Newsflash: December Burda Preview Posted

The preview of the final Burda magazine issue of 2013 has been posted to the Russian website.  It seems like a lot of the recent issues have produced a rather lackluster response (except November, which was in general quite well received), but I am happy to say that I think Burda is going to end the year with a bang!  I don’t know that there is really any one stand-out pattern, and I do question some of Burda’s fabric choices, but I feel like there are a lot of strong pieces in this issue, and I have to say I am quite excited for it to arrive!

First, there were quite a few jackets in this issue:

I really love this plaid trench coat!
I might not be such a fan of the giant pockets, but I really like the rest of the details.
I really like the collar and the contrast with the print on this jacket.
I think it doesn’t quite have the impact made all in the same fabric though.
… and ugly 70s paisley print is definitely to be avoided.
The line drawing shows a lot of snazzy details though.
I actually really like the overall shape of this coat.
Reminds me a bit of the first lady knockoff coat Butterick had in a recent release.
Love the in-seam pockets and the slight flare of the hem.
I actually think the pocket details on this jacket are quite cute.
Don’t know how I feel about Burda’s use of sequins here… might be a bit much?
I think I prefer it in the plainer fabric shown above.
I sort of like the use of lace here, it is an interesting hybrid of a jacket and a cardigan.
I am torn on this one – I sort of like the dramatic sleeves…
… but I definitely get a bathrobe vibe with the contrast collar piece here.
With such a basic shape I think fabric could make all the difference.

This issue also had its fair share of pretty dresses:

Ok, so this dress looks a bit cheap and wrinkly in the garment photo.
But the line drawing is super interesting.
And on the model it looks pretty awesome.
The drape looks better in the fabric, so I am thinking that
this could be a good pattern, depending on the fabric choice.
Pretty!  I love the elegant drape on the top of this dress.
Though I am not sure how I feel about this overlay dress… looks a bit inexpensive.
I think it looks a bit better with sleeves..
But really the under-dress is the best part!
I am liking the seam line placement on this pattern a lot.
I also really love this dress because it is pretty,
but not too formal (and I am a bit sad it is in tall sizes).
It also comes as a maxi dress.
Other than the pleat on the skirt and the Pepto Bismal pink color,
I really really love this dress.
Might have to frankenpattern the top of this one.
Oh, and adjust it to be not in half-sizes.
This is the designer exclusive dress for the month.
The pleating detail is a bit more evident in the line drawing.
Not sure that I would want to make one for myself,
but there is definitely a distinct look to the dress.

There were a few nice separates, and some good wardrobe staples this time around as well:

These pants – I love them!  I have been pondering on making print pants for a while,
but these may have pushed me over the edge.
The in seam pockets are a nice detail.
This version doesn’t look so hot on the model though.
I am hoping it is just the fabric and not the pattern?
This skirt, I LOVE it!  I am not usually a big fan of the exposed zipper,
but I think it is a great detail on this skirt.
Yup, this is going on my to-sew list once I figure out what fabric I would want to use.
Basic, but nice pencil skirt.
I actually like this rather basic skirt as well – good option for boarder prints.
It has a nice A-line shape to it.
I really love this top!  Fabric choice could make it super fancy or more casual.
Interesting how the sleeves add to the collar drape.
This top is simple, but could be a good basic pattern.
Not sure how I feel about this one.  I think I like the concept,
but maybe not the colors and fabrics so much.
I am actually quite digging this peasant blouse however.
It looks a bit boxy in the line drawing…
…but pretty wearable on the model.
Might go in the consideration pile.

In addition to the regular patterns, the Burda Plus section was quite fabulous this month as well:

This dress is stunning!  Reminds me a bit of the dress in the
Spring/Summer Burda Plus issue this year,
but nice to see a variation in the regular magazine.
This short trench coat is pretty awesome as well!
The line drawing is big and boxy…
…but it looks fantastic on the model.
I am not usually a fan of boxy, but I wish this were also in regular sizes.
Also really liking this dress, though it looks a bit odd in the garment photo.
The line drawing shows it to be a fairly basic dress with an elastic waist.
But once again the model looks amazing.
This jacket/top is also pretty cute.
And there is a nice basic pencil skirt pattern too.

Though I really liked most of the patterns this time around, there were a few that left me shaking my head:

The color and shape on this dress make it just kind of sad.
Like a 60s dress that sat out in the sun for 50 years.
The pleating on this skirt looks quite odd with the sequins.
This peplum skirt is so weird!  Is like the bad holiday sweater version of a skirt.

And there we have it – the last Burda of the year!  I don’t know if it is quite as exciting as November, but I do think there is a lot to like in this issue.  I actually had quite a bit of difficulty choosing the top pattern for the month, but in the end I settled on giving the Best of BS December 2013 award to:

Green drape shirt!

This is one of those patterns that could be dressed up or down, could suit plain or fancy fabrics, and the hem could be easily altered to make a work appropriate dress or evening gown.  I think the versatility of this pattern is what sells it for me, though the fact that it looks like it would be very easy to sew is a bonus as well.  Definitely a pattern I am going to have to root around in my stash for when it arrives.

Picking the pattern on the bottom was a bit easier.  I thought it was pretty obvious the BWTF award for December belonged to:

Bedazzled peplum skirt.

The cut on the peplum is just plain unflattering, it looks like a mini apron.  And the decorations don’t help it one bit.

So, what do you all think?  Board, excited, or indifferent?  Any stand out patterns, or do they all look like something you have seen before?  What are your thoughts on the print pattern pants we have been seeing in the past few issues – cute or crazy?  How do you think this issue stakes up to the rest of 2013?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

10 thoughts on “Newsflash: December Burda Preview Posted

  1. You and I never agree on which patterns we like. I always giggle over your reviews because if I like a pattern, you don't and vice versa. Except this time. You are obviously training me, and dragging my taste to the present, I agree with everything you said this time!


  2. I think this is the best issue for ages. Suddenly I'm inspired to sew from Burda again. I love the petite dress. And the trenchcoat and the wide legged trousers. I wasn't so keen on the tall dress. It's ok, but for December? It's something I could only wear in the height of summer, and Burda gives us tonnes of floaty summer dresses all year round. But that's a minor gripe.


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