Newsflash – Burda July Early Preview AND New Butterick Patterns Announced!

Double header today – both the July Early Preview AND the Summer Butterick Patterns have been announced.

As for the Burda announcement, well, I wasn’t too excited by the assortment of large, shapeless sacks I saw in many of the photos:

Sack dress strikes again!
Those shorts are not attractive.

But then I saw this dress:


And so I hope this issue might have some redeeming qualities.  Also, if you are one of the Burda Plus sized ladies you are all good:

Cute top!
Cute dress!

So, we shall see how it all shakes out, but I am hoping there will more good stuff when the full preview comes out.

Now, as for the Butterick patterns – I am just going to say it up front – this is a great release from Butterick.  There are a lot of really awesome things I know I am going to buy.  Here are my favorites:

B5783 – A twist top/belt dress.
B5794 – Love the top and the flutter sleeves!
B5797 – I have a thing for corset patterns, don’t ask me why.
*Gasp* *Swoon* – B5779 Wedding Gown
B5779 Gown Front

Now, part of my brain says ooooooh, preeeeetty! and the other part of my brain says NO!  No Twilight knockoff dresses!!!  NO NO NO!

I cannot condone anything related to this series.

But, you guys, the pretty is winning!  Help!  Convince me not to buy this pattern!

Other patterns I am going to buy but don’t need at all:

B5795 – Bathing suit only comes in sizes 18W and up.
But, now that I am sewing skating costumes for others it might be
good to have a leotard pattern in larger sizes as well as the small ones I have now.
B5796 – Maternity clothes.
I really really don’t need a maternity pattern at all.
But they are so freaking rare and these are actually cute designs I feel I must get it.
You know, just in cases.

Also, I won’t be getting these patterns, but I thought they were worth a mention:

B5780 – Interesting seamlines, but since Butterick made it in black,
it is hard to tell how they actually look on a real person.
B5784 – I like it, but not enough to buy it.
B5769 – A See & Sew pattern.  Actually the dress and jacket are pretty cute.
B5788 – Really skinny jeans if you have the legs for it.  I do not have the legs for it.
Might also be a good pattern for running/exercise pants
B5771 – I have enough patterns for pants like this from Burda,
but for some reason I think these are sort of cute.

Ok, so what do you all think?  What are your favorites?  Did I miss anything cool?  Do we keep our hopes up for the July Burda?  And, most importantly, should I buy that wedding dress pattern?

7 thoughts on “Newsflash – Burda July Early Preview AND New Butterick Patterns Announced!

  1. If you need skating patterns in a really wide range of sizes, why not get Jalie? Fits perfectly according to measurements, made by real skaters, and come from baby to 4XL..


  2. Butterick is more interesting than the July Burda. So far at least. The preview is pretty limited, so there may still be some really good stuff we just haven't seen yet. Fingers crossed!


  3. I have Jalie patterns, and I have used and like them, but I am pretty sure even the largest Jalie sizes won't be as big as some of the larger Butterick bathing suit sizes. And since I am mostly sewing for a lot of adults with widely varying body types, I think it might be good to have some backup patterns in case my KwikSew and Jalie are too small, which, since I am near the larger end of their size ranges, is a distinct possibility.


  4. I agree, except that I haven't been too fond of the recent Butterick Retro patterns, though I do have some of the older ones which I am really wanting to test out. I think Vogue tends to have the better Retro patterns though.


  5. I am hoping that the July Burda will be better than June which I didn't like at all. My favourites in the Butterick releases are the wedding dress (didn't even know that was a Twilight knock off) and the maternity tops, neither of which I have any use for. But you should get them……!


  6. I'm always hopeful about the Burda summer issues. After initial good feelings, I was a bit let down by June.

    Oooh, yeah, Twilight. Huh. I'm a bit less excited about the Butterick lineup, but it's never really been my brand. I do like the B5780 dress, but it looks a lot like something that was just in Burda recently.


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