Sew Naughty – A Sewing Challenge Item Completed!

Ok you guys – confession time.  Yesterday I sewed.  For myself.  Not one of the five practice outfits I need to make in the next week, but some nice summery linen pants!  After the past two weeks where I have nearly killed myself with a few all-nighters trying to get stuff done for people who haven’t shown up to practice for two whole weeks (not at all annoyed by this, can you tell?) and having absolutely no desire to sew a bunch of practice outfits for myself, I decided I might as well whip up something quickly to give the sewing mojo a kick in the butt.

Sewing mojo has been given a swift kick in the pants.  And now I have some.

I think it helped.

Loves me some pockets.
Note to the world: I wouldn’t ever wear a shirt tucked into these pants
except to show you my amazingly well executed elastic waistband.
Note to self: Take pictures of waistbands before pigging out on Chinese food.

Even more awesome than my pants is the fact that I already used this pattern, so no tracing, no fitting, just cut the fabric and go.  My original pattern review can be read here.  Basically the review is pretty much still accurate.  The only changes I made this time around were to add the same seam allowance to the waistband as the rest of the pattern pieces so I could use the correct size of elastic.  Now that I am more accustomed to Burdaisms, I realized that if the pattern tells you to cut your own piece and doesn’t specify that seam allowances have been added, they haven’t been added.  I also used my serger to finish all the edges before I sewed the pants together because the fabric had a slight tendency to fray.  The fabric is a medium-weight linen from  It has a nice fluid drape for its weight, it was a joy to sew with, and I am pretty pleased with the overall results.

Also, an amusing anecdote for all you linen lovers out there:

Me: Look Mommy I made pants!

Mom: They are wrinkly.

Me:  They are linen!

Mom: *blink* *blink*  They are still wrinkly.

Me:  *deflated sigh* Yeah, linen does that.

So, yay, pants!  Totally worth the three hours it took to make them.  I am hoping these will be nice, lightweight, go-to pants for the duration of summer.  Oh, and they are part of my year-long Sewing Challenge too!  They are half of my “Sweatsuit Alternative” item.  I still need to make a top to go with them, but at least I made some progress on my sewing challenge this month.

Sigh.  Ok.  Back to the spandex.

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