Death By Fabric

Ummmmm…  Ok.  I am warning you guys now – MAJOR STASH ACCUMULATION PHOTOS AHEAD.  We are talking serious fabric p0rn.  You might have a heart attack seeing it all.  I know when I got it home I almost did.  And, well, even if I managed to escape the heart attack, there is serious possibility of fabric avalanche occurring and smothering me in my sleep.

So, anyway, a few posts ago I had great fun in showing off my stash accumulation photos from my recent trip to the LA fashion district.  At that time I mentioned that I would be heading back with a group of skating people in the near future.  I may have also casually thrown in that I now have a partner for skating team dance.  What I didn’t mention is that said partner is a TOTAL FABRIC ENABLER.  When all others had pooped out and headed home (luckily we had multiple cars) he and I stuck it out in search of the gaudiest fabric we could find (ah, a skater after my own heart), and he indulged me with an HOUR at the LOFT.  And then helped my lug my 30+ pounds of fabric to the car (in addition to the 15 pounds he bought himself.  Heh).  We are talking serious damage people.  Total wreckage.  So, without further ado – the fabric.

First – these are my semi-legitimate purchases – for skating costumes at some point in the future.

Tan mesh, red and blue stretch lace, and red chiffon.

Now for my Loft haul (note: most fabrics were obtained in quantities of 2-5 yards each, but a few pieces were only available as single yards):

The skating appropriate fabrics
Back: Tye-dye poly chiffon, multi-colored leopard poly print.
Front: Grey fabric for pants, purple is a rayon challis or maybe a
silk/cotton blend, and green is a rayon challis.
Back: Blue and red ITY prints, rayon jersey striped fabric
Front: Purple knit (it is really really nice – perhaps bamboo or modal?),
fancy purple fabric (I know it is poly, and it was $15/yard at the regular store),
and another jersey print (cotton or rayon blend)
The teal collection – all are some sort of fabulously soft knit
(and I was able to get more of the ribbed fabric I was obsessed with from my last visit!)
The silky pretties – mostly for lining, and probably all polyester
I LOVE the blue and white print in the back and the teal prints in the front.

Ummm, yeah.  For those of you keeping track – that is 30 different cuts of fabric in ONE DAY.  Obtained in quantities of 1-6 yards each.  To give you a perspective – when we transfered the fabric from my partner’s car to my car we filled a WalMart shopping cart.  This is not a lot of fabric.  This officially qualifies as a Metric Sh*t Ton of Fabric.  And, you might expect that after one buys a Metric Sh*t Ton of Fabric one would feel some sense of shame or embarrassment.  However, I have a few points in my favor:

(1) Of everyone on the trip I got the most fabric, but spent the least money.

(2) I didn’t show you the 27 yards of fabric that the partner bought in addition to his 15-pound Loft haul.

(3) Of the 8 people buying fabric, I was one of two that could actually sew.

(4) And, finally, the trump card: As much fabric as I will ever stash, it just isn’t going to ever be big enough to compete with this.  Or this.  Ever.  Though we all know I am going to try.

5 thoughts on “Death By Fabric

  1. OOOoh – the silk pretties are SO nice! I applaud your haul!! And yes, every time my husband raises an eyebrow about my stash, I send him to the blogs of others to show him how very reasonable and modest my stash is.


  2. Yeah – the new dance partner sent his Loft fabric with me (my first time sewing for him, so we are using cheap stuff first), and my mom freaked out when she saw it all. I was quite happy to report that it wasn't actually all mine. Just most of it. And, while I may have indulged my obsession with stretch lace, I was able to resist the $20/yard sequin covered fabric. He wasn't so lucky.


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