Sewing Plans – Early Fall

Ok, it has been a while since I have had to plan out my sewing schedule, and while I should get back to my button-down shirt and Patrones pants that are mid-project with patterns that are either ready to be cut for muslin #2 or have been traced from the magazine already, but I have entirely missed out on summer sewing, and I want to get some in before heading into fall.  So I am going for some easy projects off the bat.  Then I plan of giving you guys a tutorial, and finally heading into my more complicated and detailed fall and winter sewing plans.  I still have a lot of coats and jackets to make for my sewing challenge this year, but right now I want to get the sewing mojo back on track with some simple and fun stuff.

(1) Linen Skirt

BWOF-02-2005-128 – I am going to use some blue linen

Ok, so I know that summer is on its way out (kinda, sorta), but I never really got to do any summer sewing at all, so indulge me on this one.  It is probably a bit more casual than what I had in mind when I started this challenge, but I have the fabric, the pattern, and a real desire to sew clothes for next summer, so I am not stuck without any summer clothes AGAIN, so I am going for it.  Besides, I can wear it during September right?

(2) Simplicity 2369 Knit Top

This is also part of my sewing challenge, the second part of my “Sweatsuit Alternative” outfit.  I have some magenta knit I want to use for view C, and I plan to pair it with my linen trousers (which I have been wearing all summer and loving!) for a casual running about outfit with a little bit of style.

(3) Skating Dress Tutorial

Ok, the last thing I really need and/or want right now is another skating dress, however, I did promise a skirt tutorial, but thought it might be good to just do a tutorial for an entire outfit.  So after I get a little selfish sewing done, I will get this done for you guys.  I am going to need a little time to plan this out, not to mention some time away from the Spandex, so that is why I won’t be getting to this right away, but, it is coming I promise!

(4) Return to the Button Down Shirt


As mentioned above, I am about halfway through this project – I have already made one (somewhat unsuccessful)  attempt, but with pattern alterations already made this pattern is ready to go for muslin attempt #2.  I want to do my other challenge projects first though (I need some instant gratification sewing), but I will get back to this soon.

(5) Teal Blazer


This is part of my sewing challenge, and while I know a black blazer would be more versatile, I really want to make a teal one.  I already have the teal fabric and lining (from one of my Loft hauls) ready to go.  I have been wanting to make a summer jacket, but I think right now it would be better to make this, as it will be great for a transition to fall.

(6) Patrones Pants

Patrones Extra #10 Style 40

I am still interested in making these pants, and I think they would be super cute for the fall.  And next spring.  Ah, let’s face it, here in the land of no winter I can probably get away with wearing them year-round.  The pattern is traced, but needs major alterations (the inseam is at least 2 inches too short – apparently Patrones drafts for a shorter woman than Burda) before I get started.  I am going to muslin to see if the style looks good on me at all, but I really want a casual wide-legged trouser and I love the details on these.

So, those are my plans!  We shall see how much time I have what with real-life things happening, skating picking back up in a few weeks, and assorted randomness, but hopefully I can get a lot of this done during the early part of fall.  We shall see.  If I can get at least these projects done by the end of October, then I should be on-track to complete 12 challenge garments by the end of the year.  Of course, after that I have the difficult projects like coats, jeans, and detailed dresses that will require a lot of effort.  It is going to be tight, but, well, I think I might make it.  In any case, the sewing mojo is flowing!

2 thoughts on “Sewing Plans – Early Fall

  1. Plans, plans, plans! Don't you just love them – this list looks very challenging, but inspiring! Love the jacket, and the skirt. Can't wait to see this lot whipped up…


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