November Burda – More Preview Pictures Released

Normally around this time someone would be doing a full announcement of the magazine, but perhaps we have to wait another week?  That or else everyone has decided to do only partial previews of the magazine until after it gets released?  *Sigh*  At this point I have a subscription, so I guess it doesn’t really matter, but before I had one early previews really helped me decide if I was going to buy an issue or not (and I did – for all but September of last year).  In fact, their early October preview last year is what convinced me to get a subscription in the first place.  So I guess I can understand the desire for a “big reveal” but, on the other hand, I like seeing full previews!  Basically I am just hoping that the Russian website isn’t going to have to conform to the preview schedule of the German website, because I really like the way they display the content of the magazines – very easy to look through.  In any case, perhaps I am jumping the gun, but I just wanted to throw it out there that my Burda previews might have to become Burda reviews because how can I do my picks for best and worst patterns without looking at everything?  Though this month we might have some early contenders….

I am still obsessively in LOVE with this coat.
Also, I may have accidentally bought fabric for it already.
I might change the back yoke to be symmetric, but then again, maybe not.
I am in love with it, regardless.
Also, this.  I really love this.
I am almost tragically sad that it is in the plus sizes.
It *might* be worth grading down 2-3 sizes for though.
Especially since the cut reminds me of a certain runway look I might be wanting to knock off…

And an early contender for worst pattern of the month:

Is it me, or does it look like someone just installed hardwood floors
and decided to make a vest out of the shag carpet they just ripped up?

There are, of course, other patterns that I want to talk about, but if Burda is only giving me a limited taste than I am only able to give you a limited taste.  C’est la vie.

If you want to see the (extremely limited) previews offered so far you can check them out here:

German Burda Garment Photos

German Burda Line Drawings

Russian Burda Model Pictures and Garment Photos

Oh, and in other news German Burda informs me that Pantone has announced the Spring 2013 color palate.  Not that I really much care or follow these things, but you know, colors!  Actually I sort of really like these colors together…

Anyway, I still plan to do a full Burda preview/review for the month depending on when I get to see the whole thing.  In the mean time I guess I shall just natter on about the evil that are button front shirts, pondering if I have narrow shoulders, and the fact that I might get to wear my raincoat today!  Fall is officially here and the mojo has been kicked up a notch or two (or five).  Which is good for sewing, not so good for actual work.  Oh well.  With luck I will soon have pants, and a discussion on several muslins, and other things to talk about.  Oh, and I have started working on a skating dress tutorial for you guys.  I want to make sure it gets all written up before I post anything, but things, they are a happening!

4 thoughts on “November Burda – More Preview Pictures Released

  1. It seems like every late fall/early winter issue includes a few “Yeti chic” styles.

    I do like that trench coat. It seems more shaped than most. I also like the silver tux jacket, but the model's contorted pose really doesn't make it look attractive at all.


  2. Haha! The hilarious thing is there is a skating coach at my rink who thinks EVERYONE should be wearing lime green. (Well, actually, most of the coaches at my rink seem to think we should all be dressed up like neon crayons…). So, ummm, there are *some* people who look good in lime green. I am NOT one of them. As an accent color mixed into a print, sure. As a color all on its own… not so much. I was actually liking the emerald and poppy red colors though. Well, and the two blues, but I am always a fan of blue.


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