Simplicity Patterns Fall 2017

Simplicity’s Fall line has been announced.  If you are a vintage pattern lover or a cosplayer, this release is fantastic.  So many great additions!  If, however, you are a bit more interested in modern designs and trends, then the options feel a bit reduced from the normal fall line.  There are still some nice coat options though, which will be great for fall.  Since this is such a genre heavy release, I’ll break it down by category.

Modern styles:

8451 – Mimi G. Style.  The curved darts are a nice fitting detail on this sheath dress, and the coat has some great classic details.

8466 – Mimi G. Style.  Not as in love with the skirt in this pattern, but the top has an interesting flare, and continues this year’s sleeve trend into the fall season.

8453 – Top with asymmetric hem and shoulder details.  There are some interesting options here, so this seems like a great pick for those who do well in a looser silhouette.

8454 – The ruffles return in this pattern.  Their size is much reduced from the dramatically large styles this past summer.

8455 – Another tunic that has lots of interesting sleeve variations.

8457 – Amazing Fit pants.  Nice classic style, with a wide range of size options.

8459 – I really like this mock-wrap skirt.  The addition of hardware makes it a bit more interesting than a lot of other wrap skirt patterns.

8465 – I wasn’t loving the proportions of the top when I first saw this pattern, but it does actually look like a pretty cozy style to use for layering.

8474 – Pattern Hacking skirt.  Simplicity’s Pattern Hacking line comes with basic pieces but teaches you how to modify the patterns.  Not something I’m interested in, but an interesting concept for sure.

8473 – Pattern Hacking cape.

8467 – Threads coat.  Looks like it would have fairly simple lines to sew.

8468 – I really like a lot of the style lines, but I’m not won over by the boxy silhouette.

8469 – Ah, the sleeve trend makes it into the coat selection!

8470 – Probably my favorite coat of the three – I love all the pocket details and hood option!

8471 – Ashley Nell Tipton.  I am so excited that Simplicity is producing a line in the larger size ranges!  This is a classic dress that would look great on a lot of body types.

8472 – Ashley Nell Tipton.  Love this jacket!  I want to make it for my mom, who has problems finding nice jackets that fit properly.  Love all the details, and the soft collar drape.

8475 – Typical man’s shirt/jacket.  The hood is a cool option, but otherwise it seems very similar to a lot of other men’s patterns.

Vintage Releases:

5227 – 1960s Vintage accessories. I always appreciate when a vintage accessory release comes out – it really helps pull a vintage look together.

8452 – 1950s Vintage top.  This shirt actually feels very modern.  Love the way it looks paired with a classic pencil skirt.

8456 – 1950s Vintage petticoat.  Again, it’s great when the vintage accessories are available, as proper undergarments are critical to achieving a real period look.

8458 – 1950s Vintage skirt.  Love the option with the buttons on the front – super cute!

8460 – 1950s Vintage dress and jacket.  It looks so classy and elegant.

8461 – 1940s Vintage.  The great thing about this pattern is it comes in an expanded plus size range!  The jacket also has some really lovely seaming detail.

8462 – 1940s Vintage.  Love this look.  Together it looks very 1940s, but I’s love to pair that top with jeans, or the jacket with a contrasting sheath dress to make the pieces more versatile.

8463 – 1940s Vintage.  Very classic 1940s style with the peplum design.

8464 – 1950s Vintage.  The boxy jacket isn’t my favorite 50s look, but it is very iconic of the era.


8476 – Super Mario Princess Peach costume.  Super cute!

8477 – The kids version.

8478 – Super Mario adult costumes.  I sort of wish the girl was rocking the mustache.  Just because it would be hilarious.

8479 – Princess Elena children’s costume.  This is the point at which I admit I’m old and haven’t seen the source material, but I do know she is a really popular princess with the younger crowd.

8480 – Generic star lady costume.  Love how it was styled for Jyn Erso (Star Wars) and as Zoe Washburne (Firefly).  Definitely a lot of options and versatility here.

8481 – The superhero/vintage mashup is quite a popular trend among the con-going crowd; I expect this will be a popular pattern.

8482 – Can’t go wrong with a sexy full length coat.

8483 – This is a great kids pattern – lots of versatility with some pretty basic pattern pieces.

8486 – Love this Vintage Snow White costume!  Super cite.

8487 – Kids Snow White costume.

8489 – Adult Snow White costume.  Gotta love the classics.

8490 – Kids Cinderella.

8491 – Adult Cinderella.

Toys and Crafts:

8484 – America Girl doll clothes.  The little jacket is really cute!

8485 – Pillow cubes?  Are these a thing?

And that’s it!  On the whole I have found a lot of things I like, but not a ton of stuff that needs to join the stash.  The cosplay patterns are great, and the vintage looks are really nice this time around but I’m less excited by the more modern releases.  The most exciting patterns are the coats, with strong looks coming from Mimi G., Ashley Nell Tipton, and the regular Simplicity line.  What do you all think?  Is Simplicity’s continuation of the ruffle trend more predictive of fall fashions than Vogue’s streamlined approach?  Are the ever-boxier 80s inspired silhouettes going to gain traction?  Is there anything here that makes you want to sew for fall?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

9 thoughts on “Simplicity Patterns Fall 2017

  1. Not into vintage or Cosplay but love the coat with details and the Tipton coat. And don’t mind the coat with dramatic sleeves. I really like the quirky Mimi skirt too.

    I almost liked the one view on the ruffle top til I noticed the ruffles on the sleeve seam. Easy to leave off, sure, but still.

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  2. I like the lines of that Threads coat, but who wants a coat with no buttons or other closure? A lot of vintage looks here too – could be made modern but the pattern envelope views look pretty costume-y.


  3. I pledged I wouldn’t buy anything that will not also go on a concrete to-sew list, because I don’t want to become a collector… I also think the vintage-trend for daily wear is on its way out in favour of 80s and 90s Silhouettes (Vogue Magazine says the boxy pantsuit is a thing again)… But I really, really, really cannot resist a wearable looking vintage pattern when I see one. Even though I just know, I will never make it. What is it, that makes them so attractive. Maybe that I secretly dream of being the sort of person that wears a turban to go grocery shopping?

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  4. I wish we could get these new releases at the same time down under. I have 9 days to make a petticoat and I’d rather just get the pattern and not have to think about it and make it up myself!

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  5. If you go to the Simplicity website (not my favorite thing to do but I wanted that cool coat with all the interesting details you like) you might see the clearance section on the right of the menu bar. It was there that I discovered the adult Cinderella and Snow White costumes are the same pattern (just different views) and were originally marketed together in the one package. Therefore, if you’re interested in these costumes, get the combined version out of the clearance section and you’ll pay about a quarter of what you would pay for ordering the separate versions from Simplicity. (Of course, this might not be as much of a bargain if you have deeply discounted JoAnn sales. Or if you’re Canadian. Sigh.)

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  6. I hardly ever go to the Simplicity site either. I think it’s because McCalls always has great sales and I can get them sent to Canada for fairly cheap postage. I do love the 50s vintage skirt by Simplicity though!


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