Newsflash: November Burda Preview Posted

The Russian Burda website has the full preview of the November Burda posted.  I’ve been excited about this issue since the October issue showed up – and I have to say I’m not disappointed.  Even designs that I was a bit luke-warm towards during the early preview seem to have won me over with line drawings and garment photos.  Although I know a lot of people complain that they don’t have a need for ball gowns in their daily life, I still enjoy looking at them every year, and I think the designs this year are especially gorgeous.  Let’s take a look:

First up, the dresses.  Most of these are quite fancy, from a Hollywood inspired spread.  However, there are also a few simpler designs that could work quite well in an everyday wardrobe.

I’ve been swooning over this for almost a month.

Gorgeous.  Not sure how practical the extra long
dangly bits in the front are though.
Also, it is sized for tall.  Why are the awesome designs always sized for talls?
I loved this dress in the model photo.
Pretty….  Odd how the color looks in the garment photo though.
Interesting how the dress and train are separate pieces.
Love the detailing on the bodice – this could easily be adjusted to a cocktail length as well.
Another gorgeous gown.  
Love the dramatic neckline.
It’s the sort of thing I would avoid on a typical Burda pattern,
but I think it is fantastic for a dramatic gown.
Not sure how I fee about the seam line across the bust,
but I do love all the vertical panels.  So great for adjusting fit.
There is a lot going on with the straps on the back of this gown.
Love the simplicity of the front of this gown.
Not sure how I feel about all the straps on the back – perhaps a bit too busy?
The drape of the skirt is really nice.
This photo was so dramatic, this dress caught my eye in the early preview.
Not sure how I feel about the white collar/bow.
I do like the rest of the style lines though…
Might need to alter the collar if I decide to make this one.
Love the bodice of this dress – I’m a sucker for gathered chiffon.
The skirt… looks a bit like shredded toilet paper. 
Liking the version with the less complicated skirt much better.
The cape-look on the shoulders is rather interesting.
I’m not sure if I like it, but then, I might consider trying it.
This red dress also caught my eye in the early preview.
I want to see the pattern pieces for those sleeves – looks like something interesting is going on there.
I also love how the styling options take this dress from dressy to casual…

The jackets (for the most part) are quite fantastic in this issue as well:

I LOVE this coat.  LOVE it.  Dramatic, simple, classic, and modern.
*Ignore me as I take a moment to rifle through my stash*
I really love this short version as well!  
This jacket could be very versatile depending on fabric choices.
I could see it being an interesting interpretation of a moto-jacket
using leather type materials, though it looks fantastic in the wool as well.
Normally I’m not too excited by the bathrobe-style
coats, but I really like the collar on this version.
For some reason I’m really responding to the raglan sleeve/collar combo here.
When I saw this coat my first thought was that too much was going on.
However, this version is much more visually striking.
Lots of interesting color/print blocking options here.
I’m hoping someone makes a truly fabulous version so I can see one on the blog.
This cocoon/wrap/thing has and interesting shape on the model/mannequin.
Surprisingly effective for a folded square.
Not loving this fluffy jacket.  The proportions seem a bit off…
… and what’s with the fuzzy fabric?  Not really loving either version.
I feel like lengthening the bottom piece would make a cute maternity coat though.

Although this issue is all about the dresses, there are some surprisingly good separates this month too:

I wasn’t liking the puffy sleeves when I first saw this, but this top is sort of growing on me.
I can definitely see this working in my winter wardrobe.
Not loving this oversized puffy blouse.
I rather liked the shape of this skirt…
…but looking at the line drawing I’m not sure how flattering the pleats would be on my figure.
I’m rather like the detail at the top of this skirt.
Not sure how I feel about the pleat on the front of this skirt…
…but it looks quite dramatic in this photo.
This skirt is definitely going on my maybe list.
Love the interesting color blocking detail on these jeans.
Not sure if it would look good with the skater thighs,
but I can think of a few other bloggers who would look fantastic in this.
High waisted leggings?  Yeah, I could find a use for that pattern.
Not sure how I’m feeling about the side zip in a knit, but definitely potential here.

The Burda Plus girls get some slouchy loungewear this month – not as exciting as gowns, but infinitely more comfortable and practical.

Not sure how I feel about the overlapping pleats…
Not the best look on the model.
I think Burda is telling me this is a dress,
but I’m just seeing a cozy tunic for wintertime pjs.
Actually, this sweater version looks really comfy.
This cardigan is rather nice – I even like the ruffles on the neck.
Elastic-waist sweat pants with a fly front?
Hmm… seems like more work than it’s worth.

So much good stuff in this issue…  I’m loving so many of the dresses and jackets in this issue it’s hard to make a decision for my top choice.  After much debating, I’m giving Best of BS for November to:

Glamorous red gown!

Yeah, I know.  This isn’t the most versatile pattern, and it certainly won’t work for a lot of people, but it is just so dramatic and elegant!  It is such a wow piece that it was hard justifying giving the top pick to anything else.

As for the BWTF award for November, well, there wasn’t really anything truly terrible.  I’m basically making my pick because of styling and fabric choice:

Fuzzy red poofy jacket.

So, first of all, what is with that fabric?  It’s like someone on Project Runway was asked to re-style a Snuggie or use Muppet fur as their materials.  Secondly, the fit just looks off.  Like, I understand they are going for volume, but it is sort of in that weird zone of being too much or not enough – rather than having the dramatic shape, it just looks sort of oversized and baggy.  Yeah, as I said above, I think this pattern could actually be cute with a little tweaking, but, as is, I’m just really not loving the way it looks in any of the pictures from Burda.

And that’s it!  As I said, I’m super excited about this issue – I can’t wait for my magazine to show up.  I’m also looking forward to getting the Burda Classics (renamed Burda Vintage) in the mail soon too (I hope).  We never get much of a preview of the Burda Classics/Vintage issue, so it is going to be a total surprise when it shows up.  But if it is following the trend of awesomeness that has been coming from Burda in the past few months then I’m hoping it will be good.  So, how is everyone else feeling about this issue?  Totally bored with so many patterns being fancy gowns?  Or loving every inch of the Hollywood glam section?  Anyone else itching to make that coat with the oversized collar?  And how are you feeling about the color blocked coat and pants?  What is your favorite look from this issue?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

3 thoughts on “Newsflash: November Burda Preview Posted

  1. There is just so much good here ♥ ! I'm not sure what to sew first…maybe the short wide-collared jacket? If you haven't started your reunion dress, yet, maybe you could use one of these options 🙂


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