Newsflash: March Burda Full Preview

The full preview of the March issue is up on the Russian Burda website, and a fun promo video is up on the German site.  I have to admit that I wasn’t overly excited by the early preview photos, but I’m actually pretty excited for this issue now that I’ve seen previews for the whole thing.  Although there is a lot of meh pieces, there are a few designs I’m super excited about too.  At least, more excited about than January or February of this year.  So, let’s take a look:

Firstly, despite the fact that this is the wedding issue, I’m all about the suits, separates, casual looks this time around.

Despite the Pepto Bismal color, I’m absolutely in LOVE with this blazer.
The collar, the single button, the pockets… Perfection.
Still love it in wild fabric.
And I really like the short version also.
I also really love the pants they paired with the jacket.
I really want to make them in a dark denim.
Love them even more in the line drawing.  High waisted pants tend to fit me better,
so I am a fan of the waistband-free high waist with pockets!
Also loving this coat, though it is perhaps a bit out of season.
Diagonal buttons is always a thing for me.
Normally this boxy of a shape doesn’t do it for me, but I’m ok with it here.
Not sure I like the short version quite as well,
but there are a few bloggers who could rock this, I’m sure.
I loved this when I saw the preview photos – and I love it even more
with the garment photo and line drawing.
This looks pretty simple to construct, and even easier to wear.
Might want it as a tank top…
…and as a short dress also.
Love the use of stripes here.
Speaking of stripes – I’m also loving this striped maxi dress.
It looks way more interesting from the side,
but that’s enough to add it to my want to sew list.
The cut of the skirt is interesting.  But it has pockets!
Also, I know a lot of people aren’t into the peasant look,
but I’ve been watching a lot of Classic Doctor Who lately,
so I’m sort of feeling the 60s/70s vibe.
The draping at the collar is interesting, but I
don’t know how distinct it is since everything is so drapey.

Burda’s favorite trend in this issue is the asymmetric hem:

Same as the striped dress, but shorter and wedding-ified.
And a shorter, more casual version.
This shirtdress looked a bit meh in the garment photo…
…and the line drawing is mostly the same…
…but the model photo has sold me on this style.
Now I really want one.
Asymmetric skirt with raw edges.  I think the raw edges are an interesting visual
in the model photo, but the skirt looks a bit bulky with that waistline.
I am sort of responding well to the longer version though.
Especially in the softer, less bulky fabrics.

Of course, since it is March, we get wedding dresses!  So many dresses in this issue…

I actually rather like the 50s vintage vibe from this one.
It wouldn’t be too hard to extend the skirt up to the waist seam for a different silhouette either.
Looks like the cat got to this one before the wedding.
Not loving this style.
This one is interesting because it is two pieces –
the dress, and the long skirt to give the appearance of a gown.
The top part can be worn as a short dress for the reception.
Same as the dresses above, but in a slightly different length.
For some reason I’m liking it better as a bridesmaid dress.
3-tiered wedding dress.  A bit youthful for my taste.
A bit juvenile.
This spring dress feels vaguely retro.  I sort of like the vibe,
even though I’m not overly excited by the style itself.
The print hides all of the interesting features of this dress.
The wrap over section is rather interesting.
And I like the way it looks on the model.
A bit easier to see in a solid color?

There is a lot of other stuff in this issue, though not all of it is that exciting…

Burda seems obsessed with this pullover top –
we get two variations in the magazine…
…And as a more casual knit dress, and as a bridesmaid dress.
Looks pretty easy to sew, but, not overly exciting?
Normally I am not a fan of the jumpsuit.
And the low top on this one makes it look as though it would be difficult to wear.
Have to admit I like the color blocking here though.
Not the shorts length.  But the red contrast looks cool.
And, well, I actually sort of like this model photo.
No way this would look good on me, but, well, I’ve seen worse jumpsuits.
These culottes, however, are just a bit too voluminous for me.
The actually almost look like a skirt on the model.
Not really loving the pleated pencil skirt either.
Experience tells me these pleats are in a most unflattering spot.
Speaking of unflattering – giant pocket bows on a cheerleader skirt?
No, Burda.  Just, no.
The poofy button down shirt that didn’t make it into the February issue.

The Burda Plus section was very hit and miss this issue.  The hits are fantastic.  The misses, well, not so much:

Obsession.  I LOVE this coat!
So classic.
Love the curved seaming on the front.
Also love this dress.  So elegant and classy.
Not liking the casual version quite as well, but it might just be the way the fabric drapes.
Sort of liking the tunic though.
This top looks super simple to sew, and super comfy to wear.
Fabric choice could elevate it from the dingy sleepwear color they have here.
Have to say I’m getting a very superhero pj vibe here –
it looks like the underwear is on the outside of the pants because of the contrasting fabric.
Basic shirt.  Not overly exciting, but looks comfortable.
Not loving this dress – very meh.
Another one where it might be the fabric choice, but this looks so mumsy.
And like it is made out of leftover hospital gowns.  Just… not the best color choice.

And that’s about it!  I wasn’t too excited for this issue based on the early previews, but there are actually some really fantastic pieces in this issue.  More than I thought I would be excited for, so that’s a nice surprise.  In any case, it is time for the best/worst picks from this issue.

Firstly, Best of BS for March 2015 goes to:

The pantsuit!  I’m jointly awarding for the jacket/pants combo.

This suit is fantastic.  Love the high-waisted pants with no waistband and pockets.  Very cool design feature, and awesome silhouette.  Even better it is paired with a super classic but still modern looking blazer.  Love this in the bright solid, the fun print, and the pretty white fabrics.  Definitely a striking but classic look.  Love it.  (Also, the striped maxi dress, ruched top maxi dress, and Plus trench were up there in terms of contention, but the suit is the visual image I’m going to remember from this issue.)

Although there is a lot of meh in this issue there is truly only one strong contender for March’s BWTF Award:

Rah rah sis boom bows skirt.

Yeah, not a fan of this.  At all.  Generally trying to avoid looking like a cheerleader to begin with, and the giant bows on the pockets are just too much.  Way too much.  This design is a total pass for me.

So, there you have it.  Are you also finding this to be the most exciting issue so far this year?  Or is it still a very meh issue for you all?  What are your thoughts on the best/worst patterns for the month?  Has anyone ever had a Burda wedding?  Any plans for one?  Are we on board with the funky hem trend?  Or are we wishing for more horizontal hems?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

14 thoughts on “Newsflash: March Burda Full Preview

  1. Great review! I totally agree about the plus patterns. A couple of wins and some total misses. That blue fabric just does no favours for the dress. You're right, the blazeris great. Definitely a win. The wedding dresses seem to me much less classic and elegant than burda's usual wedding offerings?


  2. The March issue definitely has more to choose from (for me) than the January and February issues. I agree with most of your review although I love that color pink they chose for the suit. Not sure if I am bold enough to wear a full pink suit though LOL. And I love that basic top/dress, although it would probably look best in drapey fabric.


  3. Ok after seeing the line drawings on some of these things I do feel a little bit better about the issues. Previously, I was not super excited about it. Now I can work with some of these patterns. 🙂


  4. The wrap dress. Also the pant suit. The latter seems a perfect combination of 70s and 90s. This is a great preview review btw. I really look forward to your new magazine and new pattern review posts, this one particularly, really brings out 'your voice' to me. It must have been such a lot of work to go through all the styles individually. Your efforts are massively appreciated!


  5. I definitely like the look of this issue more than January or February and I'm sure will make a few pieces from this one. Hopefully the upward trend will continue through the year!


  6. I always really enjoy your reviews of Burda Style and often agree with your choices. Did anyone else notice the bulldog clip at the back of the striped jersey dress, the one where the model is on a skateboard?!

    Liked by 1 person

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