Burda Plus Spring/Sumer 2018

The German Burda website has announced the Spring/Summer Burda Plus Magazine!  Happily, they’ve done the work for me an announced that many of the patterns are from the June 2016, July 2014, and November 2014 issues, which I’ve already reviewed.  So today I’m just going to look at the 8 new looks that will be offered in the magazine…

I really like this asymmetrical shirt.  Aside from the bright color, which is fabulous, they really went for the drama with the asymmetric hem, and I think it works.

On the model this print hides all the detail, but this is actually a really sharp looking tailored dress!  the juxtaposition of the bright print with the suit-like buttons and collar is really interesting.  I’m not sure if I like it, but is in an interesting take on spring fashion.

I do love this skirt though!  The waistband, the use of stripes, the overall silhouette is all super fun.

This reminds me of the March 2015 Burda jacket, but now scaled up to Burda Plus sizing.  I liked the jacket then, and I still like it now.

I’m usually not about the ruffles, but I think they work here.  I really like the top of this dress too.

This shirt should be over the top crazy, but it isn’t.  I honestly think this might by my favorite “mash all the trends together” shirt that I’ve seen.  Nicely done Burda!

I’m a bit meh on this one.  The neck ruffle looks ok, but the sleeve ruffles are just unnecessary.

This looks like pajamas.  I really can’t see anything else here.  I’m even trying to envision it in a solid… But with the pipping…. pajamas.  Yup.

And that’s it!  I do like a lot of the looks here, but I don’t know if they would be enough for me to justify getting this issue, especially since I’ve already got all the other sections that were pulled from past magazines.  However, if I didn’t have June 2016 I’d be tempted – that was a great issue for the Burda Plus section.  In the meantime, the April issue is slowly being posted online (the German site seems to have a monopoly on the announcement this month), so I’ll be hopefully posting that soon.

Happy Pi Day everyone!

3 thoughts on “Burda Plus Spring/Sumer 2018

  1. So much goodness in this release. I don’t like the sleeve ruffles on the top but at least they aren’t too obnoxious…and I don’t love that print for the skirt but the pattern? Love.

    I really love the tailored dress and the frilly (but somehow not overly so!) wrap dress. And the “crazy” top is ADORABLE!

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  2. I love the purple top with sleeve and neck ruffles (or are they flounces?). Well, I like the neckline treatment, not the batwings or underarm bits. I am seriously thinking of adapting the Vogue 1415 to look like this.

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