October Sewing Aquisitions

I was trying to be good this month… but coupons and sales got the best of me.  A lot of this has been used already or will be used in an upcoming project though… so maybe it is justified?  A little bit?  Somewhat? Either way, fabric goodness from Joann and Hancock:

New Boots!

So way back at Nationals (a few months ago) I ordered some new skating boots.  After years of skating I have come to find that Harlick is my preferred boot brand – for me, it just fits.  No amount of nagging, pandering, berating, or insulting from the peanut gallery is going to change my mind on that … More New Boots!

November Burda – More Preview Pictures Released

Normally around this time someone would be doing a full announcement of the magazine, but perhaps we have to wait another week?  That or else everyone has decided to do only partial previews of the magazine until after it gets released?  *Sigh*  At this point I have a subscription, so I guess it doesn’t really … More November Burda – More Preview Pictures Released