Sewing Update

Sewing, I have been doing some!  Actually, a lot!  But, sadly, it has been almost all for other people…  So no pictures (I feel awkward showing pictures of things I make for non-family people because (1) I don’t necessarily want them to know about the Blog and (2) I don’t want them to feel weird about me posting their clothes to the internet).  But I thought I would give an update on where sewing things are and what is up for the next few weeks as we head into regional time for skating.

So far, I have finished:

(1) The Team Dance outfits – this includes a man’s jacket and a dress for myself.  We have already worn them in one competition and I think they have turned out fairly well.  I didn’t sleep the entire week leading up to the contest so I could finish them in time (like, the day before, barely).  I will post pictures after regionals.

(2) My solo dance dress.  I also wore this at a contest and everyone said it looked very nice on the floor.  I had to do some maintenance fixes (one of the sew-on beads had a sharp edge and was cutting through the thread that it was sewn on with), but overall I am pleased with the result.

(3) Two of the Six club uniforms for official practice days at regionals and nationals.  I have two more that are mostly finished (they need to be fitted for skirts) and two more that need to get cut out (the club ran out of fabric and so I just got more to finish them).  These need to get done in the next week or so.  (Side rant about the club outfits – we were told we could use any design we wanted but had to use the chosen fabrics, which, in my not so humble opinion, do NOT look good together.  I had to work really hard to find the motivation to work on these.  I had to pretend that it was a Project Runway challenge where you pick three random fabrics out of a hat and somehow have to make them look good enough together to not get your butt booted off the show.  It is very much a Tim Gunn Make-It-Work Moment. Somewhere in the middle of my sewing all-nighter which was only necessary because they ran out of fabric and by the time they got more I needed to fit people the next day who didn’t even show up, I actually started to think my outfits looked kinda cute.  I can’t decide if they actually aren’t that bad, I am just a genius who came up with such a brilliant design that I can make anything look good, or my extended proximity to these outfits is making me lose my taste.  If I start making scarf shorts and sack dresses I am going to blame these club outfits as the reason.)

(4) Lots of skating practice shirts for guys.  I think I am up to 7 so far?  Not including the club outfits.  Jalie 2802 has proven to be a very solid investment for a pattern.  I might be making one or two more over the course of the summer.

I am still working on:

(1) My figure dress.  It was the first one I finished sewing.  Yet the last one I am going to stone.  Luckily it won’t be using as many stones as the dance dresses.  I just have to sew a lot of them on…

(2) The dance dress for my client.  It is actually mostly done, just have to finish adding rhinestones to the top of the dress and the sleeve.

(3) The club outfits – four more to finish (two are mostly done).  I might want to add rhinestones to mine, but I don’t know if I will have time.

(4) More practice dresses for me, so I can match my dance partner at practice.  I have three cut out, and another one I want to cut out this week.  I don’t know if I can finish them all before we leave for regionals, but it is my goal.

And, I really want to finish all of this so I can make myself a Fourth of July dress with my recent cotton purchase…

So, I have been doing lots of sewing.  Just don’t have a lot of pictures I can post on the blog.  And I can’t even begin to describe how much I want to sew something without lycra in it.  Just. A. Few. Weeks. More.

5 thoughts on “Sewing Update

  1. You've made me tired just reading about all that sewing – and for other people!! I hope you get to make your 4th of July dress – cotton will be a nice change after all that lycra.


  2. Hey ReadyThreadSew, you stole my comment! No fair.

    T-I am impressed with your output. Looking forward to seeing some of the evidence. 8-D


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