Spring 2016 Butterick Patterns

The latest collection from Butterick is here.  On the whole I wasn’t overly impressed with a majority of the designs – a lot of basic styles similar to designs we’ve seen in the past, and a lot of See & Sew patterns, which are re-releases.  However, I must say that the historical patterns are awesome (especially if you are anything like me and have just finished binge-watching the final season of Downton Abbey), and I do rather like a few of the wardrobe and designer patterns.  Let’s take a look:

B6323 – Patterns by Gertie.  I know a lot of people dislike asymmetric tops, but I’ll come out and say I’m a fan.  (A recent round of bridesmaid dress shopping has reconfirmed this life choice, as everyone concluded that one-shoulder is a style that looks “really good” on me.)  On the whole I think this style is simple, but effective.  Love the use of the boarder print.

B6322 – Patterns by Gertie.  Anyone else getting a pirate wench vibe?  It’s hard to see – but there is some laced up, corset-inspired action happening on the front, and with the gathered neckline it might veer a little costume-y for daily use.  Could be fun if you want to Disneybound as Mary Reed.

B6330 – Lifestyle Wardrobe.  All of these styles look fairly basic to sew, and yet I’m really responding to all of the silhouettes.  Definitely going to add this to my stash.


B6332 – Lifestyle Wardrobe.  Liking the dress, and I like the styling of the other pieces, even if I’m not so interested in the pieces individually.

B6316 – My first thought was meh, but the more I look, the more I’m liking the color blocking options, pockets, and overall shape of the dress.  Maybe it’s because I like the drawings more than the constructed garment, but I’m feeling a bit torn over this style.  I like it, but not sure I need it.


B6333 – Shirtdress for spring.  Hooray for sizing options.

B6320 – A/B, C, D Cup Sizes.  I get a very Little Mermaid vibe off of this one.

B6321 – Lisette.  The detail at the top of the dress is interesting – sort of like a deconstructed shirt collar.  Not really my aesthetic, but I can appreciate that there is more than just a basic dress in this design.

B6317 – Sack dress.  Moving on.

B6319 – Another pattern where I feel torn; I really like the style in the line drawing, but the model photo does nothing for me.  I think I probably have enough princess seam dress patterns at this point, so I should probably just move along.

B6318 – Retro Butterick.  I’m always a sucker for a cute retro reprint.

B6327 – Katerine Tilton.  Actually really love the look of these on the model.

B6325 – Katherine Tilton.  I feel like the pleating detail on this one is subtle – might be nice for a less formal work environment.

B6329 – Another pattern where the idea of the color blocking looks really cool, but I’m just not digging it.

B6328 – Simple jacket for spring – really like the idea of using it with a busy print.

B6331 – Lisette.  I always like a good trench coat inspired jacket.

B6324 – Nothing remarkable about this button down shirt, but the version with the lace detail is very pretty.

B6326 – I love the shape of the pencil skirt, but the minuscule vent and fact that this is drafted for wovens leaves me wondering how easy it will be to walk in?

B6334 – Connie Crawford.  At first I was like, ok knit tops whatever, but I find the longer I look at these styles, the more I think I’d really like to make the sleeveless version.  Even the drapey one is growing on me.

B6340 – Making History.  Ok, this is the pattern of the release.  I mean, wow.  This is beautiful.

B6339 – Making History.  Some classy vest options.

B6337 – Making History.  Sixth Season of Downton Abbey Chic.

B6338 – Making History.  Love the shaping on this corset.  I feel like I have a million corset patterns, but I think I’ll be adding another…

B6335 – Easy bags.  Good for summer or gift sewing.

B6308 – See & Sew. Could be a fun knit dress for summer.

B6312 – See & Sew.  Belts are marvelous things.

B6310 – See & Sew.  I don’t think I was a fan of this the first time around either.

B6309 – See & Sew. I think I have this pattern?

B6311 – See & Sew. Actually kind of digging the pants and the shorts.  And they look super easy to sew.

B6336 (gowns) & B6313 – Dolls clothes.  The green dress is quite pretty.

And that’s it!  On the whole I’d have to say the costume patterns are the real standouts – very lovely details from an era that can be difficult to find commercial patterns for.  Most of the other designs are fairly simple, which can be nice, but doesn’t necessarily make me want to add a lot to my ever-growing stash.  What do you all think?  Any of these designs make you want to sew for spring?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Spring 2016 Butterick Patterns

  1. I have made the 6331 jacket and it has some design issues. They can be overcome, but if you make it, make a toile or wearable toile first. Also, the pattern instructions were missing a whole section on attaching the undercollar to the jacket. Not a problem for an experienced sewer, but a novice might be confused by it.


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