Fall/Winter 2018 Burda Plus Magazine

Burda’s final special issue for the year – Burda Plus Fall/Winter – has been released!  This issue has gone back and forth between being a complete reprint of previous patterns to being full of totally new patterns to now being a combination of new patterns and reprints.

Screen Shot 2018-09-23 at 10.37.58 AM

This time the reprints come from the 03/2015, 12/2013, 12/2016, and 1/2017 issues.  If you want to see which specific patterns are reprinted, you can check out the Russian site.  I’m not going to review those patterns because, well, I already have.  So here’s a look at what’s new in this release:

Looks like this wrap over top has some sort of snap or stitching to keep the v-neck closed.  The sleeves are quite interesting… I wish I could see them extended somehow?  Are they open on the bottom?  Looks like they have hem there.

This dress is nice for fall.  I like the collar and bodice details.

The two-in-one collar scarf feature is pretty cool.  The coat itself is not too exciting otherwise, but it is really practical if you just want a giant winter coat that will fit over all your other layers of clothing.

This is one of those tops that feels almost too sweet?  At least with the bow neck tie.

I like the ruching at the shoulders, and the hem is an interesting shape.  Would be easy to alter if you wanted something more traditional though.

I’m always a sucker for a good cowl, and this dress fits the bill.  It looks super cozy for fall, especially styled over tights or leggings with boots.  It could look super cute belted too, if you want more waste definition.

Another dress that looks like it’s made for comfort.  I like the hoodie style pocket and the sleeve detail – it adds interest to an otherwise very straightforward design.

I’m not as impressed with this blouse; it’s a bit too Little House on the Prairie.  I feel like the combination of the sleeve ruffles and neck placket is just too much.

And that’s it, as far as the new patterns go.  They did choose some great styles as part of the reprints, but I’m not sure the new collection would make me want to buy this issue.  It’s a little sad, because I feel like the Burda Plus designs have been really good the past two years or so, but these styles feel a little less inspired to me.  What do you all think?  Do any of these styles make you feel like you are missing out if they aren’t in your collection?  Or is this issue a total pass if you’ve already got the reprint patterns?  Would it make a difference if this magazine were still available in English?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

11 thoughts on “Fall/Winter 2018 Burda Plus Magazine

  1. Although Burda Plus is not (usually) in my size range, the blouse with the shoulder ruching is really nice, and I’d make it if I knew how to size down. That said, one pattern is perhaps not enough to purchase a whole issue, sadly. Crossing my fingers the October regular will arrive!

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  2. I agree that it feels so blah compared to the last year or so of the plus pattern in the regular mags.

    I do like the hem shape on that one tunic/top and may copy that!

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  3. Eh, it’s not up to the recent standard of the magazine, but that’s been /so/ good lately that I don’t think it’s a totally fair comparison 🙂 This is a nice collection and many look relatively easy to sew and fit.

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  4. I purchased a subscription prior to the summer issue as I liked some of those new patterns. A little disappointed with all the reprints that I already have, but I do like the dress and the wrap top with th e interesting yet wide sleeves. May. Also make the roughed shoulder to although it is a bit of work to size down.

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  5. Everyone has their own preferences and tastes. So I found this issue does meet my needs and I like many of the details that are added to basic patterns. Will definitely be buying this A/W Plus 2018.

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  6. I have a general Burda question … is there any way to find out the correspondence between the magazine patterns and envelope patterns? On the German site I sometimes see them together and it’s obvious, but otherwise

    Actually, I can’t remember why I wanted to know this now!

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