BurdaStyle Magazine January 2017

Hard to believe, but it’s already time to start looking at the 2017 BurdaStyle Magazines!  January issues tend to be pretty hit or miss for me, but this year’s mish-mash of business attire, workout gear, pjs, and toned down carnival costumes actually has quite a few garments I think I could incorporate into my wardrobe and lifestyle.  There aren’t any real stand-out garments, but certainly lots of great practical patterns in here.



First up, the everyday looks:

Love this jacket!  Enjoying the zip pockets.

This looks like a great jacket to sew – the collar would be pretty simple to put together.

I need this sweatshirt!  Slouchy sequins are the best way to deal with eating at too many holiday parties.

This cross-over top isn’t a particularly new style, but it looks really nice in the woven fabric that has more body than the knits I usually see these sorts of patterns drafted for.  I like it.

I have a think for cowl neck tops, and I really like the impressive drape on this one.  Interesting that you can make a matching bandeau since the cowl is so low.

Ruffle dress is not really my style, and looks super short.

Love the detailed seaming on the back of this skirt.  Not sure how the gathers would look over my hips, but I really like the look of the dress, so I may have to give it a shot.

I feel like Burda has been giving us at least one of these sorts of dresses in every issue last year.  Meh.

The ultimate versatile pants pattern!  Works for the office, for PJs, or for when you want to wear PJs to the office.  Also as basketball shorts.  Actually, the versatility would make it very worthwhile to trace and adjust the pattern.

I think Burda is claiming this is a jacket, but, clearly, it is pajamas.  Clearly.  Ignore the fact that the line drawing indicates that it should have a lining.  Is pajama couture a thing?

A large section of this issue is dedicated to workout gear.  I feel like these zipper parkas are always cute in theory, but how practical are they in reality?

Actually really liking the longer top – looks great for moving around in.

Sportsbras.  Cute, but probably not supportive enough for my preferences.

I do like these leggings though.  The color blocking and non-color blocking options both look cool.

This is the less formal version of the sequin sweater from above.  I’d probably live in this thing if I made it.

Zipper pocket drawstring bag.  Very practical, actually.

This month, the Burda Plus is all about the PJs:

Must admit that this jersey robe looks awfully cozy.

The traditional carnival section has been reserver for the kids this time around:

And that’s it!  On the whole, since so much of the issue is dedicated to workout clothes, it doesn’t feel like we are getting quite as many styles this month.  It also significantly narrows my options for the first Best of BS for 2017.  I think there is only one real stand out in this issue, so I’m awarding the Best of BS to:


The suede jacket!  Love all the zip details, and the classic style.  It would be a very versatile piece in a wardrobe, working equally well with the sheath dress as it would be over jeans.

The BWTF award for January was a bit more difficult to decide, as nothing in this issue was truly heinous.  If this were Project Runway this would probably be that one episode where nobody goes home.  The best I can do is pick on some of the styling choices in this issue:


Yeah, if you are going to make pants look like PJs, it’s hard not to look like you were too lazy to put on real pants.  Even if you put on stiletto heels.  I mean, I actually like this pattern.  The pants look great in the grey, and the shorts would be super functional for exercising.  I even like them as PJs.  I just don’t think I could get away with wearing pants that look like PJs as normal trousers.  Which, I suppose, makes me feel somewhat bitter and slightly jealous, hence my calling them out for making such decisions.

And there we have it.  Another year of Burda is ready to roll our way.  What do you all think?  See anything you have to sew when the magazine arrives?  Or is this issue a bit dull due to the high proportions of patterns dedicated to things like sleeping and working out?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

17 thoughts on “BurdaStyle Magazine January 2017

  1. Well I reckon I may have to buy this one since I would really like to make most of the workout gear as well as the sequin top. Which of course is still workout gear really! Like the biker jacket but have loads of old Burdas with biker jacket patterns so would be good to own if you don’t have any older issues. I actually like parkers so will probably make one of them as well though I am not sure about the cropped version. Thanks for pointing out the pockets on the drawstring bag since I never noticed them and you are right. That will make it worth while to make from some remnant or other. On the whole yes I intend to buy this issue. Thanks for posting. I rely on you to let me know what the new issue of Burda has inside it and from that whether or not it is worth my while to purchase!

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  2. They need to stop with the “pajama suit”! LOL!!! No pajama couture please!

    I really like this issue. I have a couple of cuts of athletic fabric unused. I’m thinking if I pick up another couple of cuts where all 4 coordinate I can make a couple outfits that are interchangeable!

    I like the ruffle dress that’s really a tunic :-p Love every bit of the workwear collection – the jacket, the skirt, the dress, the top just yummy!!!

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  3. I love the cross-over top and the plus size pj’s! Very cute!

    P.S. A new reader here. I just found your blog while googling for “Burda plus” (I’m plus size and haven’t sewn anything for ages, and someone suggested me that Burda has a great selection of lovely styles). I love your take on pretty much everything here, you’re a terrific writer. As a nerdy crafty person who loves cooking, I feel obligated to bookmark your blog 🙂

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  4. LOVE the jacket and the leggings. The leggings pattern seems to offer the opportunity to sew them as sporty, or classy… With the zipper detail, I guess they could be sewn with something flashy or cool, maybe? I like the cowl top. I bought one and have worn it out. I have a coral red jersey in my stash….

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  5. Alright, alright, you sold me, I’ll buy this issue too. Your comments always make me reconsider the options, I don’t often find anything special when I look at the magazine in the store. But, yes, that crossover top would look put-together, and I actually need that bandeau top for more tops and dresses than I care to count, I don’t like wearing camis in summer.

    BTW, Pyjama-Couture is totally a thing: http://www.justthedesign.com/fashion-trends/clothing/pyjamas-trend/

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  6. Do there seem to be less patterns than usual or is it just that I am automatically ignoring the kids & plus. I also think there is no way some of that workout gear could work for me unless I get as slim as the model. That said there are a few pieces I really like which I suppose is better than having a whole load I’m just lukewarm about. Now where is my issue, is it very late for everyone else too, I know I’m not going to do anything with it for the next couple of weeks anyway, but I am impatient!


    1. Mine’s not here yet either, I was starting to panic! I also felt like there were fewer patterns this time around, but I thought I was losing it. After the knitting patterns for December I feel like I don’t know what “normal” is anymore, but it definitely felt lighter on options than many of the issues from last year.


  7. Mine finally arrived today. I always wait until I have the paper copy before reading any reviews because I like to get the first look at the new styles on paper rather than a screen. I love this issue. The biker jacket alone would make it a stand out for me and I also like the waterfall cowl top and the office wear. Didn’t like the Tall pattern though – basically a pillowcase dress, it even has a ruffle!

    There do seem to be fewer patterns than usual but I like more of them than I often do so I can’t complain.

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  8. Like you I think there are some valuable entries but on the whole I thought the styling was off. While I wouldn’t expect it on the exercise fashion shoot, I do expect to see the models accessorized and styled. This is a departure for Burda and I hope it is not permanent. A girl needs her inspiration after all!


  9. Laughing at “is pajama couture a thing?”–clearly, Burda knew something about the future back in 2017 that the rest of us didn’t. Either that, or Covid is divine retribution for making light of pajama couture.

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