April 2018 BurdaStyle Magazine

The latest issue of BurdaStyle Magazine is here!  Early previews left me very unexcited for April, but now that the full preview is posted, I’m obsessed with some of the new patterns.  The Burda Plus section is especially strong this month as well.  Burda’s been on a roll so far this year, and it looks like April could be another decently strong month from Burda, so let’s jump into it:


First up, let’s talk about the coats and jackets this month, because they are awesome:

I love this.  Like, obsession level love it.  The asymmetric hem is a nice detail without being too out there, the shawl collar is a fun detail, and the sleeve tabs and gun flaps add just the right amount of classic detail.  I’m obsessed.

I love the button details on the sleeves of this blazer. I’m not as in love with the puffy sleeve caps, but the strong 80s shoulder is having a come back moment, so I understand the choice here. I really like the collar and waist band detail as well.

As much as I liked the previous blazer, I love this version even more!  The piping is a nice contrast to the print, the collar is the same great shape, and the waist closure looks very sharp.  I really like the idea of a print blazer for spring.

I’m not sure how I feel about this jacket/vest.  On one hand, I totally understand the concept of a convertible jacket – especially in the context of working out as Burda has pitched it here.  On the other hand, it feels a bit gimmicky… What do you all think?  Cool or crazy?

The dresses this month are the complete opposite of March, much more practical for everyday wear:

This trench inspired dress is really sharp.  I’m not sure if it is something I’d make for myself, but I could see many a fabulous sewing blogger rocking this look.

I’m also not too excited by this dress, but it is definitely a look I could see a lot of people wearing and loving on a daily basis.  It looks comfortable and practical.

This lace dress is about as frilly as Burda gets this month.  I like this dress, but, again, not something that’s going to go on my immediate to-sew list.  I could see it being made in a simple knit and being another comfy day dress.

Burda is really into this silhouette this month!  I could do without the neck ruffle, but I do like the angled pockets in the skirt.

This is a pretty basic raglan dress from the front, but the back has interesting shoulder openings.  Apparently it’s all about the shoulder blades for Burda this April.

This dress is surprisingly intriguing to me.  I like the waist tie feature and the open collar of the neckline.  It isn’t something I would normally find myself drawn to, but I like it.

The tops this month are, in general, pretty sweet and romantic, but there are a few other interesting options:

I find this pattern much more successful as a top than as a dress.  Love the contrast piping, and here the open shoulder blades seem like a cool feature as opposed to an error with the pattern.  I’m tempted to add this top to my sewing wishlist.

I’m also oddly intrigued by this button front shirt.  The sleeves have some shaping to them, but it is much toned down from the craziness of 2017.  The black piping and hidden buttons are also nice features on the white shirt.

This ruffley top is a bit too sweet for my taste, but I think it could be very cute for someone who likes a more embellished style.

I’m not such a fan of the double ruffles here. That extra ruffle at the shoulder seam feels like a bit much.

From the front, this shirt is a great basic t-shirt.  From the back, it looks like a completely different style.  I appreciate Burda trying to elevate golf attire, but I’m just not sold on the style mash up here.

The sleeves here just feel a bit overwhelming, especially in the model photo on the left.  I do like the line drawings, but I think fabric choice could be key in the resulting shape of the sleeve puffs.

The crazy print deceptively hides the wild seaming of this top.  I’m oddly intrigued by it.  I think the resulting silhouette is quite nice, and the use of a small/medium scale print feels quite fresh for spring.

There aren’t many bottoms this month, but I do like the options Burda has provided:

This skirt is divine!  I love the subtle ruffle and buttons.  Just enough contrast to make a statement, but not so crazy as to be too much of a fashion statement.

I’m not usually one to enjoy capris, but I do like the waistband and angled pockets of these trousers.  The seem longer on the models than on the line drawing as well, but it shouldn’t be too difficult to lengthen them if so desired.

I actually find I rather like this jumpsuit.  The sleeves are an interesting design feature, and definitely something I might want to frankenpattern onto another bodice.

The Burda Plus selection this month is amazing:

Lots of yummy details in this safari style jacket.  I especially love it in the blue print.

This dress is quite pretty, and the straps mean it could be worn with a normal bra.  I love the soft sleeves and open shoulders here.

I love these tops!  The styling and choice of fabric is perfection.

I also love this skirt!  The amount of wrapping and leg coverage is perfect.  It seems like there is a sexy high slit because of the color blocking, but it is actually quite demure.  Definitely going on my to-sew list.

This top has some nice design elements.  The overlapping top pieces have a nice curve to them, and the shape looks very relaxed and comfortable without being overly baggy.

The kids section looks very practical this month:

Lots of PJ/loungewear here, which I assume would be great for kids sewing. I could see the t-shirt pattern being a major TNT for kids clothes.  Also, yes, the tent is an included pattern this month because you know you need one of those in your life.

And there we have it!  On the whole I think there are a lot of forgettable patterns this month, but I also think the few really good patterns we get make up for them.  And with that it is time to choose the top and bottom patterns for the month!

For April 2018 I think the Best of BS award should be pretty evident:


I mean, was there ever any doubt?  This trench coat is divine!  It’s casual, sophisticated, interesting, and super chic.  I love it!

And, finally, BWTF for April goes to…


The basic t-shirt top!  And least you question how this could be the bottom choice for the month, let’s look at the back:


Yup, that was the decision maker.  There were too many strong looks this month, or at least, acceptable looks, so the schizophrenic athletic shirt from the front/prairie blouse from the back clearly stood out as the least inspiring pattern for April.

And that’s it!  On the whole I’m really excited for April – the jackets are fabulous, I’m excited for the red ruffle skirt, and that open shoulder white top.  The Plus section is also great, so I’m going to have to consider grading down a few of those patterns as well.  What do you all think?  Does the boring overwhelm the good this month?  Or are there enough stand out pieces to justify excitement for this issue?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

19 thoughts on “April 2018 BurdaStyle Magazine

  1. Not a bad issue at all! Much better than last month, imho. Trench coat – ♥ On my future to make list. The blazer with the piping is, I think, my favorite. Super nice, I really want to try that. Like the idea of the detachable jacket, but I’m not sure if I would have an occasion to wear it. The dress with the decorative hole-tape-thing: don’t like it as a dress, but I will ABSOLUTELY make the top part as a top. Love it. I’d wear that to pieces.

    The golf top sweater thing is nice – I agree with you, it works better as a top than a dress. I really like the nezt shirt, the darts are interesting, but I wouldn’t keep the bell part of the sleeve, I’d keep it as a three-quarter or half sleeve or something. The next top could be really cute with two different fabrics, but those ruffles would be gone gone gone.

    The button back shirt is kind of funny… I like the sleeve button detail though. Love the next skirt!! I want to make it. I like the plus size skirt even better though, nice wide waistband and cheeky v shape. Don’t know if I’d size it down though.

    I can’t wait for this issue – thanks for the review!

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  2. I´m not a fan of the April issue. Really weird patterns, the worst being the shirt you voted BWTF. I don´t like the coat with the asymmetric hem. The Blazer with the piping is really ugly – the fabric reminds me of a grandma´s quilt, sooooo old fashioned.
    The ” golf fashion” is not fashionable at all and not suitable for playing golf. Not sure what Burda was thinking.
    I won´t buy the April issue. But I´ll buy the Burda Easy instead since I absolutely adore the wrap dress / – blouse pattern.


  3. I’m so excited about this issue.

    And, dude (can I say that? I feel like this is a “dude” moment!), THAT TRENCH COAT!!!!!!!!!! Has me totally rethinking my “need” for a “traditional” trench. That coat is banging!!! I love everything about it. It just may need to happen!

    I adore the darted top with bell sleeves. I’m not so sure about making it because how to make those lovely darts play nice with what has become a 34H bustline? Wah.

    The pretty seamed print top – must have. That looks so incredibly fun to have/own/wear. I like the drapey puff sleeve top but the fabric really need to DRAPE imo. I don’t like the heavier fabric and the stiff folds it creates.

    I’m not in on the button back top trend and that one just doesn’t work IMO. The plus section is really nice this month.

    Aside from the plus section and trench dress, none of the dresses are doing much for me this month. I want to like the one with the snaps? and the look of a belt that passes through but I probably won’t make it.


  4. Thank you for your review. I so agree on that red skirt, it’s delicious. And somehow I got the same “vibe” from that golf shirt, I am almost relieved sombody has verbalized that feeling I had. Also that layered plus blouse is fantastic, and so are the jackets. I just have convinced myself I need to add this issue to my collection. Happy sewing!

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  5. Hmm, the shoulder blade thing reminds me of a sweater on our waitress this week, which gapped open toward the front raglan part on one side at top and seemed unravelled somehow when I tried to figure if it was intentional or accident. I figured it was an arty we’re-in-Woodstock quirk, but it may have been this…

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  6. Definitely loving all the strong shoulder tops- I actually look for tops like that to balance out my wide hips. There are a lot of “to makes” in this issue. Burda has been on fire since Dagmar Bily left.

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    1. Perhaps if you like the sleeves you shoudl look out for 1980s back issues from somewhere like Ebay. I have picked them up for a under £1.00 GBP. this issue is very like both 1980s issues I own. Just a thought.


  7. Well it seems very reminicent of the 1980s throughout and I hate the big puffed sleeeves. The zip off gilet thing is again 80s and did not work for me first time round. I do like the raglan dress and top tho and would possibly buy this although really its not so very different to many patterns I have. I remember another pattern from Burda which I made with slits at the flont rather than the back a couple of years ago item, number 105, from Burda’s November 2016 magazine. It was more gathered but the same idea. I kind of think I might be able to bodge this from an existing pattern rather than buy a whole magazine for it. I do like the print sectioned top tho – original 29. Very interesting. Capris I love to wear for work in summer but probably do not need another pattern so I think I will give this one a miss. Thanks for posting tho. I always look forward to your reviews. They mean I no longer have a subscription but just by the issues I actually want to use.


  8. Thanks a bunch for your review, as usual.
    Seems like this issue is kind of a love-or-hate one; total pass for me.
    I LOVED the 2 previous ones and will stick to them.


  9. The capris are nice, it’s probably make those, and I love the top with the cowl drape sleeves, will definitely make that. The rest, meh… Except that trench, that is very nice!


  10. There is a lot to like in this issue for me, but already it is starting to get too warm for me to consider making any jackets or long sleeve tops so I’m immediately discounting them for now. I completely agree with your WTF pattern, it’s ridiculous! My favourite pieces are in the plus section and I think I am going to attempt a bit of grading and make the strappy dress & top. The skirt is similar to a regular sized one in 7/17, but I may pinch the styling ideas/colour combos shown here.

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  11. I also loved the asymmetric trench coat. Trying to justify making another coat now. I also liked the trench dress a great deal, and the darted blouse. I’m going to disagree about the plus patterns this month though. Apart from the jacket, which is awesome, they disappointed me. The line drawings looked so much better than the realisation.

    Not so keen on most of the rest of it this month. Too much frilly stuff for me. But I cannot complain about an issue with three great patterns in.


    1. Yeah, I think I’m more drawn to the plus section for the line drawings rather than the photos because of some of the fabrics Burda used.

      And I’m looking for fabric for that trench – much as I want to sew stash I don’t usually buy over 5 yards, and I’ll need at least 5.5 here. It is hard to justify, but I still really want it!


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