Newsflash: January 2015 Burda Preview Posted!

The Russian website has posted the full preview of the January BurdaStyle Magazine.  2015 is here!  I am so not ready – it feels like everything has been happening so fast!  The preview went up earlier this week, but this has been my first opportunity to sit down and blog about it – why does time always seem to move fastest between Thanksgiving and Christmas?  So much to do…

Anyway, new Burda.  I have to say, looking back, 2014 was a stellar year for the magazine.  So many fantastic issues, and fantastic patterns, which I hope to review in my traditional end of the year wrap up.  Personally, I’m a bit sad because I haven’t had much time to sew from them (and there are so many things I want to make!), so I have to say I’m having a bit of a mixed reaction to this January issue.  On one hand, there isn’t anything I’m dying to make, which is good because it isn’t adding to my immediate to-make list.  On the other hand, I was hoping to have a bit more to be excited by.  I don’t know… this might be a bit of a sleeper issue for me, because there are a lot of simple designs that usually don’t interest me on my first go-through, which usually come back to excite me when I look for something to use with particular stash fabrics I have.  So, in a word, I’m a bit lukewarm on this issue.  Nevertheless there are a few interesting things to see, so let’s take a look:

First, a view of the coats and jackets:

I was really excited when I saw this jacket in the early preview…

…but the garment photo is looking very bathrobe.
There isn’t much shaping in the line drawing to change that impression.
I like the style much better in this patterned fabric –
the simple lines are well suited for this type of coating.
Now I just need to find some…
Love the way the model is styled too!
Not sure how I feel about the quilted fabric,
but I am liking the style with the mixed textiles.
I really like the modern look of this color blocked jacket,
though I must admit I don’t know if I’m necessarily a fan of the
chosen colors or textiles.  I don’t think they photographed
particularly well on the model, but the design
itself is rather fantastic and futuristic.
On the model… poor fit?  Bad textile choice?
The pants look nice, but the jacket looks sort of a mess.
The white jacket photographs much better,
but doesn’t showcase the seaming details quite as well.
Love the seam lines.  The back of the collar is awesome.
Not sure I like the fabric choice for the sleeves,
but imagining this with a leather detail instead could be very interesting. 
Ok, I know this is one of the maternity looks for the issue, but I am in LOVE with this!
The collar is beautiful.  How difficult would this be to un-maternity-ify?  I may have to find out.
Swoon.  Love it.
Speaking of designs I love that aren’t coming in “me” sizes…
This Burda Plus full length coat is beautiful!
Love the mix of classic details with the sequin trim.
Love all of the seaming – enough to give a subtle shaping,
yet it still looks like it could be comfortably worn over winter clothes.
The collar, the pockets, the sleeves – love it!
On the other side of the fence – this Burda Plus design looks like a
weird cross between a melted marshmallow and a discarded Hersey’s wrapper.
A poor choice of fabric and a far too oversized design just aren’t doing it for me. At all.

There are a few cute dresses in this issue as well, along with some (not-so-inspiring) maternity looks:

We get a vintage look!
The fabric looks a bit drab, but the shoulder gathering is pretty!
It does remind me a bit of some of the looks in the
November and the Vintage Burda issues,
but it is a cute style, so I’m ok with more of them.
A pocket!  But only one?
I’m oddly excited by this simple blue dress.
The line drawing makes it look really basic…
But the model photo looks amazing!
I really want to make this.
And it doesn’t look too time consuming, so maybe I will have time?
I’m sort of town on this green dress.
I do like the drape of the skirt…
Though the dress itself is sort of boxy and meh…
And the skirt seam hits the model in a sort of awkward location.
Frumpy.  That is all.
This maternity dress could actually be quite wearable.
Pockets in a maternity dress!  Is this practical?
I don’t have the experience to know….
Not sure how I feel about this maternity look…
A bit too ruffly frumpy?  It doesn’t look very modern.
I feel like this would have been a bit more
successful as just an extra-long tunic top.
Ummm, no.  Just… no.  Like, not even in the 70s no.

I am rather liking some of the details on the tops and bottoms in this issue:

I do rather like this draped sweater top.
Having the cowl as a separate piece makes this much more wearable –
no worries about bending over!
Also, the more boxy shape of the sweater is perfect for post-holiday eating.
Not sure of if the long drape is exactly practical, but I do love the drama.
I love how elegant it looks in the silk too!
I think I like the asymmetrical drape better,
but this version is probably less likely to get caught in a door.
Burda is very into draped asymmetrical hems in this issue.
I appreciate the thought, but this top looks a bit bulky.
This tunic is cute, but I think I like it better as a dress.
The top might be better closer to spring –
not sure how easy it would be to layer a jacket on top,
though it would be easy enough to put a turtleneck under.
The draping on this top is pretty interesting,
though I’m opposed to panne velvet on principle.
It is evil, evil fabric.
The line drawing is… interesting.  I want to see what the pattern pieces look like.
Not sure how I feel about the model photo –
I really want to see this design in a different fabric.
Basic t-shirt with asymmetric hem.
But this fabric!  I NEED some!
Cozy sweater.  Very wearable, not very exciting.
And the fringed version.  Umm, what?
No, Burda. Just no.
The draped asymmetry carried over into the Burda Plus section as well.
Actually, I rather like this top.
And this more basic tunic version could be great for
mixing fun fabrics and layering under a blazer.
Not as exciting as the draped version, but nice and simple.
Would look great with jeans.
Burda’s favorite – the pleated skinny legged trouser!
The elastic waist in the back would make this very easy to fit and wear.
The slit on this skirt is quite high – this is definitely something to be worn over leggings.
I do love the shape created by the drape of the skirt though.
I like the overall shape of the skirt,
but I’m not sure how I feel about the extra fluff over the hips.
I do like the way this drapes in this softer looking fabric.
I’m not liking it as much in this color blocked version,
though it might just be the drape of the fabric.
I really like the color blocking on these pants!
Again, not sure if I love the colors,
but I’m picturing this in black with leather
and I think it could look very stylish.
The high-waisted-ness and ankle zips are nice features too.
Fluffy pink skirt.  Meh.
Not a fan.
Not really liking the width on the waistband of these Burda Plus pants.
It just looks like it is pointing at certain anatomical features…
Ok, I’ll just say it.  Crotch Arrow.
I do like this pleated skirt though!
Nice variation on a pencil skirt for the Plus section.

Fortunately (unfortunately?) the traditionally insane January costume section is restricted to the kids this year.  But, well, tradition dictates we have to take a gander (and a snicker) anyway:

Look – Sponge Bob!  And the Russian website even calls it Sponge Bob.
Like, no copyright worries or anything?  Also, very timely for the movie…
Oh, and Patrick is there too!  Although he is only called “starfish.”
I have to admit, the french fry box is sort of adorable.
The Ketchup is a bit more predictable…
An alarm clock?  What kid wants to be an alarm clock?
Although I suppose it is better than dressing up as a pillow.
A pillow.  Seriously?
Also, there is a generic fairy.   Meh.

And that’s about it.  Which means it is time to pick the best and the worst designs for the issue.  This is one of those issues where I’m having a bit of a hard time making a choice, on either side.  For the top pick do I go with the sleek modern color blocking designs?  The very wearable blouses and sweaters?  That utterly chic pregnancy blazer?  In the end the Best of BS January 2015 is going to:

The Sequined Blue Coat!

I loved this full length coat from the Burda Plus section.  The oversized collar has just enough drama, but isn’t overpowering.  The sleeves are an interesting and unique detail, and the back is gorgeous.  I also love that this looks like a coat that could be made in a less outstanding fabric and worn through a heavy winter, or it could be made with the lovely sequin accents for something special.  I really must grade this down to my size, because this design is really lovely.  Definitely a highlight from this issue.

I had similar difficulties in choosing a bottom design.  Between the fringed sweater, fluffy bubblegum skirts, and marshmallow jackets, there was a lot to look at.  In the end, the first BWTF of 2015 goes to:

The Marshmallow Parka!

I get that they were going for an over-sized easy to wear jacket, but the poor model looks like she is being swallowed by a cloud, and not in a fun dream-like way.  I can’t imagine this being attractive in any fabric – the proportions are just so exaggerated – look at all the fabric under her armpit!  At least they didn’t do it in black – a marshmallow is a bit more fun than a trash bag.

And there we have it!  So, what do you all think?  See anything you are dying to make?  Or is this issue kind of meh?  Anyone else feel like this might be something of a sleeper issue?  Looking through it as I wrote this post I did find a few more things to be excited about than I originally thought I would be.  How are you all feeling about this issue?  Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments!

5 thoughts on “Newsflash: January 2015 Burda Preview Posted!

  1. Forget the rest of the issue – I want the asymmetric colour blocked jacket! Actually there's some other good stuff in there too. I like those tops with drapes. Definitely another winning edition.


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