Willpower Fail!

Ok, so I was took my mom to the local (non-Joann’s) fabric store, and she was not at all helpful when I tried to practice the art of restraint.  So, I got fabric.  Lots of fabric. Teal rayon jacquard (my favorite!), teal rayon, and ITY knit print. Crazy knit print and glitter stretch fabric (both … More Willpower Fail!

Newsflash – Burda July Early Preview AND New Butterick Patterns Announced!

Double header today – both the July Early Preview AND the Summer Butterick Patterns have been announced. As for the Burda announcement, well, I wasn’t too excited by the assortment of large, shapeless sacks I saw in many of the photos: Sack dress strikes again! Those shorts are not attractive. But then I saw this … More Newsflash – Burda July Early Preview AND New Butterick Patterns Announced!

Pyramid Fabrics

So, last week Fabric Mart was having one of their famous Pyramid sales…  And since I have been looking for some white cotton I figured it would be a good time to look there.  Luckily, I totally scored on the white cotton front.  However, I also managed to find a few other things to get … More Pyramid Fabrics

More Sewing Stuff

First off, I was really excited when I got my May Burda magazine this past week.  Then, as I was reading through I saw that my favorite dress is in TALL SIZES!  Damn it Burda!  Stop putting the best design in tall sizes! Burda I shake my fist at you and your glamazon models! This … More More Sewing Stuff

Death By Fabric

Ummmmm…  Ok.  I am warning you guys now – MAJOR STASH ACCUMULATION PHOTOS AHEAD.  We are talking serious fabric p0rn.  You might have a heart attack seeing it all.  I know when I got it home I almost did.  And, well, even if I managed to escape the heart attack, there is serious possibility of … More Death By Fabric