Butterick Winter 2016

There are a lot of winter patterns showing up right now!  The latest collection from Butterick is here, and I have to say there are some great winter styles.  Let’s take a look:

B6423 – This Lisette coat was used as a teaser on the McCall’s Instagram a while back, and I have to say that it is lovely.  The design lines are great, and although yellow isn’t one of my favorite colors, I do love how it creates a nice pop of color.

B6430 – Connie Crawford coat.  Very classic, with some lovely style lines.  Also comes in a lot of size options, which is great.

B6421 – Custom Cup Size jacket.  Love the modern look with the color blocking.

B6420 – I feel like I’ve seen similar styles to this asymmetric peplum jacket from Burda, but I still like it.

B6425 – Another cold shoulder top – definitely a trend on the rise!  Actually really love the variations in this pattern; I’d totally wear that print top.

B6426 – A Lifestyle Wardrobe pattern.  The top and dress have some great style lines, and the cardigan could be a very versatile piece.

B6424 – This is a great wardrobe pattern, especially for newer sewers who migh want some simpler pieces to sew.  The tank top and basic skirt could be very useful in a wardrobe.

B6414 – This feels vaugly 6o’s inspired.  I simultaneously think its rather pretty, but also not something I’d likely actually wear.

B6415 – I really like this dress, even though I think it is pretty similar to a lot of patterns I already own.

B6412 – Gertie dress  Love the button detail, though it is hard to see in the model photos.

B6413 – Another Gertie dress.  Love the overall style and silhouette, but I don’t think I wear it with the large under-bust cut-out.  I’m sure I could figure out how to fill that in, but I don’t know if it is worth the effort.

B6411 – Basic looking knit dress by Lisette.  Simple, but I’d probably wear the heck out of this.  I like it.

B6410 – Another dress pattern I’m really excited by.  Nothing really new here, but it is a flattering style with some snazzy color blocking going on.

B6409 – Loving this dress too.  Again, really simple, but looks easy to sew and really comfortable to wear.

B6419 – Not loving this blouse as much.  I feel like it would be challenging to get all those buttons closed up the back without assistance.

B6417 – I’m intrigued by the cross-over top on this blouse.  Not sure that I need to add this pattern to my collection, but I like the style.

B6416 – Basic t-shirt.  Meh.

B6418 – I really like these tops.  I’d actually probably wear any of these tops.  Basic, but with enough interest to be stash worthy I think.

B6427 – Exercise tops I think?  I tend to like more fitted clothes to work out in, so I’m not sure this is for me.

B6428 – Tis the season for PJs.

B6429 – PJs for everyone.

B6433 – Liking this Sewing History look.  I’m just sad because I want to know where they will get style inspirations now that Downton Abbey is over.

B6431 – Doll dresses, just in time for holiday gift sewing.

B6432 – Puppy parkas.

The See & Sews are a bunch of reprints, but for completion sake I’ll show them here:

B6408 – See & Sew jumpsuit/romper/onesie pattern.

B6407 – Sweater/pants PJ pattern.

B6405 – Jumper pattern.  Interesting v-neck detail, especially with the lace.

B6406 – Nice simple coat pattern.

And that’s it!  A couple of fun party dresses, and some nice coat patterns in this winter collection.  Even a few great tops too.  Lots of great classic styles, so there are definitely a few things I’ll be picking up to add to the stash.  What do you all think?  See anything that piques your interest?  Or are these styles all too simple to be of much interest?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

7 thoughts on “Butterick Winter 2016

  1. Thank you for the review! The Lisette patterns are on my list to buy and maybe the cold shoulder pattern for the jumpsuit variation) , also I like the Gertie dress with the button detail but is not a style that I would wear, but definitely something I would like to make, just because… 🙂 . That yellow coat is in my dreams, I am not going to make it in yellow but all those seams, the pockets and the small back pleat, are just too nice to resist not to make it.

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  2. Loads of interesting patterns, very wearable. I think simple is good, to let the person shine. Complicated is not necessarily flattering. The Gertie dress with buttons would be fun to colour block.


  3. Nice collection, but nothing that’s a must-buy for me. The yellow coat is great but I have so many Burda coat patterns already! That Lisette knit dress reminds me of a Sinplicity pattern I made years ago and wore to death; a really smart and practical design.


    1. Yes, I feel like at this point, 4 times out of 5 I’ll go for a Burda pattern, but I still adore this Butterick coat I made a few years back, so I’ll probably add it to the stash, even if it’s not at the top of my to-sew list.

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  4. When I first looked at the release I thought it was kinda meh. It was nice to see it again through your eyes. A few more patterns looked promising than they originally did!


  5. Thanks for posting these as I’d miss them otherwise. (Same for all the other pattern releases you post. I so appreciate them!)

    I really like the 6430 coat and think I’ll have to pick up that pattern for sure.

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