More Pillowcases of Awesome

Look!  I sewed something!  And actually took pictures!  And blogged about it!  On a sewing blog!  Crazy-sauce…

Anyway… So, apparently making slightly embarrassing pillowcases has become my unofficial official birthday gift sewing thing.  The fact that I can make a set in *mumblecoughlessthananhourmumblecough* has absolutely nothing to do with it becoming my go-to item.  *cough*

In case it wasn’t obvious, I made these for a big comic book fan – the Marvel print is from Hancock Fabrics, and the really fun old-school comic book advertisements was found at Michael Levine’s in Los Angeles.  Used the same Crafty Gemini Youtube tutorial that I’ve used in the past, with continually awesome results.

Love this print!

Those of you who spend too much time on the internet may have noticed one of these fabrics popping up in a really awesome bag project by a really awesome blogger who just finished making something else really awesome.  What can I say… great minds love the same fabrics?

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