MLP Pillowcase

Last year I decided to make my friend some mildly embarrassing pillowcases for the holidays.  I have since used the same tutorial to make some really cute camera pillowcases for my sister, and have now decided to use the same tutorial to make another friend some My Little Pony pillowcases for her birthday (she really likes to read the comics).  Apparently my new mission in life is to make awesome pillowcases for everyone.  I’ve got plans to make some for my mom, and a few other fiends for upcoming birthdays/holidays.  They are just so easy!  And I can use all the crazy character cotton prints that I can’t think up a more logical use for.  Anyway, here it is, from the Friendship is Magic series:

Pillow cases!!!
My friend likes Rainbow Dash, but reminds everyone of Pinkie Pie.
And I’m definitely the Twilight Sparkle of the group, so this print is perfect!

Anyway, this was a quick gift that I whipped up during the aftermath of Project Dirndl.  It’s always sort of gratifying to make something quick, easy, and cute that is appreciated by others.  So, yup, pillowcases have now become my thing.  Don’t be surprised if you see more of them in the coming months.

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