Burda Vintage 2016

First of all, our lives would be incomplete without watching this Burda disco video: Burda has been publishing the Vintage issue for the bast few years – we’ve had 1950s and 1960s so far, which means it is time for the 70s!  Sadly, I was hoping for more disco swag jumpsuit styles, but Burda went … More Burda Vintage 2016

Simplicity October 2016

Thanks to Pattern Review, I’ve realized that the latest collection from Simplicity is now available.  As has been noted around the blog-o-sphere, the actual Simplicity website has not posted them yet.  Sigh.  I miss the days when it was functional.  Anyway, the new collection is AMAZING if you love vintage and cosplay/costuming sorts of patterns. … More Simplicity October 2016

New Butterick, Simplicity, and New Look (and a Burda Vintage Sneak Peak)

A lot of new pattern releases this week!  Let’s take a look and see what trends these companies have gone with for the winter sewing season: Butterick The latest pattern collection for Butterick is here!  This collection seems less focused on holiday party wear, and more focused on retro releases and slouchy tops to wear … More New Butterick, Simplicity, and New Look (and a Burda Vintage Sneak Peak)

Newsflash: Burda Vintage Early Preview Posted

One of my favorite issues every year is the “Burda Classics” issue – simple, classic designs that work well in a wardrobe.  This year, however, the magazine has been names “Burda Vintage” and apparently has updated versions of Vintage Burda patterns.  I’m not normally a huge vintage pattern sewer, but, I have to say, I’m … More Newsflash: Burda Vintage Early Preview Posted

Vintage Burda Buys

Ebay has been the greatest enabler in my quest to fill out my Burda back order wish list.  I mostly look for more recent issue – pretty much only for the last decade or so – but once in a while I get excited by some older issues.  I have bought several magazines from the … More Vintage Burda Buys

Burda Italia – History of Fashion

Perhaps I am behind the times, but the Burda Italian website has started a “Fashion History” series on their website.  It currently has entries for 1956/1957, 1966, and 1975.  Hopefully the links will actually go to the Google-translated pages.  Clicking on the “Foto-Show” links take you to the pattern pictures.  In any case, my relationship … More Burda Italia – History of Fashion