I like this.  I’m not sure how wearable it is going to be with so little support on the top, or how difficult it would be to construct, but I’m excited to get the magazine to see how they did it.

Simple dress with ruffles.  Boring.

This coat is nice, and I like the in-seam pockets, but, again, somewhat similar to previous Burda Plus styles.

The bow tie blouse is always a popular style, but I’m not loving the fabric choices here.

I always love the idea of a softly tailored jacket, but in practice I always find them to look a bit sloppy.  The under-sleeve gussets are awesome though.  Just wish I liked the overall style a bit more.

This tank top – how does it fit with anything else in this section?

The most basic of trouser pants.  Totally wearable.  Not very exciting.

And that’s about it!  The kids section isn’t any great source of innovation this month either.  Like I said, there are certainly plenty of wearable looks, but nothing really outstanding.  Which makes it a bit difficult to pick the top and bottom looks for the month.  Nothing spectacular, but nothing truly heinous either.  After much internal debate I’ve decided to award the Best of BS November 2016 to:


The white sweater/hoodie/jacket/thing!  I really loved that Plus dress, but this look felt more seasonal, more versatile, and quite possibly more wearable.

The BWTF was also a bit difficult to pick out, but after fully considering the options I have given it to:


The awkward mini skirt!  I mean, really.  Can she even walk in that?  How does it not ride up?  The flap looks purely decorative, and the fit looks incredibly uncomfortable.  Not Burda’s best look.

And there we have it – another issue of Burda in the books.  I’m still a bit disappointed – November is usually one of my favorite issues.  But the looks all feel very disjointed this month.  Almost like a hodge-podge of leftover designs that didn’t quite fit in other issues.  I often don’t think I would style a lot of pieces in the same way as Burda, but I often feel like certain selections are at least a cohesive wardrobe option.  This month, not so much.  As Nina Garcia would say – who is their girl?  I can’t really tell.  There are certainly things from this issue that I want to sew, and likely may make in the future.  But on the whole I’m not as impressed as I’ve been the rest of this year.  Hopefully this means we will get a bang-on December issue, but only a month of waiting can tell.  So, what do you all think?  Is this issue you jam?  Are you ready to dive into pre-winter sewing with these styles?  Or is this issue a total miss for you?  Which design would you give the Best of BS to this month?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!


15 thoughts on “BurdaStyle Magazine November 2016

  1. Even though the Plus collection is disjointed, there were still a number of fashionable, wearable pieces that were somewhat fitted (I’m anti-sack). It’s been a good year for the Plus collections, except for the all-dirndl October one. The Plus Special which came out last month was all new patterns, too.

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  2. She does look like she’s having a hard time in that skirt!

    Burda has been so good overall this year that I’m still happy with this issue even though it’s not making me wild. I love the dress with shoulder gathers and have been wanting to give the crazy trousers a go. Maybe if I find a suitable suiting with drape. Maybe 🙂 I love the orange dress (awkward pose) because it’s a pretty good one for petite of the month…and the tie waist tee while not super innovative is cute/cool. I am also digging the crazy cold-shoulder top/dress even if I won’t make it.

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  3. Thanks for putting up this post. It made me think I’ve got to vent my view.
    I’ve been a purchaser of Burda magazines for 30 odd years, with a regular subscription several years back. However, I don’t buy them any longer. I see it as buying a book cover that’s different but it’s the same old “secret recipe” story inside- over and over.
    Now we are entitled to spend our hard earned dollar however we want , but it’s a troubling sign that they really don’t value what we creative home sewers are all about. Inspiration, clever surprises and a springboard to making our own creations look well designed, well made and a fabulous part of us. If I want a “Big Mac” dress, I’ll buy it. I wish they treated us with a bit of respect & acknowledged our intelligence. I now “shop” at home in my book & old magazine library and check out Pinterest & elsewhere for current trends. Sorry to moan and I do love reading your opinions. Cheery


  4. I think I see a Lagenlook-Resurgence. The egg-shaped coat and strappy dress are also very trendy. I am not into the 90s and certainly not into the no-bra-possible-looks. Except for the skinny pants (maybe in scuba or ponte?) I don’t love anything so I’ll skip this issue. In Germany November is a super-bleak month, no holidays, just rain. So maybe this is their attempt at a office-to-afterworkdrinks-wardrobe, since thats pretty much all the entertainment to be had?

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  5. I think your analysis is spot on, personally I would choose that incredible plus size dress as the best of the month, but otherwise I completely feel the same as you about this issue. That’s not to say I don’t like it and I’m sure I will make things from it, but yes it does feel a bit like a leftovers issue. Do you think we’ll get some evening wear in December, I feel like we’ve missed that this year?


  6. I liked this issue. I’d definitely make the Marlene trousers and the pleated jersey ones, and I’m surprised to find I want to give the tall pattern a go, as it’s for romantic dresses which are not normally my thing at all. Agree the designer pattern and the plus section are a bit disappointing this month.

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    1. Do you own this issue? I’m sewing up the 106 (draped pocket) pants right now and am facing the horror of the front and back pieces not lining up near the waist. I.e. everything lined up perfectly from the ankle up to near abouts the waist and then all of the sudden the back has 2+ extra inches more than front, right at the waist. I can’t seem to find any instructions/reviews online =(


      1. I do have the issue, but I haven’t made anything from it, so I don’t have any practical advice to offer on the pants front. I haven’t seen anyone else make that pattern either, otherwise I’d point you to them.

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  7. Thanks-I had a look on the russian website and a bunch of people have made it but only one mentioned having to take out length at the waist (although it looks like she removed 11 cm…). I will just wing it and probably post a review at some time-if the drafting is messed up people should know before they start on it. I traced it from the German mag but apparently the A4/letter pdf print is really messed up (i.e. other pattern pieces included in with the pants?).

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