June 2019 BurdaStyle Magazine

In light of yesterday’s news about GLP’s closing, this magazine review might feel a tad bittersweet (or possibly provocatively maddening), but for all of my non-US readers I will try to keep this as tonally normal as possible. I must admit that I’m really excited about this issue; I’m just hoping that it will actually get to me. Anyway, this looks like a great summer issue, with lots of tops and separates that would be a nice wardrobe compliment to many of the dresses we got in the May issue. And the Burda Plus section absolutely rocks this month! So let’s take a look:

The summer issues don’t usually have many jackets, but we do get a few options this month:

This cropped jacket looks like it could be a nice piece to add to a summer work wardrobe, though I also really like how Burda styled it in two more casual looks. Not sure I’d be sun bathing in it exactly (3/4″ sleeve tan lines anyone?), but it does look cute with the more casual tank top and shorts.

Love this soft cropped trench jacket! I really like the sleeve treatments and the way it hangs on the model. I’m so tempted to alter the length a bit and make one of those longer split hem styles out of this because I really love the proportions and basic details on the collar and sleeve so much.

Even though we got a ton of dresses in the May issue, we have even more for June:

Cute! The asymmetric button detail has been very popular lately, and I like Burda’s take on this look. The softly cinched in waist is a nice detail, as are the thicker straps. I like how it works both as a dress and as a jumper.

Pretty sure we get a dress like this at least once a year from Burda. It’s fine; very functional, but not overly exciting.

Love this draped dress! I do think it is interesting how the line drawings show an even hem and how the garment hangs so that it is not even. Personally I like the added asymmetry of the garment image, but either way this dress is definitely making it onto the to-sew list!

This is a nice simple maxi dress with a fun use of color blocking. This is definitely a nice style to use up a lot of stash fabric in an easy sewing project. And it looks like it would be great to wear on those really hot summer days.

Another maxi; this one with more draping detail. I actually really like this design, but I don’t think the garment photo really does it justice. It is similar to styles from the past, but I’d still be excited to add this to my Burda pattern collection. Also want to point out the fantastic job the garment makers did with lining up that print on the skirt – the chevron effect is actually kins of cool!

This is the designer pattern for the month. Can’t say I’m super excited about it, but perhaps it will look more impressive when we get to see the model image in the magazine?

If last month was all about the dresses, this month is all about the tops:

Can’t say I’m really excited about the added ruffle to the back yoke on this button up top, but I will admit it looks fantastic on the model. Aside from the ruffle it’s really not all that new/exciting but Burda’s styling here has sold me on this pattern. And I do think the cuffs look really great in a drapey fabric.

I’m much more excited by this blouse pattern! I really like the neckline and even the puffy cuffs. Have to admit the fabric is calling my name a bit as well, but really it’s that neckline that I really want to test out. I really like how it looks like a normal deep-v, but is really created with the overlapping panels.

Generic-ish puffy off the shoulder top. Sort of a staple for the summer wardrobe issues.

I sort of like how Burda presented this top as a beach cover up; it really does look kind of cute in that way. I’m not sure I’d want the sleeve ruffles, but I do think they are a nice detail to add contrast on an otherwise very boxy looking top.

I know there isn’t much new in this t-shirt with sleeve ties, but I really like it! I think the added drape on the model really sells me on this look. Not sure if it’s look that way in real life (it looks much more straight in the garment photo)

Yes! I want this whole outfit! I can’t decide if I like this top or the dress version more… I might just need to make both. I really like the thickness of the straps – just enough to cover a bra and be practical, but not so much as to ruin the line of this top. Plus, it looks great with the pencil skirt included in this issue.

Simple tank top. Not exciting, but very practical.

The twist back detail is a nice design feature on this top. The neckline looks very wide, so it might be worth making a test garment if you have slightly narrower shoulders.

Another tunic top that isn’t too exciting, though I do like the more open back shown on the tan version, and I like the slight shaping of the hem. The front neckline looks low in the line drawings, but doesn’t look too bad on the models.

This month we get a few bottoms that coordinate well with the other separates in this issue:

I really like these pencil skirts! The exposed zipper as a stripe detail has been used before, but I think it is particularly effective with the extreme contrasting colors shown here. Might also be a ribbon sewn over the zipper tape to add an extra bit of detail – which would allow for some really fun customization with different trims!

This style of button front skirt isn’t new, but I sort of like getting things like this in Burda because when I see cute versions of similar styles I don’t really need to go out and buy any new patterns.

Another serviceable skirt. It’s fine, but not exciting. It is a good option for using a wild print though!

These pink slightly-longer-than-culotte length trousers are ok. We’ve had similar style from Burda before (in different lengths), but nothing wrong with a nice straightforward trouser pattern. Plus, this one has belt loops, which is a nice detail we haven’t seen in a while.

These really look like the shorter version of the 2011 pattern I use for all my PJ pants…

Can’t say I would ever actually wear this romper, but I could see it being a thing for the younger set. I can appreciate the vintage swimsuit vibe I’m getting, but, like, I can’t imagine it looking good anywhere aside from the seashore? I do think the snap straps are practical though – easy way to take it off if it were being used as a swimsuit cover.

I’m just going to come out and say it – this is the best Burda Plus selection we’ve had so far this year!

This is a great blazer for the Burda Plus line. It has lots of nice details and shaping, without being overly fitted. And it looks great as part of this more casual outfit, but could easily be made with other pants as part of a suit.

Love this wrap dress! The princess seaming is a great design feature, and the wrap style looks so great on the model! Love the shaping of the overlapping hem as well.

Another fabulous dress for the Burda Plus styles. The shoulder detail is really classy, and the style would be great for a summer event.

This draped top has some nice pleating details at the shoulders and the more fitted cuffs are a nice design element as well.

I’m a bit shocked to say, but I don’t hate these pants! The ruffle isn’t too crazy and the slanting hem is actually an interesting design feature that looks much better on the models than it does in the line drawings. It seems like a fun summer design.

The kids selection seems pretty practical this month, with some tops and bottoms for boys and a cute dress and bathing suit for girls:

And that’s it for June! Which means it is time to pick the Best of BS design for the month. It was a tough choice, but I think I’m giving the award to:

The cross over top/dress! I think this pattern is one of the few that looks really good as both the top and the dress, which means that it could be super versatile and generate a lot of garments once a good fit of the top has been achieved. I also really love the way Burda has styled this pattern – I’d wear both of these outfits in an instant!

And, finally, the BWTF award for this month goes to:

The romper. Yes, I know I defended many of the design features above, but that doesn’t excuse it from the fact that if many of us wore it anywhere aside from the beach we’d all look like we were wearing giant baby clothes. It can get a pass at the beach, but that’s about it.

And that’s it! What do you all think? Is this issue worth tracking down? Or does the recent GLP News debacle really make you feel the need to take a break from Burda right now? Are these the sorts of looks you’d want to wear for the summer, or did Burda got a bit too corporate with this issue, leaving you searching for styles that are better for a more casual summer routine? Do you also feel like this has been the best Burda Plus section we’ve had in some time? Feel free to discuss it all in the comments!

48 thoughts on “June 2019 BurdaStyle Magazine

  1. I can buy Burda magazine in the newsagent or even the supermarket here in the UK, so I will be buying it.
    I’ve been thinking of getting a subscription via UK Burda style
    which appears to be administered from France
    Editions Dipa Burda
    26 avenue de l’Europe
    I have had a subscription in the past but stopped in after the magazine repeatedly arrived weeks after I could have bought it in the shop in the UK. So a bit nervous about subscribing again….

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      1. But what about Amazon subscription to Burda? It’s available (though I’m not sure if it’s reliable).


  2. Do you happen to know if other countries are affected by the closure too? I’m in Australia and I just realised I didn’t get my May issue. But I also have a subscription to the German mag, so I’m not sure… Could just be our postal system being crappy too.

    I also love the wrap top/dress! Very cute and I love the shoulders. The plus dresses are lovely too, but I think grafting them down to my size would be a pain.


    1. I think it depends on if your subscription was with the US supplier? Not sure the international ramifications, but I do know GLP shipped internationally so it might affect some people.


      1. Well I got finally got my May issue yesterday, so it was just super slow. Definitely the German subscription. False alarm! Sad for you all though. 😦

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      1. She might be interested; right now I think she is more upset about GLP taking everyone’s money and bouncing, but I do know she contacted them quite a bit to try and track down her May issue.

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  3. The wrap plus dress is classy. I like the ruffle pants. They are not as axtreme as some released. The drapey pink T is great too.I have not been able to afford a Burda subscription so mostly I admire although I had a subscription once in 2007, 2008.

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  4. I hope the GLP situation gets sorted out somehow, I would not be happy. I wonder where my local HK newsagent gets it from…not GLP hopefully….

    This is a great issue, there is a lot of variety here – I feel you could make a whole wardrobe from it even if some of the pieces are patterns we have seen before. Agree that the baby romper thing is ridiculous though.

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  5. Sorry to hear about the distribution issues. I live in Canada but was not aware that supply issues had been resolved here. My partner and I go back and forth between Canada and Italy so I have been satisfying my urge with the Italian version, which is cheaper, too!

    I’d love to love this issue but it is definitely not for me. The only thing I’d make is perhaps the simple jacket at the beginning of the review. The goddess dress with the wrap is very pretty but something about the way it looks tacked down at the top bothers me. Reminds me a bit of using safety pins to avoid clothing mishaps on my old DVF dresses! But I have always been uncomfortable with things that hug my bust so that is just my hangup.

    I hope you resolve your supply issues! I always appreciate your reviews.

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  6. Love the zipper skirt and the tie sleeve top – very classy. Another plus size blazer though ? enough already I have only subscribed for 6 months and there are already heaps, give me some other kind of topper PLEASE ! .

    I want to love the plus wrap dress too but it is going to be quite revealing on the legs when you sit down. Normal wraps show more thigh than I’m comfortable with at the best of times, that one I think might be indecent on me…(I’d be a contender for that basic instinct scene lolol)

    Liked by 1 person

  7. This is a great issue! That Burda Plus jacket is amazing, I love the seam lines. I will be downloading this one when it’s available. I too, like the Plus ruffle pants, but not with the jacket tho, I see them cut a bit shorter and work with flats. Buying these, which totally surprises me. I think there will be a few other downloads from this issue. Twist back top, t-shirt with sleeve ties, and the maxi dress with sleeves.

    BTW, I totally agree with Stephanie about wrap dresses and safety pins, having been exposed on a windy street more than once, I know they are not for me. I really like the look but the reality doesn’t work as well for me,

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, I think I’d personally do more of a faux wrap on the skirt with the style that Burda used for the skirt/top in this issue. I know it takes more fabric, but I’d be okay with that for more coverage! The fun thing about sewing is we can bend the patterns to our will…. bwahahaha! *Power tripping a bit here, ignore me*


  8. UGH! GLP picked the WORST time to fail (as if there is ever a best time). This issue has so many goodies! I’m still quite salty about the whole thing – particularly the absolute lack of communication about how this will affect all of our subscriptions. *grumble…grumble…swear word…grumble*

    Thanks to everyone who offered suggestions on how to get subscriptions. I might try the UK Newstand option.

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  9. I love the short jacket – nice and light for the summer… “3/4″ sleeve tan lines” – lol! Indeed! That fluid trench jacket is really nice too, I’ve a couple of metres of light, fluid wool fabric this might be nice for.

    Not too much in the dresses for me in this issues, but the designer dress appeals to me, for fall maybe. The shirt is definitely on my to-sew list, but without the back ruffle. That V-neck top is a must-sew, I love it! And the cuff gathers look different, maybe a cool new technique to try. I think this is my favorite of this issue.

    The off-the-shoulder top probably would not work well for me, but I’d like to try it if I’ve the time, just for jollies.

    Love the beach shirt. I’d wear that to the end.

    I’d also like to sew the tank! I’m curious to see if it’s jersey or woven.

    Another great review! Thanks as always.

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  10. I quite like the first dress with the side button closing as a comfortable, bra friendly summer dress and also as a good trans-seasonal dress over a body con t-shirt or turtle neck. Some of the tops look interesting to me too: the top with the back twist detail and the tunic with the overlapping V look like things I would get good mileage out of.

    After the distribution debacle in Canada, I subscribed through Newsstand in the UK and while delivery times seem somewhat uneven, at least I am receiving the magazine again. I was contacted by a new Canadian distributor that apparently got my name from the old Canadian distributor, but until the current UK subscription runs out, I am taken care of.

    Lastly, thank you again for your wonderful pattern round ups. They are so well written and interesting to read. 🙂

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    1. Dagmar, I was also contact by that distributor (I’m in Quebec) and am now waiting to see how it goes with them – first issue will be the June one. I agree with you, the UK Newstand was sometimes timed funny but all the issues came fine. Worse comes to worse I’ll go back to them.

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      1. I would really appreciate if you can let me know about this distributor in Canada. I’m in Québec too, and I would be curious to see if they can have it in French. Since last September I got a subscription for 1 year from BurdStyle in France (sent from Strasbourg) and the mailing has been bumpy to say the least… This June issue has some nice basic pieces that I look forward to sew! Thanks DoctorT for another great review!

        Liked by 2 people

      2. Here is the info they gave me, and Heather is the person I dealt with. She was very nice and replied within a day: Heather@roltek.com

        Roltek International Inc & Bay Street Publishing Inc for over 50 Years
        Direct Distribution Solutions across Canada USA for Magazines, Newspapers & More
        10, 000 Newspapers & Magazines/1 APP Pressreader
        305 Evans Avenue | Toronto ON M8Z 1K2
        P 416 252 1101 Toll Free 1 877 776 5835

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      3. Thanks you ladies! I’ll give it a try for sure when my current subscription will end. Glad to know this new distributor can have the 3 languages!

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  11. Burda pant styles do get repeated a lot but this year I think they are mostly high waisted instead of mid rise. I love the high waisted and am very happy to have all the options.

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  12. Lots to like here. I have recently discovered a local newsagency that has Burda magazines – will keep an eye out for this one.

    So hoping your subscription hassles resolve well for you.

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  13. I am in the US and had a subscription with GLP like so many others. I caved and got a 6 month subscription to Newsstand, as I did not want to miss any issues. However it is almost as much as my 12 mo used to be from GLP. Magazine Cafe is a bit cheaper but only options for single mag or 12 mo. Amazon is very cheap but I am afraid they will not be reliable. I had a subscription with them for Manequim a couple yrs ago. It took about 6 months to get my 1st issue and I had to call several times to get it sorted.

    I love the asymmetric button down dress, both wraps and the ruffle trousers. Also like the tie sleeve top. I hope other cheaper options become available for US subscribers. As Dr T said, I get so much enjoyment out of receiving my monthly Burda that I am not prepared to give it up.

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  14. I’ve never commented before but Trish I’m a long time reader and have always appreciated your helpfully laid out and thoughtful Burda previews. Thought I’d weigh in to the Burda access discussion for any fellow Australians who have had issues sourcing it. You can subscribe here via isubscribe.com.au but it is eye-wateringly expensive (more than double the cover price). It is also not available at most newsagent chains/magazine retailers (eg Magnation, which only carries Burda Easy, in German…) However, I’ve found reliable supplies with local newsagents in three major cities recently:
    Melbourne – Newspower in Glenferrie Road, Malvern
    Brisbane – Sunnybank Plaza News in Sunnybank Plaza, Mains Road, Sunnybank
    Hobart – Mall Newsagency in Elizabeth Street, Hobart
    Hoping this is useful to someone out there – and that your US readers find an alternative supplier to GLP.
    On topic – I love the wrap dresses (straight and plus) in this issue. Gorgeous.

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  15. A long time lurker, thank you Dr T for your insightful reviews. For Aussie readers, BurdaStyle is carried in Adelaide at Tusmore Trader, Kensington Rd, Kensington Rd and Erindale Newsagent, Kensington Rd, Erindale Shopping Centre. We are now getting the UK edition and received the Feb issue a fortnight ago.

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  16. Just got my June issue today from Sunrise News! Hurray! I have the plus jacket on my must do list and those funny pants too. I will try them in pj fabric first and see how they look before using my best fabric on them. I don’t see a zip on the plus long sleeve top. So how do you get it on?

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  17. I had given up on receiving my June issue, but lo! it arrived in the mail yesterday.

    Flipping through the magazine so far, there’s a lot in this issue that I want to try out. I’m still building my pattern stash so I’m looking forward to trying out the boxy button-up short sleeve shirt (sans sleeve ruffles). And I needed a good PJ pants pattern so the elastic-waist trousers might actually be a good addition. 😉

    In terms of garments I’m actually excited to wear, I really like the back-tie black tee, the tee with shoulder ties, the draped jersey dress, and the maxi dress in the loud print (though I will be shortening that to knee-length, probably). I’m a little concerned that the back-tie tee will be uncomfortable to wear but it looks like fun. I’m so glad that Sunrise News delivered this issue, because there’s so much here that I could see myself sewing.

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  18. Hello. I just discovered your website:)
    I’m in Australia, and I have been collecting Burda Style (and before that Burda Mode etc) for decades! I have been organizing my mag’s, and I’ve discovered that I don’t have the June 2019 issue!!!!! Can you possibly help me find a copy of this issue? I’m very happy to pay for it, and pay for international postage. I realise that it will take ages to get to me, in this crazy timed! I hope you can help me. Thanks so much. Anita Fregon


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