McCall’s Summer 2016

The latest McCall’s patterns have been released.  On the whole it’s a lot of really loose fitting dresses and tunics.  It seems like all the pattern companies are tending towards the trends of loose fit and minimal details this year.  To be honest, the most interesting parts of the release are the costume patterns, so I’ll start there.


Pretty!  Love the subtle details on the skirt and bodice.  Definitely the most exciting pattern in the whole release.M7421_a

We all knew it wouldn’t be long before new Star Wars patterns would be on the market.  There were already so many Rey and Kylo Ren cosplays at Wondercon this year… I predict these will be popular sells before Halloween though.M7422_a


Actually I’m also pretty interested in this swimsuit pattern.  Though not for swimming.  I’m excited because the cut of the top would make a great cover up for skating practice in winter.  Loves me some raglan sleeves – easy to sew and lots of under-arm visibility.  Which, for figure skaters, it totally a thing.  It’s a weird thing, but still, a thing.


I’m predicting this Learn to Sew wrap dress will be popular.  It’s got some great options for the sleeves and skirt lengths, and it looks pretty simple to sew.  I’ve got lots of wrap dress patterns already but there are some nice options here.


Also thinking this dress could be a popular pattern.  Looks like it would be really comfortable to wear, but also super easy to sew.

As for the rest of the release, there are a lot of voluminous tops/tunics and dresses/skirts:


Not much of interest to say about all of the above.  Look pretty similar to a lot of other patterns we’ve had before.  McCall’s has also included a Palmer/Pletsch pants/shorts pattern, which, apparently has no side seam:


I feel like this vest pattern has an interesting shape, but I also feel like I’ve got similar patterns in Burda, so I maybe don’t need to add it to the stash.  The fringed vest is so 60s… Could be great for a hippie costume.  I can’t imagine wearing it in real life though.


These tote bags are a bit on the sweet side for me, but could be a fun project the younger crowd.


Ok, this was too wild to not include in the round up.  I mean, seriously.  It’s an anthropomorphic fabric rocket house.  How could you not sort of want one in an adult size?

And that’s about it!  On the whole I’m not too enamored with this set of McCall’s patterns (which is fine with my wallet because I went to town at the past few pattern sales).  What do you all think?  Are there any fantastic summer patterns that I’m just not seeing here?  Or does it feel like more of the same?  Is anyone else ready to sew for summer yet?  I know I’m not.  Granted, I’m also frantically trying to finish skating costumes before the summer competitive season really starts to hit.  Will any of these new McCall’s be part of your summer sewing plans?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

4 thoughts on “McCall’s Summer 2016

  1. I am totally intrigued by the “faux crop top” jumpsuit. I thought with my bodytype I better skip croptops and jumpsuites, but now…
    Please do explain why underarm-visibility is a thing?


    1. We still do figures (like the “figure 8s” of traditional ice skating) and when you are trying to see where you are going while you are backward, it is easiest to watch the line painted on the floor under your arm. I could never practice in bulky sweaters because I always needed underarm visibility for figure practice.


      1. Ah! I thought your underarms need to be visible and thought I never noticed the particular focus on the underarms, but what do I know. My experience is limited to watching the Winter-Olympics. I was imagining pailettes and glitter to mark the underarms… 😀


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