Sew Geeky Plans – Winter 2018

It’s hard to believe that the winter season is upon us!  When I started my Sew Geeky project back in January, I was quite ambitious with my goals for the year.  My spring capsule was fairly well rounded out, though I’m still excited by a few of those plans that never quite got started, my summer goals were a total whiff, and my fall plans led to a few finished projects.  In my mid-year assessment, I discussed how doing this project led me down the rabbit hole of Kibbe style IDs (and now has me writing an epically long blog post series) and has caused me to pull back and reconsider my own personal style needs.  I think doing the Sew Geeky planning helped a lot with that, as well as helping me figure out that I actually enjoy planning things in terms of a full wardrobe.  I think I still need to work on making coordinating pieces that work well together, but that’s going to be more of a goal for next year.

In the meantime, I wanted to at least share the planning I did for my Winter Sew Geeky capsule, the theme of which is Doctor Who!

My full Pinterst inspiration board is here.

I started watching Doctor Who about five or six years ago.  I took an online “Who Class,” so at this point I’m fairly well versed in both the classic and new Who shows.  I haven’t seen everything, but I’ve seen at least some of all of the doctors.  Since I know everyone is going to ask in the comments, the Second Doctor is my favorite.  You just can’t beat Patrick Troughton!  But of the new Doctors, my favorite is Tennant.  Not because he is Tennant, but because that was the Doctor who got to deliver the line about running away from the enormity of the universe in a blue box, and that really resonated with me at the time.  It’s the first moment when I really fell in love with the show.  I love all the Doctors, though I do have my fair share of criticisms of the writing and show direction at various points of its existence.  Of course, for a shows that’s surpassed its 50th anniversary that would be expected.  Heck, I have criticisms of shows that have run a tenth as long!  It’s the nature of being a nerd, I think.

Anyway, here is the color scheme I came up with for my Doctor Who inspired wardrobe:


I’ve used the TCI and Prism XII True Winter palettes to choose colors that are more flattering to me, rather than drawing colors directly from the inspiration board, though for this particular inspiration, the saturated winter colors were actually a pretty close match.  I’ve chosen black and light grey as my neutrals (chosen for the details on the TARDIS), the main colors of TARDIS blue, very light grey, and teal (again chosen from various TARDIS iterations), and accent colors of purple, brown, pink, and burgundy (chosen for the Doctor’s wardrobe).  For those who care about such things, here are the color numbers:

  • Neutral 1: X.1.1 (black)

  • Neutral 2: TCI 2.4FN (grey)

  • Main 1: X.9.2 (TARDIS blue)

  • Main 2: X.1.3 (light gray)

  • Main 3: TCI 6.5A (teal)

  • Accent 1: TCI 6.7A (purple)

  • Accent 2: TCI 7.10FN (brown)

  • Accent 3: TCI C-7.7A (magenta)

  • Accent 4: TCI C-6.5A (burgundy)

My pattern selection was also inspired by the Doctor’s and the companion’s fashions in the show:


As you can see there are a lot of classic tailored pieces, but also lots of flowing coats and jackets (very much the Doctor’s signature style), and the flare bell-bottom jeans that are worn by the companions in the reboot era.  Hopefully there is a very British chic vibe that come off of the composite images.  Here is a list of my pattern choices:

  • Top 1: BWOF-10-2009-105B
  • Top 2: BWOF-09-2005-109A
  • Top 3: BS-11-2015-112
  • Top 4: BWOF-10-2005-114
  • Top 5: BD6990
  • Top 6: BS-08-2016-102B
  • Bottom 1: CC-Ginger Flare or J2908
  • Bottom 2: S1283 or BS-03-2015-113A
  • Bottom 3: BD6879
  • Bottom 4: S1322
  • Bottom 5: S1560
  • Dress 1: M7244
  • Dress 2: BS-08-2012-102
  • Dress 3: BS-01-2018-118
  • Jacket 1: BWOF-09-2006-101
  • Jacket 2: BS-03-2015-112B
  • Jacket 3: MC-100-120
  • Jacket 4:BWOF-10-2000-115
  • Jacket 5: BC-2013-5-0002B
  • Jacket 6: BWOF-09-2006-126
  • Jacket 7: BWOF-10-2007-112

Realistically, I don’t know how much of this is going to actually get sewn this winter.  I’ve got a lot of commissioned projects I want to finish by January, and I’ve got a fair bit of travel coming up, and other things pulling my attention.  And, honestly, I’m sort of looking forward to starting my sewing off on a clean slate in 2019; I’d love to finish my UFO coat that’s been sitting in my sewing space for well over a year now, so that might be my actual focus for the end of the year making.  If I have time though I may try and pull a few inspirations from this list to round out my end of fall/start of winter sewing plans.  I’ll post my full thoughts about the success and shortcoming of my year long Sew Geeky experiment in my traditional end-of-year wrap up at the end of December.  Until then, happy sewing!

12 thoughts on “Sew Geeky Plans – Winter 2018

  1. Nice selection! I’m all about the funnel neck tops right now, and I like the look of that raglan sleeve one you picked. Have you tried the Talvikki Sweater? I love the darted neckline and might try adapting it to a more fitted body.

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  2. FUN. Doctor Who has been a favorite show of mine for awhile, and is pretty much the only one I’m attempting to keep up with, given my limited personal screen time. Tennant was when it really clicked for me too, and I’ve sewed a few pieces inspired by DW or various companions myself. Including an Amy Pond cosplay for my one con trip! I was actually thinking recently that a little mini capsule of pieces inspired by some of my favorite companions would be a lot of fun, they always seem to have such great clothes (especially the jackets!) So I’ll be very interested to see what materializes from this. (Such a bad pun, I know.)

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  3. I love your pattern selection for this. Another Doctor Who fan here, although much more into classic Who than New Who.

    What do you think of Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor’s costume? I was strangely disappointed; first female Doctor and the costume is very bland whereas most of the others are very stylish (ok not Colin Baker or Sylvester McCoy 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I like it much more in the show than the promotional photos. I find that it calls to mind the 4th Doctor, which makes sense if you consider that Capaldi’s costume is reminiscent of Pertwee, and Smith’s bow tie is from Troughton. I was a bit disappointed at first, but I find I like it more and more as the show goes on. Also, I think she is doing a brilliant job in the role, so I’m enjoying the show a lot right now regardless.


  4. So been waiting for you to do this and I’ve been dying to ask your opinion of Jodie Whittaker as I’ve heard it’s not going down too well in the US, so it’s great to hear you like it but I wonder how are you coping with the accent? Sheffield is down the road from me. Costume wise I actually preferred her in Capaldi’s cast offs. Re your sewing plans I really like the jacket with the hood attached, that’s been on my radar for a while. As an aside Pertwee is my favourite!

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    1. I’m a Troughton fan myself, but I love Pertwee too!

      As for the accent I’m not having too much difficulty? But to put things in perspective I studied math/science in college, so I had to be really adaptable at picking up accents. Comparatively, anything out of the UK really isn’t that bad for me to understand.

      I haven’t been paying attention to reviews, but I really love the direction the show is taking. You get to travel everywhere in time and space, so I think it’s brilliant they are using that to look at really interesting/controversial/difficult topics and handling them with dignity and respect. And aliens, you know, as you do. Doctor Who has always provided social commentary, but they really aren’t trying to disguise it in this season, which is pretty refreshing.

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  5. The Fehr Trade Surf-Summit top is a terrific funnel raglan with awesome drafting.

    I grew up on Doctor Who, both in the UK and here in Oz too. I used to jump behind the couch whenever the daleks came on. Nothing else was nearly as frightening. The doctor’s of my youth were Tom Baker and Jon Pertwee. I still want Baker’s scarf.

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  6. What a cool project! I’m so excited to see your Doctor Who capsule wardrobe!!

    100% with you on the Doctor Who love, by the way, it’s my favourite show!

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    1. I really enjoyed planning this out, but I have very low probability of making anything from this capsule. I will detail more in my year end wrap up posts, but I recently had to take on some additional “work” responsibilities and haven’t had much time for personal sewing.


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