Willpower Fail!

Ok, so I was took my mom to the local (non-Joann’s) fabric store, and she was not at all helpful when I tried to practice the art of restraint.  So, I got fabric.  Lots of fabric.

Teal rayon jacquard (my favorite!), teal rayon, and ITY knit print.
Crazy knit print and glitter stretch fabric (both for skating outfits I think).

My mom was having fun shopping too – she even bought fabric for herself!

Left: Cotton print for another nightgown for my mom.
Right: Poly charmeuse print for my sister.

Sigh.  I really wasn’t going to buy fabric until after regionals.  Really.  But, well, I also really like the fabric that I got, so I suppose that makes it ok?

5 thoughts on “Willpower Fail!

  1. Wow!, I have the hardest time finding stretch fabrics locally. You are so lucky to have such a resource! I need to find some nice stretch lace–any ideas? I also sew skating costumes….


  2. Check out Spandex World's online website (I have the link to the left under the “Sew” header). They have a lot of great stretch fabrics (including lace) and will send free samples. Their prices are what I would consider fair – you won't be getting a bargain, but they do have good quality stretch fabrics for dance/skate/costumes. I have been very happy with their selection and service.


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