Pattern Review: BWOF-03-2007-126 (Spring Sew Geeky)

I hadn’t originally included this dress as part of my spring Sew Geeky plans, but, then again, I hadn’t originally planned on attending a wedding during this time frame either.  This was sort of a last minute look, but I thought I might as well incorporate it into my Spring Sew Geeky capsule, even though, … More Pattern Review: BWOF-03-2007-126 (Spring Sew Geeky)

BurdaStyle May 2018

The May BurdaStyle Magazine announcement is up, and at the risk of sounding like a broken record, I’m really excited!  Burda has been killing it this year – and May looks to be no exception.  I especially love that they’ve really brough May back to being “the dress issue” – there are an overwhelming number of … More BurdaStyle May 2018

Style Analysis Update (Wardrobe Planning Post #12)

It’s crazy to think that I started rambling about Wardrobe planning on this blog back in 2016.  In hindsight of world events, it really feels like a lifetime ago.  Since my earliest late-night musings, I’ve played around with the Wardrobe Architect, the Curated Closet, and some 80s-era style classification systems.  All of these posts have … More Style Analysis Update (Wardrobe Planning Post #12)

My Image Summer 2018

My Image usually only produces 2 magazines a year (in the adult sizes): Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter, along with a few new PDF patterns that are included as part of a magazine purchase.  However, this year they’ve released a special Summer issue of the magazine, not included as part of a normal subscription.  There aren’t as … More My Image Summer 2018

Sewing Podsplosion

This post has been sitting in drafts for quite a while… Garment progress and pattern announcements have been superseding it for a few weeks now, but with a massive sewing space spring cleaning in progress, and a long stretch of skating costume commissioned sewing ahead of me, I thought I’d do a post not so … More Sewing Podsplosion

Pattern Review 6-in-6 Wardrobe Contest Composite

Since I’ve already blogged about my first six items for my Spring Sew Geeky plans, this post is a bit redundant, but I figured I’d repost my official Pattern Review 6-in-6 Wardrobe Contest entry here for posterity. Wardrobe Contest Composite Review Inspiration: At the start of 2018 I had made it my goal to sew with … More Pattern Review 6-in-6 Wardrobe Contest Composite