Newsflash: Burda Vintage Early Preview Posted

One of my favorite issues every year is the “Burda Classics” issue – simple, classic designs that work well in a wardrobe.  This year, however, the magazine has been names “Burda Vintage” and apparently has updated versions of Vintage Burda patterns.  I’m not normally a huge vintage pattern sewer, but, I have to say, I’m super excited.  You can see the announcements on the German and Russian Burda sites, as well as extra images on P-an-da’s blog.

I love 50s fashion drawings, so I’m sold just from the cover.
THIS DRESS!  Love it so much.  So so much.
Definitely going onto my sewing wish list.
Not loving the print used here, but the overall style of the dress is rather pretty.
Could they make it any harder to see the dress?
Pretty sure this is the rather basic design shown on the cover.
The bows and dropped waist are not exactly my thing,
but I could see this looking good on others.
Well, maybe in less drab fabrics.
I like the neckline, but I’m not loving all of the pleats around the waist.
A bit torn on this one.
That jacket os so classy!  Lovely.
This coat looks rather simple, but so elegant!
Not loving the boxy jacket, but the pleating into
the sleeve seam is an interesting detail.
Buttons down the back seem a bit… impractical.
I’m sort of liking this skirt, but it also looks like a lot of fabric.
Perhaps in a different fabric with tapered waist ties it would look
less overwhelming?
Vintage bathing suit/play suit aren’t really my thing,
but I suppose this could be exciting for people who
are more interested in vintage patterns?

So, what do you all think?  Are you excited by the vintage patterns/vintage inspired looks?  Or did you prefer the more modern styles in the previous Burda Classics?  Anyone else drooling over that gold dress?  Or wishing that Burda had done the same looks in different fabrics?  Just curious – anyone else pre-order?  Or will everyone spend a lot of time searching Ebay?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

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