November Fabric Splurges

I have been quite stressed the past few months what with finishing up school things.  Which will be coming to a close (with a little bit of luck) this week.  As a celebration for finishing my paper (I hope) I am doing a little blogging.  I haven’t had any time to sew.  But apparently stress and time crunches don’t stop people from buying fabric.  Or, well, at least it didn’t stop me.

From Fabric Mart:

I couldn’t pass up some great deals on these sale fabrics from Fabric Mart:

Back: Black wool suiting.
Middle: Periwinkle wool.
Front: Cotton-silk print.  It is fabulously soft, and still available.
All of these were less than $5/yard when I got them on sale.

Of course, I wasn’t able to restrict myself to sale items when I saw these gorgeous fabrics:

Back: Royal blue wool.  This is destined to be the classic coat from the 2012 Burda Magazine.
Middle: Textured cotton boucle.  I plan to make a lightweight 3/4 sleeve jacket for summer
Front: Royal blue/gold cotton/poly brocade.  The photo does not do it justice.  I am planning to make an opulent coat.

fter I bought these I saw the sad announcement that Fashionista Fabrics was closing.  They had been my source for Burda magazines until I finally got a subscription.  Although I am very sad that the site will be closing, I couldn’t help but be a little excited to snag such beautiful fabrics at great sale prices.  Though most of the fabrics have sold they still have a few great pieces on sale – check it out before they are gone!

Back: brown/pink/white silk, and brown/teal ITY knit.
Front: Navy/white silk print.

I also did a little Black Friday shopping.  Which isn’t something I do every year, but this year I was trying to eek out as much time with my sister as possible.  And since I was out helping her get ridiculously cheap camera memory cards (Black Friday – the favorite shopping day of photo majors everywhere) I figured I might as well get some shopping done for me too.  I didn’t do too much, but I did pick up some fleece from Jo-Ann fabrics with plans of making the casual zip-up jackets from the December Burda.  No pictures (I mean, it’s solid colored fleece…not that exciting), but with any luck I should be able to get to those before the end of the month.  Because I want a snuggley casual jacket that doesn’t have cartoon characters or university logos on it.  Not that there is anything wrong with cartoon characters and university logos.  But sometimes I just want to wear something without a label, if you know what I mean.  Of course, while I was snagging some $2.99/yard fleece I also decided I couldn’t pass up one of the Black Friday door-buster items.  And with a 25% off total purchase coupon, well, I think it was a Black Friday morning well spent.  So here is a look at my real Holiday splurge:

I bought the rainbow.
Oh, and it was like $45 with sales and coupons.
Ridiculous, I know.

So. Much. THREAD!  So many colors… I love it!  Sadly, I haven’t had a chance to use it yet…  But just looking at it makes me happy.  And anxious to get back to sewing.  Which will happen soon.  I hope.

3 thoughts on “November Fabric Splurges

  1. Love that brocade! I would be very happy to own one of those Gutermann thread cabinets too. I would probably just look at it a lot though.

    I'm trying to use up some stash at the moment, so am enjoying seeing other people's fabric purchases.

    Looking forward to seeing what you do with those fabrics.


  2. OMG – You'll never get snagged because you don't have matching thread again!

    Ooh, I love that cotton silk print. I've been curbing my on line fabric shopping because I have gift certificates to some brick and mortar stores that are burning a hole in my pocket.


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