Newsflash: Burda Spring/Summer Collection Early Preview Posted

The German Burda website has posted the early preview for the Spring/Summer Catalog Collection.  Although the early preview only shows us a limited number of styles, I have to say already, I think I’m going to like it.  The styles are tending towards a flowy, easy vibe, but I’m sort of digging it.  Let’s see what they’ve got for us so far:

I really like the color blocking on this dress!
Chic, simple, but still fun.
This sheath is loose-fitting, but I like how the drape of the
fabric prevents it from being too boxy.  It’s cute.
Love this suit – it looks relaxed but not too big.
Loving the collar and single button.  Also, I want those pants!
The print is a bit crazy, but I’m rather liking these pants as well.
Probably they are trying to sell us the blouse,
but look at the fit on those jeans!
Not caring for this blouse as much… I think the under-hem is hitting in a weird area.
Basic high-low top.  Fine, but not overly exciting.
Sort of blah on this boxy top as well.
Love this skirt though!  I know it’s just a circle skirt,
but the fabric combination is so cute!
Loving this skirt as well.  Makes me want to put it on and twirl.
Basic maxi dress, but I like it, especially the neck line.
Simple wrap dress, very practical for throwing over a bathing suit.
This shirtdress is simple, but cute.
I’m thinking this is in the petite section, but that jacket is AWESOME.
May have to get this pattern anyway, and grade up.  The skirt is cute too.
Sack dress.  Meh.
Oversized blouse for the plus section is fine, but not overly exciting.
Loving the taper on these men’s trousers.
And the jacket is sweet too!
Normally don’t care much about the kids clothes, but how cute is that bag?

So, what are you all thinking?  Anyone else as excited to see the full collection as I am?  Or does this look like more of the same from Burda?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

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