Simplicity October 2016

Thanks to Pattern Review, I’ve realized that the latest collection from Simplicity is now available.  As has been noted around the blog-o-sphere, the actual Simplicity website has not posted them yet.  Sigh.  I miss the days when it was functional.  Anyway, the new collection is AMAZING if you love vintage and cosplay/costuming sorts of patterns.  Not so much of interest if you are looking for more modern styles, but the reprint patterns are so gorgeous, I don’t know how anyone could not like them.  Not having a need for them I understand.  But there is lots of pretty to look at in either case, so let’s take a look:

S8247 – Love this gorgeous 1930s dress and jacket.  Wish I’d had this pattern for the Sewing Bee Bias Challenge!

S8248 – Another gorgeous 1930s look.  The detail on the top of the dress is so delicate and pretty.

S8249 – Another pretty dress from the 1940s.  Love the shorter version of this dress.

S8251 – 1950s dress with impressively large pocket detail.

S8250 – The seaming on this 1950s skirt is interesting, but I really like that bolero jacket.

S8252 – I’m always a sucker for a pretty 1950s dress.  Love the red version from the envelope – the lace detail is really nice.

S8254 – I’m sort of really liking the style lines of this 1960s dress, an old Designer Pattern.

S8256 – This 1970s maxi is probably the weakest of the vintage offerings, but it does have a lot of shaping on the upper back and a very 70s collar detail.

S8253 – Basic Jiffy shift dress.


S8255 – Jiffy jumpsuit.  I’ve been liking a lot of the more modern jumpsuit patterns of late, but I’m not particularly  liking this vintage style.

S8286 – I LOVE this cosplay bodysuit/leotard pattern.  The color blocking options are great, and the seams allow for lots of fit adjustments.

S8285 – Lady pirates and stuff.  Lots of generic costume-y pieces in this one.

S8276 – Animal onesies.  I suppose they are costumes, but could also be the warmest pajamas.

S8279 – Doctor Who/other nerdy apron patterns.  I need this in my life.

S8274 – More geek chic!  I wants ALL of these bags.  Especially the bow tie, the Tardis, and Boba Fett.  So cute!

S8261 – Versatile tunic/legging pattern.  Could be a popular wardrobe pattern.

S8263 – It’s not fall without capes!  Love some of the details here.

S8262 – Love this Leanne Marshall coat!  The hem is an interesting detail.

S8265 – Comfortable and simple looking wardrobe pattern.  A bit dull for me, but if you need some basic pieces it might be a decent pattern.

S8264 – A new Cynthia Rowley pattern.  I feel like I’ve been seeing a lot of these 7/8 length pants lately.

S8260 – Actually rather liking the backs of these tops – they’d be great for a holiday party.  Not sure how I feel about them in the model photos though – they look a bit large and shapeless.

S8258 – Amazing Fit sheath dress.  Not terribly exciting, but could be a good block for creating a modifiable TNT.

S8259 – Love the button detail on the front of this dress.  Super cute.

S8257 – The lines of this are very close to that Amazing Fit dress, but with more sleeve variations.  I’m sort of tempted to get this just to get the skirt pattern for that gorgeous gown.

S8269 – Family PJs.  The usual.

S8267 – Nice looking bathrobes to go over said PJs.

S8268 – Kids sweatpants.  I’m predicting this will be popular with people who sew for kids.

S8270 – More kids clothes.  The polar bear and penguin shirts were too cute to not post.

S8283 – American Girl is getting into the kids clothes patterns.  Which makes total sense because…

S8280 – They can match their dolls!  Brilliant.

S8282 – Cute AG doll clothes.

S8281 – AG PJs.

S8273 – Hats and scarves for winter wear.

S8266 – Scrubs!  With geek symbols!  Fun.

S8284 – Because it isn’t Christmas without a bunch of cat themed stockings.  Or something.

S8277 – This one’s for the dogs.

S8278 – Giant blanket animal things.

S8275 – Simplicity is ready for Shark Week.  Also, is this like an updated snuggie?

And that’s it.  On the whole there are a lot of patterns from this release I want to add to my pattern collection, though they are mainly vintage reprints or for cosplay.  Although I think this release may have been a bit light on the modern looks, there were even a few of those that I’m going to go for (hello Leanne Marshall coat), so I don’t even know if that is fair criticism.  What do you all think?  Too much vintage?  Or are the proportions just about right?  What are your favorite patterns from this collection?  And, is anyone really going to craft a cat lady Christmas?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

5 thoughts on “Simplicity October 2016

  1. I really want to sew all the cat and dog craft things. Because they are so delightfully kitsch.

    Thankfully my family has a more refined and stylish outlook, so my need to create will be gently redirected.

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