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First off, I was really excited when I got my May Burda magazine this past week.  Then, as I was reading through I saw that my favorite dress is in TALL SIZES!  Damn it Burda!  Stop putting the best design in tall sizes!

Burda I shake my fist at you and your glamazon models!

This was somewhat mitigated however, when a recent Ebay purchase also showed up this week:

Two issues of Patrones – #284 and #259

I had tried to buy issue 284 in an earlier Ebay sale, but I lost that auction.  So I am glad I was able to get it as I really love the patterns in this issue:

Adore these pants, and the jacket is cute too!
These jeans, I NEED them!
I really like the interesting seaming/pockets on this trench.
Two more fabulous trench coats.

From issue 259 (the two issues were sold as a set):

Lots of nice coats (with designer names!)
Love this fitted shirt.
And this jacket!  I must make this!
Awkward pose, pretty dress.
Another stunning gown.
This is what old Patrones instructions look like.

And then I also hit Joann’s this weekend.  Among my many sewing projects of the moment, I have been doing some alterations and sewing for people at skating.  Which means I have been picking up a little cash.  Which I immediately took to Joann’s to pick a few more supplies for the costumes I am going to be making for them, since they are having a 50% notions and interfacing sale (yes, boo to crappy interfacing, but it is cheap and going in a costume and I couldn’t bring myself to use the good interfacing on a costume that will only see occasional use).  Anyway, despite the fact that I fell into the trap known as the Fabric Mart Pyramid Sale (I needed white cotton!  I just got a few other things while I was ordering it – will post when it arrives) and have absolutely no need of more fabric, well, while I was at Joann’s I got this:

Textured navy weather-proof jacketing

It was in the red tag section and I couldn’t pass it up!  I love my blue raincoat so much, that I really want to make another trench in a more subdued color (it is really a dark navy, but lighter in the photo to show the texture).  So, it followed me home.  However, Joann’s threw in a free “Go Green” shopping bag!

Free bag does not make up for fabric splurge, but it makes me feel better about it somehow.

2 thoughts on “More Sewing Stuff

  1. That dress is a stunner. Is it that difficult to scale down a tall pattern to a regular length one? I seem to remember reading someone's review of a tall pattern that wasn't really that tall. Wasn't it the Selfish Seamstress? Can't remember.


  2. Yeah, both the Selfish and I made the 03-2012-108 twist-top dress – it came in tall sizes, but was fairly simple to scale down to regular or even petite. However, that pattern had only 3 pieces and you could easily take out length from the straps on the top and the length of the skirt, without too much effort. This dress has 15 pieces! So, it means a lot more effort on the de-tall-ification process. Doesn't mean I won't attempt it (I really really like this dress), it just means a lot more effort and probably a few muslins…


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