More Pillowcases of Awesome

Look!  I sewed something!  And actually took pictures!  And blogged about it!  On a sewing blog!  Crazy-sauce… Anyway… So, apparently making slightly embarrassing pillowcases has become my unofficial official birthday gift sewing thing.  The fact that I can make a set in *mumblecoughlessthananhourmumblecough* has absolutely nothing to do with it becoming my go-to item.  *cough* … More More Pillowcases of Awesome

MLP Pillowcase

Last year I decided to make my friend some mildly embarrassing pillowcases for the holidays.  I have since used the same tutorial to make some really cute camera pillowcases for my sister, and have now decided to use the same tutorial to make another friend some My Little Pony pillowcases for her birthday (she really likes … More MLP Pillowcase

A Little Gift Sewing

So I wasn’t planning on sewing any gifts this year.  But then I went to the fabric store to get some materials for upcoming skating projects.  And then I walked through the flat folds bargain section.  And then I saw Green Lantern.  And then, next think I knew, there were pillowcases. Green Lantern pillowcases! I … More A Little Gift Sewing