Pattern Review: BS-09-2012-123A (Again) (Fall Sew Geeky)

So I’ve made this top before, but when you leave off all of the details it is a really nice, simple, long sleeved top.  So I thought it would be great to use as part of my didn’t-quite-make-it-in-time-for-the-contest-mini-wardrobe-in-a-wardrobe fall sewing plans.  Plus, I could use it as part of a future cosplay as well!  The … More Pattern Review: BS-09-2012-123A (Again) (Fall Sew Geeky)

Pattern Review: BWOF-03-2007-126 (Spring Sew Geeky)

I hadn’t originally included this dress as part of my spring Sew Geeky plans, but, then again, I hadn’t originally planned on attending a wedding during this time frame either.  This was sort of a last minute look, but I thought I might as well incorporate it into my Spring Sew Geeky capsule, even though, … More Pattern Review: BWOF-03-2007-126 (Spring Sew Geeky)