October 2016 BurdaStyle Magazine

The October Burda has been announced on the German and Russian websites!


October has always been one of my favorite Burda months – more often than not we get some really amazing looks for fall.  Despite the fact that the Burda Plus section is 100% dirndls, I would have to say that this year is living up to expectations.  Lots of great stuff to get through, so let’s take a look:

First off, October has always been a great month for coats and this year is no exception:

I LOVE this!  I’m always a sucker for a classic peacoat and oversized collar makes this one a stand out.  I’m partial to the longer version, but the shorter version is great as well.

I feel like we’ve had a lot of similar silhouettes from Burda lately, but I do love the raglan sleeves and high collar on this version – very practical heading into winter.

I’m sort of crushing on this blazer as well.  I get a sort of masculine vibe from the lapels, but I’m also sort of fascinated by the shaping on the pocket flaps.

Burda tells me this is a shirt, but I think they be trippin’.  Totally a light weight bomber jacket, right?

Can’t nobody cut rectangles like Burda cut rectangles!

There are some positively swoon-worthy dresses and tops this month:

This dress, I need one!  NEED.  The fact that it is drafted for petite shall not stop me!

Digging the casual vibe with this knit pattern.  Sort of really liking the top, it’s the perfect blend of wanting to dress casual but not wanting to throw on a ratty t-shirt.

Also liking this dress – the detailed waistband is a nice touch.

Typically I avoid patterns that add bulk at the hips, but if this sort of dress is your style, the pocket treatment looks really cool.

This dress/jumper pattern is a bit youthful for my taste, but I think Burda styled it well.

Sort of liking the idea of making a pleated shirt now…

Don’t know how I feel about the extra ruffles around the neckline of the dress, but I do love a good wrap top.

I also need to make this sweater.  Loving the piping detail.  I’d wear the heck out of this if I get around to making one.

Oversized button down shirts.  Yawn.

Ok, if you guys thought the tops were great, just check out the pants:

Don’t you just want all of these.  I’m obsessed any time Burda does a “Marlene” pant.  Love the pocket detail on the nautical set, I’d love to try a set of the 7/8 trouser, but I’m really obsessed with the simple grey trousers.  I’d totally wear any of these.

Ok, so I know what you are thinking – this looks like a skirt.  But you’d be wrong!  If you look closely on the nautical picture it’s actually a culotte with a flap so it looks like a skirt.  So it’s like a skort!  But culottes! Culorts?  A skorlotte?  Either way, it’s brilliant!

These fitted trousers are also pretty sweet – lots of fitting at the waist is nice.

Sadly, the Burda Plus section, which has been kicking ass the past few months, does not give us lots of yummy fall fashions, and instead gives us lots of dirndls.  While I don’t ride the anti-dirndl train as much as some other folks, I am a bit sad that we don’t get to see October fashions in the Burda Plus, but I’m hoping the Fall/Winter edition of the Burda Plus Magazine will compensate.  On the positive side, I at least feel that these dirndls are on par with what we got in the September issue for the straight sizes, so at least everyone’s got some great options this year.

Normally I’m not into posting the kids patterns, but there are some great coats this month, and even I am not immune to the adorable that is those fuzzy bear socks:

So yeah.  October has hit, and I think it’s going to be a good thing.   There are a few show-stopping stand outs, but mostly tons of great wardrobe builders that will be great for fall.

And with that I think it’s time to pick the top and bottom patterns for the month.  Surprisingly, my Best of BS for October goes to:


The skorlotte!  Err…. culortes!  Seriously, you guys need to help me settle on a name.  Anyway, despite the fact that I am obsessed with the color blocked dress and the peacoat do not diminish the fact that I haven’t seen any other culotte/skort patterns floating around and that these are beautiful.  I alway like the idea of making skirts, but in practice I rarely wear them.  These, however, I think I’d wear.  It’s a great idea and I’m happy to promote this innovative pattern as my top pick of the month.

As for the BWTF Award for October, I didn’t have a lot of terrible things to choose from, which is always good!  So I decided to give the bottom pattern to:


White button down shirt!  There isn’t anything wrong with this shirt, it’s just boring.  Its not particularly fitted (intentionally), but that relaxed fit combined with the boring white fabric choice lead to a very dull design, hence earning my BWTF award for the month.

And that’s it!  What do you all think?  Is October one of the best months for Burda?  Or is this issue full of a bunch of dull repeats and uninteresting clothes?  Anyone else obsessing over that color blocked dress?  Also, what’s your vote – we going with culorte or skorlotte?  Let me know how I should refer to such things in the comments!

6 thoughts on “October 2016 BurdaStyle Magazine

  1. Haha, I came here especially to see if you’d given the BWTF to the Skorlotte (more in line with skorts methinks), but I was not expecting that! Well, I’d love to see you sew it.
    I am a bit irritated with the Dirndls. Octoberfest starts on September 17, who will have time to sew such a complicated project by then?
    But I will buy the issue, because I really love the jackets. The shift dress reminds me of a.very similar one in the May Issue, no?


  2. Another great issue. Surprisingly the white shirt is one of the things I really like in this one. But also the trousers and the jackets, and the dress with sticky out pockets is one of the few takes on the peplum trend I’ve ever considered wearable for me. Mildly disappointed that the great colour blocked dress is the petite pattern but I’ll get over it…it doesn’t have pockets anyway.

    I can’t wait to get my waist back so I can make some of these. You’d look great in those jackets with the big lapels.


    1. Aw, thanks! I actually think you’d wear the white shirt really well, the only reason it’s a low pick is cuz everything else is so good. And I think a lot of these styles will look fantastic on you – you’ll have your waist back soon enough!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m not remotely ready for fall or winter sewing yet, but even so I can see some great pieces here that I’ll be ready to try in a few months. I think I say this every month, but 2016 has been so good, hope they can finish off the year on a high too.

    Liked by 1 person

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