Newsflash: New McCall’s, Simplicity, and New Look Patterns Announced

The winter collection from McCall’s is here, the new New Looks are here, and the latest from Simplicity is here.

Overall assessment: I think I found more to love in the fall collections, but there is also plenty here to be of interest.  Lots more costumes/toys/crafts than usual, but that is normal this time of year.  Let’s take a look…


M7047 – A Create It! gown.  Love the shape of the skirt!

M7047 – The other design is this cute peplum dress.
Pretty sure this pattern is going on my list.
M7050 – A David Tutera pattern.  Pretty, but nothing really new here.
M7049 – Another David Tutera.
The drawings on this pattern are definitely reminiscent of high school prom dresses.
M7048 – A Designer Joi pattern.
Not a fan of the fabric combo here, but the pattern is fairly cute.
M7046 – Knit dress/top pattern.
Cute, but I already have similar patterns in the stash.
M7058 – I like the classic lines of this coat, but (and I can’t believe I’m saying this)
I think I already have a lot of coat patterns I would rather make.
M7057 – A Palmer/Pletsch pattern.  Another coat pattern that is fine,
but there have been many similar patterns in previous releases.
M7070 – A Crawford Designs jacket pattern.  Between the contrast, the
oversized buttons, and the flowers… it’s a lot.  Like, too much a lot.
… Even with a different embellishment, it’s still a lot.
M7055 – A Learn to Sew for Fun cardigan pattern.  Although we’ve seen a lot
of similar draped cardigan patterns in the past,
something about the shape of this is rather appealing.
M7059 – A Palmer/Pletsch wardrobe pattern.  Actually, the skirt is rather cute!
Fairly decent wardrobe options – definitely the sorts of things that would be wardrobe workhorses.
M7054 – I don’t know if I’d feel comfortable wearing this skirt,
but I do love how dramatic it is in the photograph.
M7051 – I’m actually really loving this blouse pattern.
Love the contrast of fabric and drape on the back.
(The front just looks like a plain blouse.)
Love the racerback option as well.
M7052 – ABCD Cup sized blouse.  A bit boxy for my taste.
M7053 – The Archive Collection.  I actually really like the shape of this blouse,
and the other view with a more cowl neck style is pretty cute too.
M7056 – Another from The Archive Collection.  Nice tailored look to this waistcoat.
M7061 – Yes, pjs.  But the hoodie option could actually make
a nice lightweight sweater for everyday use as well.
M7065 – Frozen patterns will be made in all the sizes!
Looks for all the sisters!
M6067 – I feel like I’m looking at costumes for a modern-day My Fair Lady.
M7071 – I wasn’t too excited by the front of this costume pattern…
… but that’s because all the fun details are in the back!
Loving the pleated peplum on the jacket.
M7062 – Ok, I know it’s an octopus, but does anyone else see Steampunk Christmas Cthulhu?
M7069 – Device covers/stands.  Practical for gift sewing.

New Look

NL6322 – Nice basic dress with pleating details.
NL6323 – Knit tunic and leggings – very on trend pattern.
NL6324 – Color blocked cape pattern.  Actually rather stylish.
NL6325 – I actually rather like the dramatic collar here.
NL6326 – Skirts with assorted pleats and details.
Cute, but not overly exciting.
NL6327 – Basic skirt with overlays.  Nothing particularly new here.
NL6328 – More basic pieces.
NL6330 – I’m actually rather linking the shape
 of the cardigans in this wardrobe pattern.


S1249 – An Amazing Fit dress pattern.  I’m rather liking the raglan sleeves here.
S1254 – A Leanne Marshall coat pattern.  I’m really liking the cowl/hood detail.
S1250 – I love this 1950s vintage reprint!  Super cute.
S1252 – 1960s Jiffy vintage reprint.  Meh.  The 60s just aren’t my decade.
S1246 – More Game of Thrones costume patterns.
S1248 – I’m rather liking the skirt/jacket combo on the left.
S1247 – Flapper-ish costume patterns.
S1251 – Other than the really pointy hoods,
this knit dress/tunic pattern isn’t too bad.
S1253 – Pleated neck blouse.  I’m finding this pattern is a bit boxy for my taste.
S1255 – A Threads pattern.  Nothing overly exciting here.
S1256 – a Multitaskers pattern.
Apparently a new series with a lot of easy knit pieces?
A bit basic for me, but I could see these pieces in a lot of wardrobes.
S1257 – More multitaskers….
S1258 – Even more multitaskers.
S1259 – Even more multitaskers.
S1260 – Some nice sleepwear options.
S1242 – Vintage Barbie patterns.
S1244 – Vintage inspired doll costumes.
S1245 – More vintage doll looks.  Love that little blue coat!

And that’s a lot of patterns.  On the whole I think there are some rather interesting looks coming out in the McCall’s collection, and there are some fun costumes coming out from Simplicity.  New Look has some patterns that look like they would be rather useful in a wardrobe, but on the whole I’m not finding a whole lot that is absolutely spectacular.  And between Steampunk Christmas Cthulhu and the flower power jackets, well, there is a little bit of crazy going on as well.  So, what do you all think?  Are you swooning over sequined gowns?  Or are you too busy laughing over crazy aprons?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

3 thoughts on “Newsflash: New McCall’s, Simplicity, and New Look Patterns Announced

  1. I'm normally a die hard Vogue and Burda girl but some of these really appeal. I love the multitaskers patterns and the Leanne Marshall coat. Steampunk Cthulhu is just boggle worthy though.


  2. I always love your opinion on patterns! Usually very different from mine , but you help keep my eye current. Thanks!

    Is it just me or do the samples in M7069 look wonky, as in not square?? Badly done McCalls.


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