Pyramid Fabrics

So, last week Fabric Mart was having one of their famous Pyramid sales…  And since I have been looking for some white cotton I figured it would be a good time to look there.  Luckily, I totally scored on the white cotton front.  However, I also managed to find a few other things to get along with it…

Black faux suede with a diagonal texture, and a thick white cotton for lining some summer dresses.
Red denim and navy/lime denim – the colors are a bit less saturated in real life

The faux suede is great – light and soft, I am planning to use it for a jacket at some point.  The white cotton will get used in some dress patterns this summer.  The red denim will be a pair of jeans, eventually.  Normally I don’t go for the odd colors, but I have seen so many great colorful pants of late, I was inspired.  The navy/lime (it just looks green, but actually it is multicolored) was intended for jeans, but it might be a bit stiff.  Depending on how it washes it will either become another pair of pants, or it will perhaps be my first experiment with making a bag?  Or perhaps a jean jacket?  It might be wearable with a lining…  We shall see what happens with it.

Anyway, yeah, it seems like I have been doing an awful lot of accumulation lately.  But, I have also been sewing, I swear!  I will share some sneak peaks with you all tomorrow…

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