New Patterns Announced: Simplicity AND McCall’s!

So I hadn’t been checking the pattern websites for a few days, and apparently that is when they decided to put out their new patterns!  McCall’s and Simplicity both have new patterns out, so I figure I will start with McCall’s.

Most of the McCall’s patterns seem to be part of their new “Fashion Star” line – mostly easy to sew dresses and a jacket.  They are ok, but nothing that I am overly excited about:

M6602 – Fashion Star Sheath Dress
M6611 – Fashion Star Jacket

There are lots of large baggy tops, and kids and crafts items too.  None worth showing.  There are only three patterns I am actually interested in this time around:

M6629 – I am always a sucker for costumes.
M6610 – Do I need another jeans pattern?  Probably not.
Will I get it anyway?  Maybe.
M6604 – Cowl neck for wovens!
I think it looks kinda cute in the plaid – I will probably get this pattern at least.

Overall not the most exciting pattern release.  I might get a few of these patterns, but nothing I am dying to make up right away.

On to Simplicity.  Overall this selection was pretty much a snoozefest as well.  There were some Project Runway patterns…

S1781 – I have a pile of Burda jackets I love more than this,
but this PR pattern was more interesting than their sack dress.

A Cynthia Rowley…

S1783 – I sort of like the shirts a little bit.

And a semi-interesting dress pattern…

S1778 – Meh.  Is ok.

Oh, and then there was this 1940s Retro release:

S1777 – Pretty!

Ok, so maybe there is really only one pattern in this group that I am interested in, but it is a pretty awesome pattern!

So, overall, not much to get excited over, but I will be wanting to get at least a few of these patterns at an upcoming sales.  What do you all think?  Did I miss anything?  Any of these catch your fancy?  Are you into the 1940s retro dress or no?

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