It followed me home…

Ok, so I went to Joann Fabrics to get the latest Butterick patterns on sale:

They had all the patterns I wanted!
It probably helped that they forgot to put the $1.99 sale sign out…

But I made the mistake of stopping at the good Joann’s (yes, there is a good one – they have way more decent garment fabric than any other Joann Fabrics in the area, though they are also the most inconvenient to get to) and they had a lot of great summer fabrics – lots of really nice garment quality cottons and linen blends…  But I did well.  I was able to resist.  At least, until I saw:

My new cotton print!

Ok, with that halter dress pattern in the upcoming July Burda on my mind (and I had already decided I wanted to do some sort of red/white/blue patriotic thing) I just couldn’t pass up this fabric.  Especially not when it was on sale.  So, I have fabric for a summer dress.  Of course, I don’t know if I will have time to actually sew it together before July 4th, but well, if not for this year, then next year.

5 thoughts on “It followed me home…

  1. Yes, I bought the maternity pattern. No, I do not need it. At all whatsoever. However, since maternity patterns are rare and this one is fairly decent I thought it would be good to have in the stash. You know, just in case I should need it eventually. Especially since everyone around me seems to be getting married (NOT me).


  2. Originally I wasn't too interested by that pattern, but the more I look at it, the more it grows on me. Now I think it might be one of my favorites of the entire haul.


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